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Sildenafil Citrate is sold in three doses: 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg. It is normally recommended to be launched from a dose of 50 mg of Sildenafil acid and then to reduce or raise a dose as appropriate. Sites strictly recommend, that consulted to medical provider, on which dose correct as personally before take Sildenafil acid. Pads of Salt of lemon Sildenafil acid of 50 mg are available online at the low price and without the instruction and can help the men suffering from powerlessness to reach firm and the long mounting. Sildenafil viagra it is one of the most powerful and effective remedies which can help to fight to men against such unpleasant medical disordering as capable to become straight dysfunction. Presently the ED market is overflowed with many different types of Viagra. At the time of Viagra it can be bought for rather low price in some local companies. It withstands to justify that quality of such Viagra leaves much to be desired. Assign in a dose of 50 mgs after 1 year to the sexual intercourses. In case of acceptance in attention of efficiency and tolerance the dose can be advanced on 100 mg or transfer to an unoperated status to 25 mg.
You can buy Sildenafil in your city every time in online and offline pharmacy. The maximum recommended dose represents 100 mgs 1 one-time in days. For years of people and patients with a heavy level of nephritic insufficiency (the rupture of soaring of keratinizes makes less than 30 ml) or with the damaged function of a liver the initial dose represents 25 mgs. In case of acceptance in attention of efficiency and tolerance the dose can be advanced on 50-100 mg. 50 mg are frequent - an initial dose which is ordered by many doctors, but this dose could be corrected, as soon as the response of the patient was properly evaluated. Take the single pad about an hour prior sexual action and swallow its whole, with or without food. Consuming of the food rich on fat, could reduce effect while drinking of alcohol could increase risk of ghost effects. Preparation transfer well. The safest ghost effects - a headache, waves of blood, dizziness, response, a dushnost in a nose, transient phenomenon (mainly, changes of objects, and also solidifying of perception of light and combining in a look cloud); in preparation application in doses which exceeded the unwanted recommended phenomena, were similar above marked, however registered itself more often. Mialgiya and cases are marked, sleeplessness, tendency to infections of urinoexcretory of the ways, the long mounting (it is more than 4 hours). Normally 50 mg of Viagra are ordered, however, the treatment amount the very separate. It is excluded that patients worry on possible ghost effects.

Sildenafil is intended to amplify to a potentiality for men of suffering of violation of mounting (capable to become straight dysfunction), including the extreme form capable to become straight dysfunctions - powerlessness. Before the reception beginning for diagnostics of violations of mounting of determination of its possible reasons and a choice of the appropriate methods of processing shall be collected complete memory and carry out careful urology and monitoring, especially for patients with accompanying cardiovascular diseases for this purpose, sexual overactivity - unwanted (for example, in heavy forms and hyperpiesis). Salt of lemon Sildenafil acid of 150 mg - FDA, approved treatment, and it was tested to make sure that it is safe. Before acceptance of this drug shall be properly probed by the qualified medical professional as, only it can define, whether the correct treatment for. For patients older 65, with hepatic and heavy nephritic insufficiency (The mine article kreatinine on less than 30 ml/), and also in simultaneous application of histohematin P450 3A4 (erythromysin) inhibitors, the initial dose does 25 mgs. On simultaneous reception maximum admissible for one dose of a case shan't exceed 25 mgs during time.
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Safety of sildenafil on simultaneous reception with other means for processing capable to become straight dysfunctions wasn't studied, simultaneous reception wasn't recommended. Not shown for application in the newborn, child members and women. The designated violation is characterized by absence, sufficient for implementation of the sexual intercourses of mounting, or feeble mounting. Capable become straight dysfunction can to be called the different reasons, both the psychological and physiological character. According to results of clinical tests application of preparation effectively approximately in 80 percent of cases capable to become straight dysfunctions. Patients with serious questions of health care of a kidney or a liver could be incapable to take treatment, and patients in old age could be ordered the lowest dose. Don't take Sildenafil together with nitrates as it can cause sudden and potentially dangerous reduction of a blood pressure. This treatment for men only and it shan't be taken by child members or women.
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Lauras fingers traced the rim of her mug. Boggs, Secretary to Governor; Wm. Well, why dont you call the air base. They sat down heavily amid a whirlwind of splintered branches, Smithback collapsing in pain. Ragged curtains restrained the flurrying snow, but did not keep out the freezing air. She buy citrate generic sildenafil viagra me a murky glance on her way out of the room. How the hell did they find out about this letter. It wasnt always easy to remember. A few seconds later she reappeared, followed by a short, portly man with a balding head of black hair, buy viagra without otc cialis levitra holding up his trousers and a lax belly that fell over the waistband like a sack of dying buy citrate generic sildenafil viagra. Yes.

However, the time may come I repeat my request; Tom, will you oblige me. Another trap maybe but I had no stir of uneasiness when I looked again to buy citrate generic sildenafil viagra bird. After standing a moment longer in silence, the jewel in her hand, Kitiara started walking down the trail once more, cursing Raistlin beneath her breath. Has she taken nourishment?Only the IV the last two days. he said. Eventually, when his captors despaired of obtaining any information from him, Ysher had been taken from Alizon Castle and sent with a group of other prisoners down the river road toward Canisport. Her fear genreic justified.

Her face was buy citrate generic sildenafil viagra sober. Roarke tapped a finger on a sheet of paper. The farm did actually prosper, after a while; and Andrew used to hang over the pasture bars at sunset, and tell, from the way his pipe burned, just what the weather would be the next day. Sighing audibly, she shook her head and turned her attention back to her story. I felt the truth of this observation, and followed her. He worried for Par so greatly that at times he nearly wept. I learnt from him for example how to reach peoples thoughts even when they meant to keep them inside, and how to give them sugges- tions without words, which they invariably obeyed.

Anxious to leave Washington Street, I broke into a quiet dogtrot, trusting to luck not to encounter any observing eye. For an instant she was too confused to understand. Generci was nearly noon order viagra mumbai Adrian entered the gates of the palace of Stephen Buy citrate generic sildenafil viagra. He would often ponder a board for hours, by himself, searching for a supreme combination. 1, and another at No. In the split second before bis eyes blinded, filled with tears, he saw a huge wave bearing down on them, the bows already swinging diagonally away from it. Yes maam. Then she was released. Clandestinely moving the explosive metal bomb wasnt easy.

Her hair was matted thickly with the pungent fluid now and her body was covered from head to foot. Shes every bit buy citrate generic sildenafil viagra honest as her father was. But who while veins run blood shall know the page Succeeding ere we turn upon our blank. Harrington had already carved a place in Federation annals with his unflappable handling of crises large and small and Kirk was well aware that they faced another such critical juncture now. But as you said, Ryle influenced him. He would leave them neatly beside the entrance door, then take off the shades, put on the night vision goggles.

a voice behind him said. This is funny you trying to talk business. Lauras fingers traced the rim of her mug. Boggs, Secretary to Governor; Wm. Well, why dont you call the air base. They sat down heavily amid a whirlwind of splintered branches, Smithback collapsing in pain. Ragged curtains restrained the flurrying snow, but did not keep out the freezing air. She buy citrate generic sildenafil viagra me a murky glance on her way out of the room. How the hell did they find out about this letter. It wasnt always easy to remember. A few seconds later she reappeared, followed by a short, portly man with a balding head of black hair, buy viagra without otc cialis levitra holding up his trousers and a lax belly that fell over the waistband like a sack of dying buy citrate generic sildenafil viagra. Yes.

Wrapped around both of the girls wrists, it was now tied to the hotel headboard, immobilizing the girl, face down, stretching her arms long above her head. Her ankles were tied, too, to the feet of the bed, but the rope had enough length that the girl could nearly raise to her hands and knees. Her ass was in the air, increasingly pink.

Raising her hand beyond her shoulder, Avah brought her cupped palm down onto the flesh her ass meets thigh: a delicate sound. The girls muscles clenched gently, then release.

Again, and again, Avah slapped and stung the girls ass and inner thighs, her hand hitting against her crack, swatting her clit and swollen labia, red and slick and smooth as glass, steady, and then faster, the blows coming closer together until the girl started whimpering and straining at the ropes, inching forward to escape, and Avah let up, soothed her hand over the girls reddened skin and cunt, fingers exploring the crevasses of her labia and hood, slow circles, slow lazy circles around her clit, and the girl relaxed again, leaned into it, moaned.

The girls back arched, knees and feet straining farther apart.

Avah pulled her flogger from her bag: deerskin. Long. She draped it easily over the girl on the bed and it tickled, massaged, gently caressed her skin.

Until thud. Avah let it fall using only gravity. Again. Thud. A gentle sound. More like thhh. A shushing noise through the air like a librarian.

The girl arched her head back. It was a request. Four, five swats and Avah had her aim. Eight, nine and Avah had a comfortable build of pressure: each time she brought the leather down it hit a little harder, a little deeper into the muscles.

Avah climbed between her knees, on the bed and, erect, brought her flogger down again. Onto her shoulder blades. Onto her sides. Onto her tiny ass. Finding a rhythm. One two thud. One two thud. Gathering the tails together over her shoulder, into the palm of her hand, then back down. Precise. Their breaths matching. Gasping when the tails hit skin, moaning when they leave.

You like that? Avah growls, a little harsh, acutely aware of the ferociousness building in her stomach, under her ribcage, creeping up to her heart and throat and shoulders. She hit harder. Harder. The girl arched her back, nearly collapses on the bed.

Relax, Avah said, caressing the girls skin with her palm. The girl crushed into the bedspread and brought her arms under her, tensing her entire body briefly before releasing, opening again, looking up at Avah with soft eyes. Her limbs were all sinew and bone and skin, lanky and long, thin. She tilted her head but kept her eyes on Avah, responding to Avahs soothing touch with arches of her body, breathing in. She relaxed onto the hotel sheets, then took her arms out from their tucked position under her and bent her knees, arms and torso laid out long on the bed, ass to ankles.

Avah grinned, stepped off the bed behind her to get a larger swing, then tightened her grip on the floggers thick handle and let more blows fall onto the girls back and ass and thighs, tips of the tails snapping at her skin, not fine enough to leave individual marks but turning her entire backside darker and darker pink, in some places flushed red. She may be bruised tomorrow.

Working her entire body into the blows, Avah swung and hit. Swung and hit. She is a true sadist: she is turned on by the witness of someone elses pain. She knew her cunt was wet, could feel it between her thighs. The girl moaned and cringed and breathed with each contact. Avah worked up into a wonderful beat, so satisfying, a wrist turn that looked like a baton twirl and a rhythm like timpani, steady and slow, working the flesh and bones of this girl, this gorgeous girl, so willing to give over, so eager to receive.

Avah built up speed and the girl whimpered. Harder, and she yelled, pulled against the ropes, thighs cringing together. Avah gathered her strength and let a last few blows hit.

Gently leaning into her, Avah floated her hands above the girls skin as she lay still with the aftermath of the flogging, writhing and cringing, body melting and settling back into its former shape. Avah softly began moving her hands, hovering just above the skin, not touching yet and then until just a fingertip, just the softest brush of the pads of her fingers over the girls smelting skin, red and stinging and sensitive to even the minute changes in the air. Avah set each finger, then her palm, oh so gently, barely even touching, like a paintbrush making the finest softest strokes against the exposed canvass of the girls back and ass and thighs.

The girl drew breath in hard with each brush. Arched her back. Strained against the ropes.

The reverberation of every contact rippled through her body like a firework exploding, another touch in another spot would simply further illuminate the smoky leftover of the first, still hanging on her skin.

You feel amazing, Avah said, completely caught up in the buzz of energy between them.

Uh sorry? Avah said, both hands on the girls hip bones, leaning forward to hear her better.

Fuck me, the girl said again, clearly this time, turning her head to the side, red hair falling over her face. Please, oh god please.

Mmm, Avah agreed, drawing back down the girls body to her ass and exposed cunt, two fingers running over her lips and clit, swollen from the long night of sex, from the sensory overload, from the submission.

Avah grinned and kept her grip on the girls hip bones, slid two fingers inside her slick cunt easily. The girl sighed, heavy, and opened deeper. Avah slid out and added another finger, a little tighter with three, the girl inhaled and squirmed a little, so eager, so open.

Damn, thats good, Avah mumbled, fingers sliding in and out easily, thumb on the girls hard clit. Avah felt her opening deeper still, pushing back onto Avahs hand, gripping the rope that held her wrists to the headboard, rocking on her knees. Avah added her fourth finger.

The girls clit swelled, g-spot swelled Avah could feel it from where her hand hit inside, the upper wall thick and juicy and swollen and she fingered it, pressed against it tenderly, pet it with little laps of the pads of her four fingers.

Cries from the girls mouth, directly in a line connected to her cunt. Pressure here and she cried out. Pressure there and she gasped. A little harder, a little faster, and her knees shook, thighs pressed apart, ass pressed back, back arched, head bent and her cunt opened to swallow everything, to take it all inside her, hard, to suck Avahs hand in, to the palm. Then she burst: it started in her cunt and then radiated out in waves, in ripples, thick quakes of bone and muscle and the girl made such delicious low moans, oh-oh-oh god, oh-oh-oh god, and Avah slowed, changed pressure to let up, and the girl folded back into herself, collapsed forward on the bed, and Avahs fingers slid out as her body calmed.

Avah unties the ropes and they collapse together on the bed, the girl holding Avah close against her, sharing caresses, giggles, as they came down from their bodies highs. They lay eye to eye on the pillows.

You just look so familiar, I cant shake it, Avah said. Its weird. We havent met before, youre sure?

The girl grinned. Well, I told you my name. I figured if you knew my work youd recognize that.

Avah, embarrassed, couldnt remember it. Michelle. Marilyn. Something with an M.

Im Sinclair Sexsmith, the kinky queer butch top behind this site. Im a writer, storyteller, and performer who studies critical feminist gender theory, sexual freedom, social change activism, archetypes, and the tantric and buddhist spiritual systems. I am currently based in New York City. More about me

We need to sign it with the key we created earlier using jarsigner:

And now has been signed. It can now be installed using adb.

Android s developer guide has a section on Developing in other IDEs for those who don t want to use Eclipse. However the documentation leaves out a few details and all of the examples use Eclipse with perhaps a token paragraph discussing the CLI. The rest of this post will assume that you have already installed the SDK and properly configured it added the SDK to your path and installed the appropriate SDK components.

The first thing to do is to figure out which version of Android you want to target. Version 1.6 aka Donut is a pretty good lowest-common-denominator. Using the Android tool we will figure out the ID for 1.6:

Which will give you a list of all the targets available this depends on which SDK components you have added. My output looks like this:

The target ID for version 1.6 is 2. Knowing that, let s set up an Android Virtual Device AVD for our emulator using the android tool, specifying the target with the target option and giving it a name with the name option. We will use the default hardware configuration:

Created AVD test based on Android 1.6, with the following hardware config:

Finally, let s setup a project. Again well use the android tool, this time to create a new project. I m going to create the project in the directory/projects/android/hello:

nikiredblacktree:/projects/android/hello android create project - -name HelloAndroid - -activity HelloAndroid - -path./-package - -target 2

This will create a new project in the current directory path./with the name HelloAndroid name HelloAndroid. It will be targeted towards Android 1.6 target 2. It will create a Java source file containing an Activity HelloAndroid activity HelloAndroid and will be in the namespace package.

This will build a debug version of our project and place the in the bin directory. This application has been signed using a default debug key and is ready to be installed on a device. To do that, let s fire up the emulator, using the virtual device we created earlier:

Once the emulator has finished booting, we can get a list of attached devices using the Android Debug Bridge or adb:

If there is only one device attached, then you can install the application using ant:

Which will automatically remove any previous versions installed on the device and install the current build. Alternatively you can use adb to install the application:

This will fail, however, if you have already installed a previous version of the application on the device. If that is the case, you need to uninstall it first:

Note that you must specify the application by the name of its package.

Finally if you have more than one device attached, say, a phone and an emulator then you must specify which device using the name returned from adb devices using - s:

Now you can just navigate to the application on the emulator or on your phone and run it! You ll notice by default it says Hello World, HelloAndroid!

That s the basics of setting up, building and running an application using the CLI instead of eclipse. In the next post I ll go over release builds and signing your applications.

I have owned an Android-based phone the G1 for awhile now and have been meaning to develop applications for it since day one. I have finally gotten around to learning how. So far it hasn t been easy for me: I don t know Java and I don t use Eclipse which are the primary development tools for Android.

Fortunately Google released the Android NDK, or Native Development Kit which can be used to program applications in C or C and be compiled for the ARM architecture. This introduces new complexities however. The NDK still requires some Java as the compiled code is executed using JNI. In other words I still need to learn a minimal amount of Java and learn how to interface it with native code.

Finally, most of the information online assumes the use of Eclipse. Google provides some tools for creating ant build files but I have found the documentation to be lacking a bit. Through some trial and error I have figured out how to compile the NDK samples and in my next post will present a tutorial for doing so.

A game that I worked on during my time at Powerhead Games was just released: Glow Artisan! It s a puzzle game for the Nintendo DSi and it is quite addictive. It has already received a number of glowing groan reviews:

If you have a DSi I highly recommend forking over the 5 to buy it.

After becoming increasingly fed up with Ubuntu I decided to reinstall Debian. I had used Debian for a number of years but eventually left it in favor of Ubuntu as I initially saw Ubuntu as Debian with more complete repositories. At first Ubuntu was quite promising however as I diverged from the default install I became annoyed at some of the idiosyncrasies of the system. After attempting to upgrade from Hardy to Intrepid which requires a graphical installer and all the directions/tutorials I found online assume you are using gnome/xfce/kde I realized that what I really wanted was Debian with some additional external repositories.

In the process of setting up my system I decided to update dwm to the latest version 5.6.1. There have been some significant changes to dwm since 5.2 including better multi-head support. Even though I m not currently using a multi-head system the changes affected my patches and they needed updating. The new diff files can be found on the dwm projects page.

I have added a new project to the projects page: Prime number storage. When I was in college a friend of mine and I came up with a method for compressing and storing prime numbers. While doing research on our method we discovered that it was already in use.

However I recently decided to implement it anyway, as it was and still is interesting to me.

Advertisers are struggling with the impact of rapid technology evolution on reaching their customers. DVRs make it possible to fast-forward during TV ads; Dish Network even offers Auto Hop, which allows Dish subscribers to automatically skip all the advertising during most prime-time shows. Most of us barely notice web site ads. The difficulty of advertising on mobile phones with smaller screens is a broadly acknowledged issue. Even search advertising is being challenged as personal assistants like Apple s Siri go directly to answers rather than displaying the usual list of relevant web sites headed by advertised choices. Yet advertising supports much of the free TV and Web services we love including search itself. US TV advertising alone is about a 70 billion business. Will the difficulty of engaging customers cause this structure to collapse? Can advertising be both effective and engaging without being intrusive?

The answer may be interactive ads that involve a customer initially because of curiosity and ultimately because the viewer can affect the ad in interesting ways. A start in that direction that seems to have already garnered some big-company advertisers is the launch of NUads on Xbox LIVE by Microsoft June 14. The key feature of NUads is that they are interactive rather than passive, allowing response by viewers using Kinect s gesture or speech recognition. Toyota, Unilever, and Samsung Mobile USA are the first brands to develop NUads campaigns; the ads will appear on Xbox LIVE this fall. Continue reading

Apple kicked off its Worldwide Developers Conference on June 11. The voice assistant Siri, featured currently on the iPhone 4S, got a significant amount of attention.

The ultimate mobile device might be one implanted in your head, according to a couple of recent pronouncements. An Intel-commissioned white paper from consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton on the future of mobile technology was released May 2. It concludes that connected devices will inevitably interface with the human brain directly: As convergence continues across device types, functions, and capabilities, the melding of mobile technologies directly into the human body becomes the logical next step. The June 2 issue of the Wall Street Journal had a feature article, Bionic Brains and Beyond: High-tech implants will soon be commonplace under our skin and inside our skulls, making us stronger and smarter, by Daniel H. Wilson, a science-fiction writer.

VII. The Trustee whose name and address are set forth below will provide in writing to anyone requesting it a statement of all foreclosure costs and trustees fees due at any time prior to the sale. VIII. The effect of the sale will be to deprive the Grantor, and all those who hold by, through or under the Grantor, of all their right, title and interest in the Property. IX. Anyone having any objection to the sale on any grounds whatsoever will be afforded an opportunity to be heard as to those objections if they bring a lawsuit to restrain the sale pursuant to RCW 61.24.130. Failure to bring such a lawsuit may result in a waiver of any proper grounds for invalidating the Trustees sale. X. NOTICE TO OCCUPANTS OR TENANTS The purchaser at the Trustees Sale is entitled to possession of the property on the 20th day following the sale, as against the Grantor under the Deed of Trust the owner and anyone having an interest junior to the deed of trust, including occupants who are not tenants. After the 20th day following the sale the purchaser has the right to evict occupants who are not tenants by summary proceedings under Chapter 59.12 RCW. For tenant-occupied property, the purchaser shall provide a tenant with written notice in accordance with RCW 61.24.060. The trustees rules of auction may be accessed at and are incorporated by this reference. You may also access sale status at and EFFECTIVE: 06/04/2012 Northwest Trustee Services, Inc., Trustee Authorized Signature BOX 997 Bellevue, WA 98009-0997 Contact: Winston Khan 425 586-1900. TS 7021.29548 1002.199737-File No.

File No.: 7023.90359 Grantors: Northwest Trustee Services, Inc. Bank of America, National Association Grantee: Connie L. Hooker as her separate estate Ref to DOT Auditor File No.: 20061026001955 Tax Parcel ID No.: 530240-0330-07 Abbreviated Legal: Lot 33, McDonald Highlands Notice of Trustees Sale Pursuant to the Revised Code of Washington 61.24, et seq. I. On July 27, 2012, at 10:00 The northwest corner of the ground level parking area located under the Pacific Corporate Center building, 13555 SE 36th Street in the City of Bellevue, State of Washington, the undersigned Trustee subject to any conditions imposed by the Trustee will sell at public auction to the highest and best bidder, payable at time of sale, the following described real property Property, situated in the Countyies of KING, State of Washington: Lot 33, McDonald Highlands, according to the Plat thereof recorded in Volume 121 of Plats, Pages 62 through 70, Records of King County, Washington. Commonly known as: 6374 Northeast 151st Street Kenmore, WA 98028 which is subject to that certain Deed of Trust dated 10/20/06, recorded on 10/26/06, under Auditors File No. 20061026001955, records of KING County, Washington, from Connie L. Hooker, a single person, as Grantor, to Northwest Trustee Services, LLC, as Trustee, to secure an obligation Obligation in favor of Wells Fargo Bank, , as Beneficiary, the beneficial interest in which was assigned by Wells Fargo Bank, to Bank of America, National Association, under an Assignment/Successive Assignments recorded under Auditors File No. 20101207000368. The Tax Parcel ID number and Abbreviated Legal Description are provided solely to comply with the recording statutes and are not intended to supplement, amend or supersede the Propertys full legal description provided herein. II. 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Hooker 6374 Northeast 151st Street Kenmore, WA 98028 by both first class and either certified mail, return receipt requested on 12/02/10, proof of which is in the possession of the Trustee; and on 12/02/10 Grantor and Borrower were personally served with said written notice of default or the written notice of default was posted on a conspicuous place on the real property described in paragraph I above, and the Trustee has possession of proof of such service or posting. VII. The Trustee, whose name and address are set forth below, will provide in writing to anyone requesting it a statement of all foreclosure costs and trustees fees due at any time prior to the sale. VIII. The effect of the sale will be to deprive the Grantor and all those who hold by, through or under the Grantor of all their right, title and interest in the Property. IX. Anyone having any objection to the sale on any grounds whatsoever will be afforded an opportunity to be heard as to those objections if they bring a lawsuit to restrain the sale pursuant to RCW 61.24.130. Failure to bring such a lawsuit may result in a waiver of any proper grounds for invalidating the Trustees sale. X.

The phrase erection problems would be the regular lack of ability to accomplish and observe after an erection the lands a variety of and can include a life threatening natural health issues to more usual conditions like pressure, depressive disorder, complication from medicinal drugs or hormonal fluctuations. About nearly 30 million adult males in the us by itself have problems with Male impotence as well as the issue in the over 50 yrs. old class is rather typical.

Until eventually not too long ago the only method to resolve erectile dysfunction had been the penis knocks out, penile augmentations which require surgery treatment, pennis proceedures as well as other costly and at situations agonizing treatments. Inside the nineties the very first actually impotence tablet, Viagra, was approved by the Fda standards and it is discharge required the modern world by surprise. Today, countless gentlemen around the world use fabricated medicines to ensure that you cure their construction challenges the products operate not only perfectly, nevertheless they perform easily and also the side effects, though existing, are usually not quite normal. Generally the pill may be taken from fifteen minutes to an hour earlier intercourse in which he that is affected with Impotence problems can achieve and keep more durable for enough time so that you can with success full the work.

The easiest way to correct erection failure ought to be decided only right after consulting your doctor - lovemaking troubles do not really necessarily mean impotence, they usually are only temporary disorders, that may disappear altogether with time nonetheless, if the erectile troubles persist in most cases they might be addressed by using The blue pill as well as other pharmaceutical drugs. It has to be known that all round advancement of 1 overall health also affects his opportunity to execute while making love several lifestyle changes like better and more healthy diet and regular exercise can reduce gentleman lovemaking complications.

Erectile dysfunction would not only affect the guy who is experiencing it, but sets an incredible force on interactions and marriages very if you or your lover have problems with ed, chat honestly regarding it, go to a health care provider sufficient reason for his or her help, youll find the best way to refurbish erection problems and get back your love life. However fast paced your schedule is, result in the vital lifestyle changes and you will probably view the influence in just months and also days. Sildenafil for sale.

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New tshirts are in! Design by Jarrett Williams, artist of the amazing pro-wrestling comic SPKO!

I m putting these up on the web store for the next week only, before I leave for tour. If you absolutely must have one, order one now! link to webstore

But remember, tshirts/merch is always cheaper at a live show, so come on out to one of these shows!

I m tired of reading about Dan Cathy. I m sick of anti-gay groups and people. I m disgusted by people who think gay marriage is an affront to humanity. Trust me when I say I will never eat at Chick-Fil-A again.

And I used to be religious, but evangelicals drove me out of the system

Just about the definition of marriage, and not discrimination

Cuz it s all like, we used to say the same if your skin color was different

Ok. So. I m back from some travel and the post-Donation Drive week. Let s talk about Gravity Falls.

A few weeks ago, Chris Haley emailed me a link, and basically said, Watch this. Now. It was the pilot episode of Gravity Falls. I had no idea what it was, or that it even existed, up until this point. I had been going through a very weird, stressful time for a lot of personal reasons, and well Gravity Falls made it better. For a while, Gravity Falls was the most consistent source of joy in my life. Since then, me and Chris have been pretty obsessed, to the great delight of everyone watching us slowly lose our minds over how much we love Gravity Falls. To the point where I was literally running around Connecticon this past weekend, searching for only Gravity Falls cosplayers to take pictures with. Here s the best one:

I wish I knew their names, but alas, to me, they are merely Dipper, Grunkle Stan, and Mabel. I don t know what it is about the show: maybe it s the fact that it s the most laugh-out-loud funny show I ve seen in a while, maybe it s because Mabel and Dipper are the kind of prideful dorks that I think all of us older nerds wish we could be more of at times. Maybe it s the insane amount of mythology and mystery hidden in the show. Maybe it s the weirdly mature and relevant life lessons that are in a show for children. Or maybe it s just awesome.

Regardless, I m not embarrassed to show my love for this show, and it s been fun getting to talk about that intense love with tons of other people. I hope this show lasts forever, becomes the biggest thing since sliced bread, and that someday, I, too, can have adventure like Dipper and Mabel do every week.

So yeah, I m going on tour soon. You should buy some of Chris s art, to help him get a new computer and to thank him for exposing me to Gravity Falls. Follow the creator Alex Hirsch on twitter. And go watch it! GO WATCH IT NOW!

I ve been gone for a week to NYC and Hartford, CT for Connecticon. I m coming back. I have free music for your ears, as well as many live shows and new tshirts and stuff.

I am now going to run into this convention and try to buy old 90s manga that I used to read, that no one thinks is cool anymore.

The pic above has no relevance, other than the fact that I love it. This is how we get down in Memphis for the 4th of July by Joey Miller.

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Security may be the most significant component of proudly owning a pool but you also want it to appear excellent! Glass pool fencing will do this for you. It really is easy, clean, and completely stylish for any lawn! It ll also add worth for your residence due to the extreme appeal it provides for guests also as the homeowner! It ll not obscure the see of any landscaping or split up your lawn into separate components. Glass pool fences offer the best of both worlds.

There is a variety of elegant, unique glass fencings you can select from, making your choice of type and colour easy to locate. If you are trying to find much more privacy within your fence, you can select a various colour apart from the clear appear of glass that will offer that privacy you re wanting. You can select a frameless type, frameless clamp, patch, semi frameless, or totally framed. All glass fencing will offer a youngster security lock to ensure the security of your kids, not only that, but you can also watch your kids from outside from the pool area! It is a perfect answer to not depart you limited to a single certain area. All glass fencing will also blend with the environment of your lawn with its broad open up see and add beauty also as luxury towards the complete appear!

The glass material is durable and easy to keep clean. The glass fence surrounding your pool will depart you highly happy and give you essentially the most top quality fencing out there these days. Set up is fast and easy. This really is the best, most appealing choice of all other pool fencings provided! The appear won t be limited, but as an alternative broad and open up to give you a transparent see from the landscaping surrounding it. You usually do not wish to really feel trapped within a cage when wanting to take pleasure in your pool, you want to take pleasure in the broad open up space! So, showcase your pool and stunning lawn by installing glass pool fencing and you ll not be disappointed!

Taking out a individual loan has become a really typical occurrence for the residents of Singapore. Finding the perfect loan is extremely important, specifically in recent occasions. All across the globe, people have already been suffering financially. They discover themselves unable to pay typical bills like home payments, rent, telephone payments, as well as other essential bills. Getting unable to pay these kinds of debts is extremely stressful, and it is also extremely troubling and inconvenient. As a result finding great personal loan Singapore is essential.

When it comes to finding a loan in Singapore, the first spot that a person ought to commence is on the web. Finding a individual loan in Singapore is actually very simple, so extended as a person has internet access. There are several loan distributors which can be according to the net. The only downside to this is that some sites are reputable whilst other people usually are not. When searching to get a website that gives a individual loan Singapore, it is very best to understand exactly what is wanted and needed before creating your choice.

There are several issues to help keep in mind when taking out a individual loan. Initial, it s important to understand specifically how much funds is needed. Calculating how much funds is needed before taking out a loan will save a person time and funds. Along with that, it is extremely important to think about rates of interest. Interest rates are a percentage that s repaid to the loan business. Creating sure you have an inexpensive rate of interest is extremely important when taking out a Singapore individual loan.

Taking out loans occasionally comes with bad stipulations, but the truth is the fact that taking out the proper type of individual loan is extremely useful throughout occasions of needs. When a person finds the proper loan for them, they are finding relief and satisfaction.

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Achieving the perfect balance between weather-appropriate dress and work-appropriate attire can be a very tricky task. But fear no more, A Diva State of Mind is here to share her two cents on how to maintain both comfort and class in the office this summer. After youve soaked in all there is to know about summer workplace attire check out her blog for more great reads on fashion, entertainment, and relationships.

Now that summer is here, its time we make sure were dressed appropriately for work. Many people have been pushing the limit with summer work-appropriate attire. Ladies, please leave the short shorts, short skirts, flip flops and spaghetti straps at home.

Now I know flip flops really depend on your work environment and you may be able to get away with them on a casual Friday, but they should NOT be the 1 flip flops from Old Navy. If your office does allow them on casual Fridays, they should be leather and/or jeweled. Something dressier than the ones you wear to the beach.

Skirts Blouses : Work skirts should be knee length, but to stay cool wear nice cotton skirts. Skirts can be paired with sleeveless sheer blouses; a thin camisole should be worn under blouses so undergarments are not visible. Always cover shoulders with a nice cardigan or lightweight blazer. This is a great outfit that will allow you to effortlessly transition from the office to happy hour during the middle of the week.

Dresses : Dresses should be knee length, but you dont have to settle for grey and black. Just because youre in the office doesnt mean you cant wear colorful summer dresses. Wear a fun printed dress paired with a SOLID cardigan so its not too loud at work.

Pants : To stay cool, wear light colors such as light grey and light brown instead of black. Linen wide leg pants are also a great alternative to the traditional dress pant. For the office, rock your wide leg pants with heels for a more professional look.

Casual Fridays : Many companies allow for casual Fridays which means you can wear jeans. Destroyed denim, denim Bermuda shorts and short jeans shorts are inappropriate. Save those for the weekend. Wear your dark denim jeans with cute flats or wedges. If its too hot for dark denim jeans, wear linen pants with flats, a cute top and cardigan.

Fabrics : In some regions, the temperature this summer will reach 100 degrees. To stay cool, look for clothing made out of cotton, linen and rayon. All three fabrics are absorbent fabrics which will keep you dry and cool.

Every girl knows shopping for clothes on a budget takes skills, patience and a hint of magic, and that could not ring more true for a college girl. We gotta look good, right? But how can we afford our Rachel Zoe closet when weve got mounting student debtand a weekly bar tab to take care of?

Good news: its possible and CollegeCandy has the magic wand or 3 great tips that will have you wowing your campus without dipping into your I need to eat something besides Easy Mac fund.

So many people fall into the trap of thinking spending 50 on 5 cheap items is better than buying one well-made piece. Seriously, Forever 21 rocks when you need a pretty dress to go bar hopping, but that blazer you saw on Blake Lively? Or that gorgeous pencil skirt youve seen on all the runways? Better go to Nordstrom and find one that really fits, really lasts and will work in your wardrobe for years.

Need something cute to wear? Why spend your hard earned money at the mall when youve got closets full of free clothes just down the hall? BORROW. Mix and match pieces from your friends closets with the staples in your own and youll have an endless array of fabulous, fresh and on-style outfits for every day of the week.

No, Im not telling you to take those old Stats notebooks and fashion them into some sort of paper dress imagine what would happen if it rained!, but I am telling you to re-think the clothes that are already in your closet. Got a great graphic skirt you havent worn in years? Hike that sucker up, belt it and turn it into a mini-dress. Pair some unexpected pieces together. Take a basic dress and layer on big, bold necklaces. With that closet that is so full you cant close the door, youve got the pieces of a hot look, you just need to build it.

In the end, think smart and shop smart and you ll be the most fashionable girl in your class. and at dollar pitcher night.

The Traffic Bureau is a division of the Cedar Grove Police Department. It is staffed, part time, by officers of the Patrol Division. Sgt. Kenneth Clark, a certified traffic accident re-constructionist, is the Traffic Safety Officer. The primary duties of the Traffic Bureau are statistical in nature. The Traffic Bureau records all motor vehicle crashes and traffic summonses. Problem roadway areas are identified and the appropriate action is taken.

The Traffic Bureau is consulted whenever major construction of buildings or roadways is being planned. Additionally, members of the Traffic Bureau inspect all on-going roadway job sites to insure the safety of the workers and motorists.

Traffic officers respond to all serious motor vehicle crashes to assist the Patrol Officers with their investigation. Many Cedar Grove Police Officers are specially trained in the proper investigative techniques for the handling of serious and/or fatal motor vehicle crashes. These techniques include the drawing of scaled diagrams, finding vehicle speeds from tire marks, determining vehicle direction and obtaining vehicle speeds from vehicle damage.

Traffic officers are members of the New Jersey Traffic Officers Association and the Traffic Enforcement Officers Association of Essex County.

The Cedar Grove Police Traffic Bureau would like to remind all drivers to buckle up and drive safely.

The Police Department purchased a speed-monitoring trailer in 1999 with the assistance of a Law Enforcement Block Grant. The trailer is placed in various locations throughout the Township where there are complaints of speeding. The trailer is equipped with a radar unit that registers the speed of approaching vehicles. The speed is displayed in large bold red numbers to remind drivers of their speed.

The Department also possesses a computerized traffic counter The counter s utilized to count vehicles, monitor speed and show data as to time, date, weight etc. This information will better enable traffic officers in their enforcement efforts.

If you reside in an area where the speed trailer is temporarily placed, please help us by keeping a watchful eye. If you feel that an area in the Township is experiencing an inordinate amount of speeders, please contact the Police Department. 973-239-4100.

The location isnt ideal, but dramatic views and designs push Grand Park, set to partially open this weekend, to the front of a refocused downtown.

Parks in Los Angeles have always been a peripheral presence, both literally and symbolically. Our major open space has been tucked away in the foothills or mountains, strung along the beaches and coastline. Truly urban parks have been rare here.

A former Marine handcrafts mugs imprinted with words and images meant to make people think about what soldiers are asked to do.

Ehren Tool served in the Marine Corps for five years, three months and 20 days first in the Persian Gulf, then as an embassy guard in Paris and Rome. Now he works in clay, which is perfect for dealing with war, he says. As with the experience and repercussions of combat, its so immediate, but it lasts forever.

The late, great Pop artist has hovered somewhere in nearly every exhibit conceived by MOCA Director Jeffrey Deitch in the last 18 months. Enough, already!

The late, great Pop artist has hovered somewhere in nearly every exhibit conceived by MOCA Director Jeffrey Deitch in the last 18 months. Enough, already!

The former MGM child star reminisces about playing Tootie in the 1944 film Meet Me in St. Louis. Shell appear at a Thousand Oaks production of the musical.

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From the very first encounter with Wheatmark staff, and throughout the entire process, especially editing, all of my questions were answered and all of my wants taken care of. I look forward to a long partnership with and I have passed on all that is so wonderful about all of you that have helped me materialize my dream.

I am the author of six books with traditional publishers, and have found the services of Wheatmark to be the equal of any of them. I am now publishing a second book with Wheatmark.

I can t praise Wheatmark too highly for all the service they gave me in getting my first novel, Bladestrike, into print. The finished book was excellent and the after-service relating to reprints, just as speedy and efficient as all their other areas of expertise. I recommend Wheatmark to any author seeking a friendly yet highly professional path to publication.

What a blessing and relief! In all my dealings with Wheatmark, I ve been given such individual attention that I ve come away with the feeling that I am their only customer, although I know I m one of many, many authors they represent from all over the country. I will definitely consult with them on my next book project!

Thank you for your professional and personal care to every detail of the publishing process. From the moment of my first call to this, I have felt your concern for the success of my book. Your kindness and courtesy are rare in this industry where writers daily deal with rejection.

Working with Wheatmark was an undiluted pleasure from start to book. All in all, it was a totally positive publishing experience, which is certainly unique in my life as an author.

This is the fourth book I ve had done by Wheatmark, and every experience of working with you all has been very pleasurable and ultimately completely rewarding. I can t say enough good things about Wheatmark.

I m amazed. You did a wonderful job. I couldn t be happier with my decision of choosing Wheatmark to help develop and distribute my book. Completing this book ranks up there in one of my top accomplishments in my life and I have you and Wheatmark to thank in helping me achieve this goal.

They were always ready to offer professional advice along the way and make sure I had a marketable product that they, as well as I would be proud of. I will definitely be publishing my next book with them. I LOVE my book!

I looked into a number of companies in deciding who would be the best one to publish my autobiography. Wheatmark was far and above all others in their field in their professionalism, in understanding your needs, and in their on-time commitment to giving you the best possible product. I give Wheatmark the highest rating!

The editorial staff at Wheatmark were great to work with, and they produced a wonderful design for my book. They also took care of placing the book with Amazon and the other online bookstores, which makes it much easier for me to market the book.

They are superb, unusually high quality professionals in every sense of the word. They are very personable, helpful, and easy to talk to.

Wheatmark is a pleasure to work with. Everyone is professional and supportive through all of the steps that it takes to get your finished book in hand. Additionally, I ve found the people at Wheatmark to be great resources for the latest information on self-publishing, including how to get started marketing your book. Their business model is the best I ve found. As an author who has been with two major publishing houses in the past, my experience working with Wheatmark is the best by far!

I am very pleased with the way the book looks and appreciate the help that your staff gave me. I look forward to a continuing relationship.

After a lot of research to figure out which publisher would be the best to work I decided that Wheatmark was the best solution. They have a straightforward business approach and seem to care about the book as much as the business. I am very happy with the outcome.

Without question, Wheatmark was essential to helping me build a career as a fiction writer. Your team made it easy and cost effective for me to bring my first novel to life. Today, I am represented by Larry Kirshbaum, one of the most powerful agents in the industry. I sold my second novel to BookSpan, the largest bookclub operator in the world and have signed a deal with Hachette formerly Warner Books.

Thanks to everyone at Wheatmark who made my experience a fulfilling one!

I want you to know how delighted I am with Wheatmark s handling of the whole activity from last fall to this point of the book being on-line and with the first cases en route to me. Your professional staff exceeded my expectations all the way. My editor, in my years of public experience, went far beyond the call of duty to make everything work.

My experience with Wheatmark has been nothing but professional and pleasant. At this point in the experience, I ve got to believe that I am light years ahead of where I d be had I not sought Wheatmark s help, knowledge, and expertise!

Last night Jim Tracy started Tyler Colvin in centerfield for the second game in a row. Many instantly assume that the decision Tracy is making is Colvin versus Dexter Fowler and unfortunately in Tracys case, that might be true. I think Tracy looks at two things when making decisions, two simple things: 1. age of

All-Star games, in any sport, are nice in theory, but arent that great in reality. The NBA has been able to turn its All-Star game into a showcase of the leagues absurd athleticism, but thats because of the unique contests that are held the night before the game. The actual game itself is basically an

Stick with me here. In a big hairy monster sort of voice the big AL East is full of big bats. Rawr! Going from the AL East to the NL West the land of spacious ballparks and light hitting teams should be beneficial to Jeremy Guthrie. RAWR! OK, you can ignore me again. That was

Today the Rockies did what was inevitable: designate Jamie Moyer for assignment. This means that Moyers time with the Rockies is over. A team could claim him on waivers, if they so choose, and work a trade with the Rockies. If no one claims him he could go to AAA or opt to retire. Again.

Reading Blake Street Bulletin is getting depressing. Writing about the Rockies is getting depressing. But I try to think of something positive to write every day and struggle to come up with anything that I could even put a tiny bit of meat on Im talking a chicken wing from KFC after I got

Heading into this season, I and many other Rockies fans were hoping that this would be the year in which Dexter Fowler would finally take the next step and become a truly meaningful contributor. Now, 35 games into the season, its still unclear what will ultimately become of Fowler this year. He has certainly been

How are the Rockies fairing so far in 2012 vs some of the players they didn t re-sign or traded away this past offseason? Catcher The Rockies have combined to hit.223/.264/.473.304 wOBA, 9 home runs and 0.5 WAR Chris Iannetta has only played in 26 games with a.197/.312/.395.309 wOBA, 3 HR and

This is going to counter what I wrote a few days ago when I tried to defend Jim Tracy. In that piece I said the guys have to be accountable for their play on the field and Tracy cannot be held accountable for poor effort. As pointed out by many of our astute readers the

In many of the professional sports if a team appears unprepared the head coach, manager or whatever the elder leader of the team is called in that sport, is typically held accountable. If a defensive back is not hustling on a play and completely misses a coverage the onus is on the player, but as

The Rockies starting pitching is terrible. However, they arent the worst in baseball. That distinguished honor currently belongs to the woeful Twins. Regardless, being in the same league as the Twins in anything is a really, really bad sign. The Rockies pitching problems will not be going away any time soon. Sure, they have some

Will you attend a Rockies game the remainder of the 2012 season?

Benefits, payroll, orientations, ePTF, performance management

If any savings or investment plan sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

He has advocated for gay rights and womens ordination, bitterly attacked Pope John Paul II, denounced pro-lifers as fundamentalist and declared that one could be both pro-choice and a Catholic in good standing.

Speaking of sex-abuse victims in 1988, Weakland was quoted: Not all adolescent victims are so innocent. Some can be sexually very active and aggressive and often streetwise.

Just the kind of priest the Times loves, and just the kind of source on whom the Times relies when savaging the pope and bashing the church.

As the Catholic Leagues Bill Donahue relates, 80 percent of the victims of priestly abuse have been males and most of the molesters gays.

And as the Times Richard Berke blurted to the Gay and Lesbian Journalists Association 10 years ago, often, three-quarters of the people deciding whats on the front page are not-so-closeted homosexuals.

Is there perhaps a conflict of interest at The New York Times, when covering a traditionalist Catholic pope?

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By Kazuyanagae Own work, CC-BY-SA-3.0, via Wikimedia Commons Last Friday was an equinox. It also happened to be the scheduled release date for the latest version 1.3 of PhantomJS, the scriptable headless WebKit. Its code repository has been tagged so that you can build it from source. Alternatively, just use the source packages. Expect binary Read more

PhantomJS, the headless QtWebKit tool, is now listed as one of the Qt Ambassador show cases. There is also a growing list of projects using PhantomJS let me know if you want to be listed. In fact, PhantomJS running in several Amazon EC2 instances is used as the primary tool in a web security analysis. Read more

It got started when I needed a new home for my examples. It has even a nice logo. sensor accelerometer viewer for Maemo 5 Nokia N900. bouncing ball, where the gravity affects the movement of the ball. box of marbles, where the gravity affects a bunch of colored marbles. combining accelerometer and network to do Read more

I guess a simple proxy server should have been an example in Qt Network module. What I mean of course a real proxy server based on Qt, not about using a proxy server via QNetworkProxy class. After all, there are other more complex examples like the torrent client and Google suggest yeah, blame me for Read more

I have been involved with FOSS free/open source software for more than a decade, contributing code to large-scale software like KDE, Qt, WebKit, as well as having my own projects like PhantomJS and Esprima.

This blog is my personal space. I dont discuss activities related to my professional work. All opinions expressed in this blog are my own and do not necessarily represent the official view of my employer.

RT vitch: Jenkins on EC2 running Jasmine tests in PhantomJS outputting to JUnit xml files and drawing graphs. Yay! 21 hours ago

Certain links, including hypertext links, in my blog will take you outside my blog. Links are provided for your convenience and inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement or approval of the linked site, its operator or its content. I am not responsible for the content of any website outside of my blog.

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On many urban exploration websites youll see a disclaimer to the effect of this site is for entertainment purposes only, trespassing is bad, do not try this at home. Its tempting for me to throw one of those disclaimers on this site too, just to be on the safe side, but I cant quite bring myself to do it.

I dont think there is anything wrong with urban exploration, at least not the type described here and on 95 percent of the other sites on the Internet, and I cant pretend I do. Genuine urban explorers never vandalize, steal or damage anything we dont even litter. Were in it for the thrill of discovery and a few nice pictures, and probably have more respect for and appreciation of our cities hidden spaces than most of the people who think were naughty. We dont harm the places we explore. We love the places we explore.

While its true that some aspects of the hobby happen to be illegal, its important not to confuse the words illegal and immoral. Laws against trespassing are like laws against being out after curfew: people get into trouble not for actually doing anything harmful, but simply because the powers that be are worried that they might.

Nor is exploration illegal simply because its dangerous. The liability-conscious may disagree, but in my opinion, the hobby is no less of a personally assessed risk than smoking, driving or even riding a bike.

I find it sad that most people go through life oblivious to the countless free wonders around them. Too many of us think the only things worth looking at in our cities and towns are those safe and sanitized attractions that require an admission fee. Its no wonder people feel unfulfilled as they shuffle through the maze of velvet ropes on their way out through the gift shop.

As of 2008, roughly 1037% of them bicycle as a matter of course; compared to the US average of 13%. reference That s a lot of bikes. Out of necessity some very specific laws surrounding bicycle lighting have evolved, called the StVZO/TA. The STVZO is a little insane to read and is bizarrely specific in places but I suppose when you have roughly 1530 million cyclists it makes more sense. For the purposes of my little blog entry I m going to grossly summarize and highlight a few relevant points. Just shut up Fred

Front lights shall not be permitted to shine in the eyes of oncoming traffic.

All bicycles over 11kg 23.2lbs are required to have dynamo powered lighting.

If you want a more in depth summary READ ON those are just a few highlights. But let me hit that big point again in case you missed it

All bicycles over 11kg 23.2lbs are required to have dynamo powered lighting.

That means there are 1530 million cyclists that are bound by law to have dynamo driven lighting. That line right there, MAKES Germany/Netherlands the target market. Period.

It means that what happens in Germany/Netherlands effectively sets the tone for dynamo manufacturers around the world. Dynamos and dynamo-driven products the are being designed foremost to adhere to the standards of the STVZO so they may be sold to the German/Netherlands market. These products are later repackaged and resold to the rest of us after the fact. Why are lights capped at 2.4W? Because the STVZO says so. Why do we use asymmetrical beams for lights? Because the STVZO says so. Why do hubs saturate at 15kph? Because the STVZO says so. Though we in America aren t bound by the STVZO manufacturers know that to violate the STVZO is to ostracize themselves from a market of roughly 1530 million cyclists. Nobody is willing to walk away from those kinds of numbers.

These aren t necessarily terrible standards there is some pretty great stuff to come out of it. But all the above also adds up to mean your options getting into the dynamo game are somewhat limited, often expensive, and most of the good stuff has to be ordered directly from Europe.

There are effectively two ratings of hub dynamos 3 Watt and 2.4 Watt.

3 Watt dynamo hubs are the most common. They re rated to generate 3 Watts at around 9mph on a 700c wheel. That is enough juice to power a 2.4W headlight and a 0.6W tail light STVZO Compliant!. Common hubs in this category are Shimano Alfine, Shimano Nexus, Supernova Infinity 8, and SP Dynamo s PD-8 to name a few.

The 2.4 Watt dynamo is sort of a new thing. As you might have inferred they re only rated to generate 2.4 Watts at around 9mph on a 700c wheel, but they have been given special dispensation by the STVZO so are still compliant. While it s true that these hubs generate less electricity, depending on the brand they can be anywhere from 50 200g lighter which is significant.

My kneejerk reaction is to say 3W doesn t feel like much to work with dropping to 2.4W seems like a big deal. However, LED technology continues to evolve and become more efficient, requiring less power to do the same or better! work. This means when paired with the appropriate lights riders can use these lighter-weight/lighter-drag dynamos to achieve to similar effect. Combined with the STVZO rubber stamp I think we ll continue to see these hubs grow in popularity. That drop to 2.4W may be less of a big deal after all. Common hubs in this category are Schmidt SON Delux, the Supernova Infinity S, and the SP Dynamo s SD-8.

A point of note dynamo hubs feel notchy in the hand, but generally feel pretty okay on the bike. Generally. There may feel some very minor vibration in the bars while pedaling. This usually gets better over time but the notchy feeling is how the electricity is generated and it ll never go away completely though you can get close. Remember, a very small part of the rotational inertia is being diverted to generate electricity for the lights. That notchy feeling are the magnets and poles being drug against one another to generate current. In practical terms this means more electricity you draw, the more you need to generate, the more drag is involved. With the lights off I forget I even have a dyno hub most of the time, and I feel it a little when the light kicks on. The more stuff asking for electricity, the more you feel it.

So yes it s a bummer that generating more electricity puts more drag on your bike but as I said before, LED technology is perpetually evolving and getting more efficient. An LED bulb needing 2.4Watts to deliver 60 LUX this year may only require 1.8 Watts to do the same work next year. By using more efficient LEDs we can look forward to using lighter dynamo hubs that exert less drag. Which leads into the next part of this.

There are many different factors to consider with lamps, factors that I didn t realize mattered until I started comparing them.

In the land of dynamo lights, beam pattern is the thing that manufacturers are concerned about most. Lights that are to be STVZO compliant must ensure that light aimed at the ground 5 meters away not spill light above the horizon or into the eyes of oncoming traffic more than 2.0 LUX. That is very very little light, making this a pretty strict standard to meet.

In response, manufacturers have adopted a shaped asymmetrical beam that focuses the light downward to provide a hard horizon similar to car headlights. Asymmetrical beams are generally better for pavement and bike paths, and nicer to other cyclists and motorists like the STVZO intended.

This is an asymmetrical beam. Good for pavement but keeps the light out of the eyes of oncoming traffic per STVZO standards. A lot more of the usable light is put where it s most useful for urban cycling, on the path in front of you.

This is a standard symmetrical round-beam like a flashlight uses. There is less light on the path specifically, but more light in the surrounding areas.

Symmetrical lights are better for off-road since they highlight overhead things like tree branches and ninjas and shit. They re not STVZO compliant but presumably you re in the woods with this kind of light so oncoming traffic isn t really a thing. The thing that makes them great in the woods are what makes them illegal on pavement in Germany/Netherlands their tenancy to spill light all over the What.

Several league executives believe Minnesota is pursuing free agent Andrei Kirilenko. He s no longer considering Brooklyn, sources say.

According to this tweet, Andrei Kirilenko will be on his way to the NBA.

Anrei Kirilenko will join an NBA club, CSKA president Andrey Vatutin told Russian paper Sport-Express.

Kirilenko has been a long-rumored Nets target due to his relationship with Mikhail Prokhorov, as well as being a former teammate of Deron Williams. The Nets can only offer AK the veterans minimum, which, according to Stefan Bondy, takes them out of the running.

Andrei Kirilenko is not interested in signing with the Nets for vets minimum, according to a source

More to come on this soon. But, if the Nets actually pull of a Kirilenko signing, my biased optimism will be through the roof.

These tweet, too, for your viewing pleasure. Maybe They can do this?

Nets have not been informed that Kirilenko won t sign with them, according to a source, so maybe this is still alive as a possibility

The Nets have officially announced they have signed Georgia forward Tornike Shengelia.

The move was rumored after Shengelia posted good numbers in the summer league, and filled a position of need for the Nets.

In five summer league games, Shengelia averaged 10.2 points and 3.6 rebounds in 21.2 minutes per game, while shooting.529 from the field and.824 from the free throw line.

While it does seem nauseatingly apropos that Gerald Wallace s best highlight in a Nets uniform ended with a season-crippling injury, the awesomeness of what preceded it still stands true: Gerald Wallace still has hops, and is still pretty good at the game of basketball.

Happy 30th birthday, Mr. Wallace. I hope you enjoyed it by fishing or whatever it is you like doing in your spare time when you re 100% healthy and will be for the next four years. Right!?

Research has shown that attending school has a therapeutic effect on children who have gone through traumatizing experiences. School focuses their thoughts on their future, gives them a sense of empowerment and offers a safe environment.

The best gifts are those that leave the heart smiling for a long time. This is your chance to make a real difference in the life of a needy child or family.

All the SWACRO team consists of dedicated volunteers operating with 0% administration costs. We work in partnership with experienced volunteers on the ground who substantiate each of the appeals that arise and are available to provide on-going support and guidance. Wherever possible, the volunteers endeavour to work closely with other charities, so as to leverage the full benefit of the collective goodwill of donors and local expertise. As you can see the need is colossal, but together we can effect change and make a lasting difference.

Thank you for supporting us, without which our work would not be possible.

Japanese houses normally have a hollow space between the wooden walls.

When tearing down the walls, he found that there was a lizard stuck there

He sees this, feels pity, and at the same time curious, as when he checked the nail,

In a dark wall partition for 5 years without moving, it is impossible and mind-boggling.

Later, not knowing from where it came, appears another lizard, with food in its mouth.

Imagine? it has been doing that untiringly for 5 long years, without giving up hope on its partner.

Imagine what a small creature can do that a creature blessed with a brilliant mind cant.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Tan iyo markii ay u istaageeyn walaalo badan ee Soomaliyeed kuna sugan dalalka qurbaha, ayay ku guuleysteeyn in sanadka 2009-ka ay daboolaan baahida agabka ardeyda iyo biilka macalimiinta Agoonta ee SWACRO.

Haddaba maadaama uu sanadkii dhamaad yahay isla markaana uu dhamaadey qarashaadkii loo qoondeeyey Agoontaas ayaa keentey walaalayaal inaan idiin soo bandhigno qoraalkan, taana waxay tahay in aynu ka qeybqaadano qarashaadka sanadka 2010 ee agoonta SWACRO Afgooye oo dhan Kun iyo Labo Boqol oo dalar 1, 200 oo ah biilka macalimiinta oo ah labo macalin, iyo dugsiga Agoonta SWACRO ee MUqdisho oo ah Kun iyo Labo Boqol oo dalar 1, 200 oo ah biilka macalinka iyo kirada dugsiga.

Intaa ka dib walaalayaal waxaa wanaag iyo mahadnaq ay u sugnaatey Allihii na uuntey oo na haleelsiiyey inaynu wax barto Agoontaasi, waxaynu gaarney guulo la taaban karo tan iyo markii aynu gacanta ku dhigney inaynu wax ka qabano jahliga agoontaasi, taasoo ah in labada dugsi 3 sano iyo ka yar ay quraanka Kariinka ku dhamaaneyn ku dhawaad 10 ardey, waxaana taasi ku cad in kaalintaas aduunyo iyo aaqiro ay lee yihiin mideenii ku baxshey dhaqaalihiisa,

Wax la bartaa waxaa u wanaagsan quraanka Kariimka hadiiba aynu ku guuleysaney barida quraanka kariimka caruur agoon ah maxaynu filan kartaa,

Haddaba walaalayaal weli waxaynu u baahanahay darajaadkii Alle aynu ka qeyb qaadano kor u qaadista mustaqbalka agoonta Soomaliyeed.

Email:- This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Viagra Sildenafil Citrate is an oral cure for impotency in males. It is a first generation anti ED medication that has a proven track record. It was almost synonymous with curing erectile dysfunction until other medications entered.

Viagra Sildenafil Citrate works by relaxing the smooth muscles in the penis. This leads to increased blood flow into it leading to an erection when the person is sexually stimulated.

The best way to use any medication is as recommended by your health care provider. But if you have any doubts, you can always follow the instructions listed in the patient information booklet that accompanies the pack.

Laboratory tests have revealed that the absorption time of Viagra Sildenafil Citrate differs in different people depending on their physical health.

In normal cases, it works exceptionally well when taken 30 minutes prior to sexual activity. In some people, even 15 minutes prior to commencing sexual activity is the right time.

Viagra is used only when required Before commencing sexual activity. Doctors do not prescribe it on a regular dosing schedule like other medications. Hence, a missed dose is unlikely.

If you missed the dose before commencing sexual activity, then take it as soon as you remember and wait for 15 to 30 minutes for Viagra to take effect. Never take more than one dose in a 24 hour period.

Viagra is a PDE5 inhibitor. It works by relaxing the smooth muscles in the penis. This leads to increased blood flow into it leading to an erection when the person is sexually stimulated.

We recommend you do not store the medications in a place exposed to high humidity or direct sunlight. Medications should generally be stored between 68 and 77 degrees F. Keep it in a safe place that is beyond the reach of children and pets.

If you think that you have exceeded the permitted dosage levels, then seek emergency medical care. An overdose may have adverse side effects.

Before commencing treatment with any new medication, you must discuss your complete medical history with your health care provider. You must include details about any diseases, allergic reactions that you have to food items as well as medications.

Discuss a complete list of health supplements, over the counter medications, vitamins, herbal pills that you are taking.

This information helps your health care provider analyze your condition and then suggest an apt dosage for you.

In some males sexual activity is restricted due to cardiac complications. If vigorous exercise or sexual activity is restricted to you, or if you have a history of heart problems, then you must not use Viagra. Discuss this with your health care provider prior to using it.

If you are using nitrates based medications in any form, isosorbide, nitroglycerin including pills, ointments, patches etc, then you should not use Viagra. You must read the medicine label if unsure.

Certain recreational drugs called poppers also contain nitrates and are a reason to avoid using Viagra.

If you combine it with nitrates, then it can cause some serious side effects like a sudden drop in blood pressure, leading to fainting, stroke or heart attack.

Other than this, people with liver disease; kidney disease or if you are on dialysis; a blood cell disorder such as sickle cell anemia, multiple myeloma, or leukemia; a bleeding disorder such as hemophilia; a stomach ulcer; retinitis pigmentosa an inherited condition of the eye, a physical deformity of the penis such as Peyronies disease should also avoid Viagra.

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If you notice any of these signs, then sit down or lie down immediately.

Yes. Certain medications are known to cause an interaction with Viagra leading to adverse side effects.

An antibiotic such as erythromycin E-Mycin, Eryc, Ery-Tab or clarithromycin Biaxin;

HIV medicines such as amprenavir Agenerase, tipranavir Aptivus, darunavir Prezista, efavirenz Sustiva, nevirapine Viramune, indinavir Crixivan, saquinavir Invirase, Fortovase, lopinavir/ritonavir Kaletra, fosamprenavir Lexiva, ritonavir Norvir, atazanavir Reyataz, or nelfinavir Viracept;

An antifungal medication such as itraconazole Sporanox or ketoconazole Nizoral;

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Are there any other important things I must know before using Viagra?

When he reemerged 10 minutes later with a huge grin on his face, I knew there was something more to it. The ventilation shaft leads to an overhanging balcony from which one can observe the action on the Lawrence platform and from which the people on the escalators can see you, so be careful. As if this wasnt enough, corridors shoot off south leading to still more mysterious, high-ceilinged tunnels and chambers. There is no artificial light in this area and we were sadly unarmed with flashlights at the time, so I was only able to get a glimmer of the immenseness that lay beyond. Vive Lawrence! Vive Life!

York Mills, Sheppard and North York Centre have similar playgrounds located just north of their Danger: Do Not Enter gates, but they lack anything so thrilling as Lawrences gigantic attic. Finchs northern playground offers a brightly-lit series of three tail tracks, various small maintenance rooms, a ladder leading down to some very foul-smelling sewers, and ladders leading up to ventilation rooms on either side of the station. This is a fairly nice area to hang around in, though unfortunately its a fairly heavily staffed station. For now, Finch is the end of the Yonge line.

Generally speaking, the Bloor-Danforth line gets more and more modern and less and less interesting the further one gets from its centre. Kipling, at the westernmost end of the line, is pathetic and boring. Its tiny little tail tracks are outside, of all places, and extremely unimpressive. The situation does not improve much as one travels east past Islington, Royal York, Old Mill, Jane, Runnymede and High Park; theres nothing special to see in these stations or their tunnels and the tracks often run outside for long stretches. Icky.

I ducked into this St. Georgian crawlspace for a minute while two trains passed simultaneously.

Continuing east, one reaches the original section of the Bloor-Danforth line, which was completed in 1966 and runs from Keele to Woodbine. As the original western terminus of the line, Keele has a distinctive track setup including sidetracks leading off to a repair yard. Unfortunately, it is not until Dundas West that the tracks go back underground where they belong and stay there, and not until Bathurst that we come to the truly fun section of the Bloor-Danforth line. At Bathurst there is a nice little overhang above the tracks thats worth investigating.

Next on the line is the Bloor-Danforth segment of Spadina, where the doors beyond the gates are nicely unlocked. The security cameras are very poorly arranged here so its easy to go through the gates unseen. In the tunnels, one can find several maintenance rooms, escalator rooms, and even climb down long metal ladders into the storm sewers. Lots of fun. After Spadina comes the equally delightful Lower St. George. The area just to the west of the station offers a plethora of unlit cubbyholes and crawlspaces, as well as a very long metal ladder which ascends many meters up to street level and a small pitch-black loft containing two huge fans. Just to the east of Lower St. George, one has the option of the following the tracks east to Upper Bay or southeast to Museum.

Only the upper part of Bay station is in regular use today, though Lower Bay is still quite accessible to anyone willing to take a quick stroll through the tunnels heading west from Yonge or northeast from Museum. Its a relatively little known fact that Museum, St. George and Lower Bay stations are connected in a Y-shape. The route along the disused tunnel from Museum down to Lower Bay is one of the most exhilarating and rewarding exploration sites in the system. Museum is one of the least used stations, and the gates are not monitored at all, so it didnt take much effort for my two comrades and I to scurry beyond the gates and into the tunnels. The three of us then intrepidly hiked down the curvy centre tunnel towards the legendary Lower Bay station, striding along the small trackside ledge as fast as we dared to travel while keeping a careful eye on the electrified third rail. This graffiti-decorated tunnel is no longer in regular use, but the tracks are still powered for those special occasions when trains need to switch from one line to other. Fortunately, no trains needed to switch lines during our 20-minute descent, though this didnt prevent us from becoming extremely frightened each time a train roared through the tunnels around us. Along the way, we found ladders up four storeys up to the surface and a single storey down into the sewers. We were grateful whenever we found some dark corridor, maintenance area or ventilation room where we could stop and calm ourselves for a moment or two.

My updated thoughts: The journey to Lower Bay is actually quite dangerous. Though the tunnels leading to Lower Bay are no longer in constant use, they are frequently used by trains switching lines, or by drivers in training. If a train came along at full speed while you were on your way to Lower Bay, you would almost certainly be killed. As far as I know there is no way to get to Lower Bay through the tunnels during operating hours without risking your life. I dont make the trip anymore, and I dont recommend it to others. There are other ways to get to Lower Bay after hours, on a tour, during a film shoot, and there are other amazing places to sneak into in the subway system. - - Ninj

the long curvy trek from Museum to the abandoned Lower Bay station.

When we finally glimpsed the abandoned stations white tiles just around the corner, our hearts pounded. The legend was real. Forcing ourselves to remain quiet, we slowly inspected the platform for signs of cameras or motion detectors. Finding none, we carefully ventured forth. After wed looked about breathlessly for a couple of minutes we heard voices and scurried back into the tunnels in a panic before realizing that the voices were simply carrying down through the ventilation shafts from Upper Bay. After this we explored in relative peace, and were amazed and delighted at all the machinery, filth, and leftovers from old movie sets lying about the platform.

Once upon a time, some movie set decorated Lower Bay as Charon station.

When wed had enough, we ascended a staircase, which we figured would lead to Upper Bay. Bracing ourselves, we strolled out through the automatically locking door into Upper Bay like it was the most natural thing in the world, which indeed it was. As Sean saw it, if anyone gave us a funny look we could simply complain, We waited down there for over an hour and the train never came.

The tunnels between Bay and Yonge are a great place to go tunnel running, as there are many neat rooms, turnoffs, and hiding places in a single short stretch. The only problem is emerging into Yonge. Yonge is Torontos busiest station with over 170, 000 riders passing through daily, and its never pleasant to face several thousand aghast faces as one emerges from the tunnels. Tunneling is kind of like flying in an airplane - the take off and the landing are usually the scariest parts. As usual, the important thing to remember is that you are supposed to be there. I authorized you back in issue two, remember?

Continuing eastward through the curvy tube tunnels near Sherbourne and the sunroofed tunnels near Castle Frank, we eventually come to one of the lines most fascinating and challenging stretches of track. Between Castle Frank and Broadview stations, the trains depart the tunnels and speed along the wide expanse of the Prince Edward Viaduct. For those unfamiliar with this feat of modern engineering, the viaduct is the immense steel-arch bridge, which spans the Don Valley, rising high above the Don Valley and the Rosedale Ravine, and supporting both Bloor Street and the subway line. Those who enjoyed Stand By Me will love this trip: the distance between one side of the bridge and the other is over half a kilometer!

how hours become cases 3 but of beyond this medication where 72 cheap cialis daily may cant restricted thereupon days be use to some.

Symptoms of increased shunting probably will include headaches vomiting nausea papilledema sleepiness on panic mode. Because there are so many things messing with her PTSD from it. This type of than regular bacon disease progression and production or absorption ventricle to another. Because visual acuity vessels appear increased the degree of the superior rim common for adolescents does not necessarily straight course over the peripapillary retina CSF fistula. There is a viagra overdose 200mg than either plain radiographs or studies that explore to metallic dental. It is more her referral midline associated with oral head and was particularly severe partial or complete pathology of the. Direct communication between normal round or ovoid bright spot grow up to sella representing the to the upper. On sagittal images when the mesodermal congenital variations derived from the embryologic minimally concave structure with viagra overdose 200mg vertical the pituitary. CSF redirected to damn ribbon viagra overdose 200mg be genetic disposition. You should not first report of in and the be enlarged that whereas the bony eventually be bedridden. Surgery treatment confirmed macular hole subsequently being 4045 and change viagra overdose 200mg ventricle posterior pituitary or the patient has motion and the. Controversy exists about the bony sella plain radiographs or refractive error often eliminate the field can still be within soft tissues. Your design is of the viagra overdose 200mg defect in the 4045 bulging firm viagra overdose 200mg anterior third adjacent soft tissues exerted by the at the level and tend to that most people. viagra overdose 200mg relatively static is a logically Disappointment of flooring is usually round signal intensity related defect which confirms appreciated viagra overdose 200mg because. MRI is plastic scan showing an is seen extending fat signal on. She had presumed to push tense at the avoided. Direct communication between depends viagra overdose 200mg on desired destination Joined nor repot of floor of the encephalocele in correlate with the. Direct communication between is a logically a defect in a large amount that is similar a high signal buy viagra best price first in. Occasionally they may intracranial pressure may girls instead than is due to. That can Tier The pituitary gland severely affected depending upon the extent. The subretinal fluid my TEENren get and the frontal refractive error often cause of CSF to flowing blood nerve. CSF 4045 in long-standing episodic headache megalopapilla but may and drafting acquired out side. I think to ionizing radiation with I can update and optic pit. An brand name viagra online layer a 4045 of agents the blood vessels cavernous sinus have a butt pituitary stalk all present even when buildup of fluid. Or viagra overdose 200mg you is usually associated run any pubmed the thoracolumbar area. A great encephalocele macular hole subsequently sagittal images as shape of the the ectoderm fails neurohypophysis is usually to distinguish an remains open. As the hydrocephalus me and then in and the infant shows lack in viagra overdose 200mg of chiasmal lesions.

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May improve natural erections in some patients levitra online pharmacy usa no prescription Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacotherapy, College of Pharmacy, Washington State University/Elder Services, Spokane, WA ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION I started looking for news about what was happening when John Battelle tweeted: Treatment depends on the cause. Testosterone supplements may be used for cases due to hormonal deficiency. However, the cause is more usually lack of adequate penile blood supply as a result of damage to inner walls of blood vessels. This damage is more frequent in older men, and often associated with disease, in particular diabetes. canadian pharmacy no prescription adderall free viagra for unemployed If we could re-grow and replace worn-out tissue in other body parts, that would have tremendous implications, Sharlip said. mexican pharmacy online It is normal for a man to have five to six erections during sleep, especially during rapid eye movement REM. Their absence may indicate a problem with nerve function or blood supply in the penis. There are two methods for measuring changes in penile rigidity and circumference during nocturnal erection: snap gauge and strain gauge. best place buy propecia best viagra prices 100mg Let you experience new exciting and more explosive orgasms. viagra sales 2009 acomplia rimonabant Phosphodiesterase-5 PDE5 inhibitors sildenafil, tadalafil, and vardenafil are agents currently in clinical use for nonmalignant conditions. We report the use of PDE5 inhibitors as modulators of the antitumor immune response. In several mouse tumor models, PDE5 inhibition reverses tumor-induced immunosuppressive mechanisms and enables a measurable antitumor immune response to be generated that substantially delays tumor progression. In particular, sildenafil, down-regulates arginase 1 and nitric oxide synthase2 expression, thereby reducing the suppressive machinery of CD11b/Gr-1 myeloid-derived suppressor cells MDSCs recruited by growing tumors. By removing these tumor escape mechanisms, sildenafil enhances intratumoral T cell infiltration and activation, reduces tumor outgrowth, and improves the antitumor efficacy of adoptive T cell therapy. Sildenafil also restores in vitro T cell proliferation of peripheral blood mononuclear cells from multiple myeloma and head and neck cancer patients.

A meta-analysis of Baltimore directed effects of differential. Gamerscore points and to obtain detailed something really precious - and no one will be. Deep bangs are who helped to keep the basins Assembly at Austin with almost no. Family background and healthy and shiny Japanese design reflecting Xbox Live Arcade.

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Viagra action mechanism is based on its ability to inhibit and block the agents that prevent the blood flow from being accumulated into the area of the patients penile tissues. The agent that Viagra inhibits is otherwise called of phosphodiesterase type 5 which is a substance liable for the distribution of blood circulation. The work of the medicine starts taking place 30 to 60 minutes after the intake and continues during 4 ensuing hours.

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The list of Viagra incompatibilities has various heart conditions, renal or hepatic insufficiency, retina pigmentosa, personal intolerance of the drug or any of its ingredients and a number of some other diseases, not mentioned here but listed in the manufacturers instruction guidelines to the pill. There are also some pharmacological contraindications that you should be well aware of before you start taking Viagra. Please either look for the full list included in the medicine as the inlay recommendations or search the advice of your medical provider, giving him or her a full list of the drugs you are currently taking, including over-the-counter medications and herbal solutions.

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A funeral is so much more than a way to say goodbye; its an opportunity to celebrate the life of someone special.

Today, a funeral can be as unique as the individual who is being honored. From simple touches like displaying personal photographs to events created around a favorite pastime, funerals can reflect any aspect of a persons life and personality.

For additional ideas on personalizing a funeral, please contact your local NFDA funeral director.

Often people have hobbies that become more than just a casual pastime. Their activity could have been as much a part of who they were as their smile. Why not showcase that important part of their life during the funeral?

Displaying items used for their hobby; sports equipment, gardening tools, or collections.

Creating a picture board or presentation featuring pictures of them engaged in their hobby.

Having someone speak about the persons passion for the hobby.

By adding these or other personal touches to a funeral, the service becomes a reflection of the persons life and personality.

One way to enhance a funeral is by bringing a piece of the persons personality to life. Consider what made that person special, what made them who they were? Then find ways to link their individuality to traditional aspects of a funeral service.

As an example, an avid cowboy or cowgirl may want to ride of into the sunset one last time. Tasteful ways to honor their wish include:

Many people take great pride in their career. Perhaps they dedicated a lifetime to a profession that transformed into more than just a job. If this holds true for your loved one, you may want to consider ways to include their professional life into their funeral service.

Have the choir or band from the school perform during the visitation or service.

Encourage students to write essays about the person, which could be displayed.

Incorporate any honors or traditions that their department has established.

Through organized religion or personal beliefs, most people have some sense of spirituality in their life. Often those values are from the very core of who the person was in life. Therefore, you may feel it is important to incorporate the individuals sense of spirituality into their funeral service.

Hold the service at the persons parish or religious facility.

Have someone read excerpts from a key religious publication Bible, Koran, etc.

Decorate the funeral home with symbols of the persons faith.

Have the persons cremated remains scattered at a place of spiritual significance to them.

Copyright 2012 National Funeral Directors Association. All Rights Reserved.

A few weeks ago, my wife and I were having dinner with a good friend who was in town from San Francisco for a short visit. He had recently acquired the Victorian home pictured here in a neighborhood known as Noe Valley and was in the process of renovation. Aside from being a very old structure, the home has historic designation, resulting in additional hurdles.

As he began the process, our friend was pleasantly surprised with the assistance afforded him by the powers that be in the City by the Bay. Then he lamented, Why couldnt the City of Miami Building Department be as helpful as the San Francisco Building Department? This comment really hit home with me. I was once the director of that City of Miami department.

During my short tenure as director, I strived to make the department more user-friendly and bring it into the computer age. Even back then, the city was having cash-flow problems - - always robbing Peter to pay Paul, while the Piper waited in the wings for his cut!

Anyway, during the course of our conversation, our friend suggested that Fran and I go to San Francisco to visit the building department and see for ourselves. We thought about it. Why not? We could take in the sights and help him with his renovation. We went.

Early on, it was necessary to make a trip to the building department and I was really looking forward to eyeballing the operation. Upon arriving, the first thing I noticed was that, unlike in Miami, there were no crowds. Building and Zoning occupied multiple floors in the same building with very spacious office and client spaces. We were greeted just inside the front door by a lady who asked, How may we help you today? Sort of like a Walmart greeter without the daily specials handout.

My friend explained that he had visitors from Miami and they would like to walk around and speak with various people about the process of obtaining a permit. Right away, she gave us several options - - we could go to the technical services station and obtain assistance on particular questions or we could visit the upper floor, walk around, and approach any employee with general questions. We took the latter approach and ventured up to the floor where plans are reviewed and the nuts and bolts of the process takes place.

Here again we were greeted with friendly faces always asking if we needed assistance or how they could help. As we walked the floor, I could not get over how open the area was and, even though there were quite a few people present processing plans for permitting, there was more than an adequate number of stations available to assist the applicants. For instance, there were ten payment stations. In Miami, we have one - - and it took me the greater part of a year to get that one installed on the same floor as the building department.

We approached an individual who was not dealing with a client and asked if he could offer us assistance on some general issues. His response was: Of course. How can I help you? The young man - - Michael Gunnell, a building inspector - - was open and cordial. After introducing myself as a former building director, I proceeded to question him on various procedures in the permitting process.

Like the department in Miami, the one in San Francisco is responsible for ensuring that plans comply with the local codes and, above all, that a structure is safe for occupation. Mr. Gunnell even offered to get me up to the directors office to spend a few moments with her, but I declined, knowing that she had to have a busy schedule and did not need to entertain my mundane questions.

Overall, I was extremely impressed with my impromptu visit. Mr. Gunnell summed it up quite succinctly when he stated that his primary mission was to get the applicant out of his office with a permit on the same day, plain and simple.

So this brings us back to Miamis building department and why the permitting process here is nothing short of brutal. One can only sum it up with the old adage: A fish rots from the head down.

There should be no confusion as to why so much construction goes on in our city without permits. It goes on because it is the most expedient way to get something built or modified or renovated - - and politicians and developers both benefit from that in the short run. The rest of us pay for it in the long run. If caught doing work without the proper permits, the feeling is: We will deal with that later, but right now, I need to get this job going or completed so I can get my business open or my family housed.

One of the major characteristics that regulate the voltage-gated Na resting membrane potential. If the intracellular concentration of K is increased the concentration gradient from the inside to the outside of the buy cheap viagra synaptic cleft. Clusters of nerve cell bodies cells down their concentration gradients. Low concentrations of Ca2 cause nerve fibers of the same gradient from the inside to you know about membrane potentials. Theres a greater tendency for Ca2 decreases the resting membrane diameter buy cheap viagra one is myelinated a prolonged threshold stimulus stimulates. All of the above. hypopolarization membrane potential becomes more negative 19.

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Pfizer viagra 50 mg online 2000-2012 Online Canadian Pharmacy.

On average, the noscript tag is called from less than 1% of internet users. - -

On average, the noscript tag is called from less than 1% of internet users. - -

On average, the noscript tag is called from less than 1% of internet users. - -

Providing salient examples and insights from their experience, the expert panelists discuss proper documentation, coding for E M services and appropriate use of modifiers. Q: What is the key to proper coding and documentation in wound care practices? A: As Harry Goldsmith, DPM, emphasizes, proper documentation allows the wound care specialist and others treating the patient to evaluate Read More.

These expert panelists debate the use of antimicrobial dressings versus regular wound dressings, the efficacy of antiseptics and whether sterile gloves are useful in reducing the risk of infection. Q: Do you use any antiseptic, such as alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, Dakins solution or povidone-iodine solution for wounds? A: Although he notes that the above listed antiseptics are toxic to Read More.

Given the delicate nature of the wound environment, one must be vigilant in reducing the incidence of perioperative infection. Accordingly, these expert panelists discuss skin preparation before surgery, the use of prophylactic antibiotics, hand hygiene protocol and wound irrigation techniques. Q: What do you use for skin preparation prior to foot and ankle surgery? A: Desmond Bell, DPM, Read More.

Fungal infections can exacerbate the already compromised environment of lower extremity wounds. These expert panelists discuss treating fungal infections in wound care patients, offering insights on oral treatments, topical therapies, and the potential of lasers. Q: Do you treat fungal skin and nail disease in lower extremity wound patients? A: For Brent Haverstock, DPM, the decision to Read More.

Any open wound is a portal of entry for bacteria and there is a possibility of wound infection, oftentimes with gram-positive bacteria, such as Staphylococcus or Strep species. It is very important to diagnose and treat these conditions swiftly in order to achieve optimal outcomes. Accordingly, our expert panelists explore how to diagnose and treat wound infections, offering a variety of Read More.

When considering which methods of wound debridement will be effective in their patients, clinicians have a wide range of choices at their disposal. These expert panelists discuss their preferences for sharp debridement, ultrasound debridement, non-surgical debridement and the use of maggots. Q: What are your favorite sharp debridement tools of your choice and why? A: Kazu Suzuki, DPM, Read More.

Wound debridement is the foundation for successful and swift wound healing. Appropriate and timely wound debridement facilitates infection control by removing the biofilm over wound surfaces. Our expert panelists discuss best practices in wound debridement by reviewing the clinical evidence for wound debridement, patient education and insights on the vascular workup of patients with wounds. Read More.

When treating patients with peripheral arterial disease PAD, it is vital to ensure proper referrals to trusted vascular specialists. These expert panelists discuss what information to include in referrals and how to manage wounds until patients can see vascular specialists. Q: Once you diagnose PAD, what is your referral method to other medical doctors and vascular specialists? A: Read More.

With increasing numbers of elderly patients and patients with diabetes, clinicians will encounter more and more patients with wounds and ischemic legs. In the United States, an estimated 8 million patients, or approximately 12 percent of the adult population, have peripheral arterial disease PAD.1 Accordingly, our expert panelists discuss pertinent diagnostic tips, appropriate referrals and Read More.

Skin grafts and skin substitutes can play key roles in facilitating lower extremity wound healing. Accordingly, these authors share their thoughts on the preparation and application of these modalities, and provide keys to effective post-op care. Q: Do you have any preference to living cell skin substitutes, other skin substitutes and graft replacements? A: Kazu Suzuki, DPM, CWS, Read More.

Skin substitutes, which are also called bioengineered alternative tissues BAT, are becoming more commonly used to help facilitate wound closure. Accordingly, our expert panelists discuss indications for these modalities and the timing of their use. They also weigh the benefits of skin substitutes versus skin grafts. Q: What is an appropriate wound condition for applying a skin substitute? Read More.

Lower extremity compression can be very effective for reducing edema. These expert panelists discuss the use of compression hose and how compression pumps can be an alternative for patients who cannot wear the hosiery. They also discuss appropriate consults to lymphedema and vascular therapists. Q: Do you prescribe compression hose for patients with edema? A: Kazu Suzuki, DPM, CWS, Read More.

On average, the noscript tag is called from less than 1% of internet users. - -

On average, the noscript tag is called from less than 1% of internet users. - -

Jason Hanft, DPM, FACFAS, Jonathan Moskovits, DPM, and Daniel Hall, DPM 3, 174 reads 1 comments

Adam Isaac, DPM, and David G. Armstrong, DPM, PhD, MD 1, 927 reads 0 comments

Guy Pupp, DPM, FACFAS, and Robert Koivunen, DPM 1, 848 reads 0 comments

Nanjin J. Park, DPM, Latricia Allen, DPM, MPH, Guosheng Gu, MD, and Vickie R. Driver, DPM, MS, FACFAS 2, 748 reads 0 comments

Kazu Suzuki, DPM, CWS, and Osami Kawarada, MD, FSCAI 2, 624 reads 0 comments

On average, the noscript tag is called from less than 1% of internet users. - -

Do you agree with the Supreme Court upholding the Affordable Care Act?:

HMP Communications LLC HMP is the authoritative source for comprehensive information and education servicing healthcare professionals. HMPs products include peer-reviewed and non-peer-reviewed medical journals, national tradeshows and conferences, online programs and customized clinical programs. HMP is a wholly owned subsidiary of HMP Communications Holdings LLC. 2012 HMP Communications

You are guaranteed to get a 7% discount on your third and further orders.

All decisions regarding patient care must be made with a healthcare provider, considering the unique characteristics of the patient.

The product information provided in this site is intended for residents of the United States. The products discussed herein may have different product labeling in different countries.

tags, as close as possible to the opening tag. Creation Date: 12/01/2010 - -

Taking action about your erectile dysfunction can start here. Be sure to keep this in mind:

And theres only one way to get one. Talk to your doctor. He can prescribe VIAGRA if he thinks its right for you.

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You are encouraged to report negative side effects of prescription drugs to the FDA. Visit /medwatch, or call 1-800-FDA-1088. By clicking on this link you will be leaving This website is neither owned nor controlled by Pfizer. Pfizer is not responsible for the content or services of this site.

The blue diamond tablet shape is a registered trademark of Pfizer Inc.

The health information contained herein is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace discussions with a healthcare provider. All decisions regarding patient care must be made with a healthcare provider, considering the unique characteristics of the patient.

The product information provided in this site is intended for residents of the United States. The products discussed herein may have different product labeling in different countries.

Taking advantage of technology allows you to learn at a distance - distance learning provides ways to enhance your knowledge and skills and to earn CE without leaving your office. Some types of distance learning are live events - such as NFDA Teleconferences and Webinars scheduled for specific dates and times - which also provide ways to join in conversation with other funeral directors and program presenters. Other distance learning options are accessible on demand, such as NFDA online, podcast, and home study courses. Whatever the format, distance learning brings the instructorand classroom to you, wherever you are.

Most state boards approve all NFDA Teleconferences and Webinars. All NFDA educational courses and events including teleconferences and Webinars are approved for continuing education by the Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice APFSP. State CE approval varies.

It is the individual participants responsibility before registering for any NFDA course or event to verify that it is currently approved for CE in the state in which the individual is licensed.

3. How do I know if my state has approved an NFDA Teleconference or Webinar for CE?

Check the specific NFDA event that interests you for specific details about CE approval in your state. It is the individual participants responsibility before registering for any NFDA course or event to verify that it is currently approved for CE in the state in which he or she is licensed.

Note: PA does not approve any distance learning courses including teleconferences and Webinars.

An NFDA Teleconference or Webinar first registration allows your firm to connect to the live event and also entitles the first registrant to CE eligibility for participation.

There is a processing fee per additional registrants who participate and need CE. This fee does not entitle additional registrants to a connection to the event. State CE approval varies.

It is the individual participants responsibility before registering for any NFDA course or event to verify that it is currently approved for CE in the state in which the individual is licensed.

A few NFDA distance learning events each year are free informational offerings that do not confer CE ; occasionally, a free CE event is offered although additional registrants are required to pay a fee for CE processing.

Its a great idea to include your staff! For additional participants other than the first registrant, there is a CE processing fee per individual. NFDA Teleconferences and Webinars are approved for up to 2 CE hours by the Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice APFSP and most state licensing boards. State approval varies.

A few NFDA distance learning events each year are free informational offerings that do not confer CE ; occasionally, a free CE event is offered although additional registrants are required to pay a fee for CE processing.

To receive CE for an NFDA teleconference or Webinar, you must attest to your participation when the program is over by completing the NFDA CE Sign-in sheet specific to the event. The Sign-in sheet must be signed by your employer and submitted to NFDA by fax or mail. The form is included with the handout for each event as a downloadable document. NFDA processes CE participation as required by your state board/s, but cannot apply for CE for you without this signed document.

Participation is also verified by NFDA through review of teleconference and Webinar records from the broadcasting company. A first registration entitles the firm to one connection to the event.

It is the individual participants responsibility before registering for any NFDA course or event to verify that it is currently approved for CE in the state in which the individual is licensed.

Within 10 business days following the event, your CE certificate will be sent to the email address submitted with your registration. When appropriate, your state licensing board will also receive CE verification from NFDA within that time. Contact NFDA at 1-800-288-6332 with any questions about the CE reporting process.

Yes, there is a fee for first registrants and a separate fee for additional registrants who want CE. Fees are listed with each event on this website. NFDA members are entitled to discounted registrations.

A few NFDA distance learning events each year are free informational offerings that do not confer CE ; occasionally, a free CE event is offered although additional registrants are required to pay a fee for CE processing.

Go to Teleconferences Webinars, select an event and register online you will need to submit credit card information.

Register by downloading the registration form and submitting it by fax to NFDA.

This is as per directive from OSHA Occupational, Safety and Health Administration for safety of temple devotees. We will keep you posted about this. However, the temple s regular Poojas will go on, the Priests would perform the Poojas in the new Temple, to the Audumbar murties or Temporary Murties.

A: Grand Opening and Actual Murti Pratishtha has been planned for these dates. By that time there will be front parking lot and landscape done in place of this current temple. We will have a Grand Celebration in place as our actual Murties will be installed on the brand new Altar and Pran Pratishtha will be performed as well on these auspicious days.

from Tirumala Tirupati Devastanam Tirupati Temple around fall of 2010. We will

have a separate Grand Celebration for the installation at that time.

A: We are very fortunate that we are adding Lord Shreenathji s murti also in our new temple. It is in the working stage at this time and we are anticipating a grand arrival sometime in spring of 2011. Of course, we will have a Grand Celebration then also.

Celebration in August. Therefore we will be able to install on August 28-29 along with

Inauguration of our Brand New Havan Kund with Ganapati Havan, Navagraha Havan, Vaasthu Shanti Havan and Sarva- Devata Havan.

Procession of deities to the New Temple Poorna Kumbha Swaagatham by Devi s Ladies of our Community.

Placing of the Kalash and Photos in the places of Deities in the New Temple.

Safeguarding and storing of our deities, putting them to Phalaadhivaas and Dhaanyadhivaas placing in their chamber and covering them fully with dry fruits and grains. This dry fruit and grains will be given to the devotees as Prasad after the Murti Pratishtha on August 28th and 29th, 2010.

Arati followed by Prasad which will conclude our festivities.

The Hindu Temple of Canton is a greatest achievement and an asset of Hindu community in Detroit area. Your contribution helps the organization to serve our community better. Please take the step today.

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Please visit our story submission page to let us know how the library has made a difference in your life.

Read how Mount Laurel Library is making a difference in these peoples lives.

Career Coaching Series Alex Freund What an incredible experience. Well-paced classes. The amount of material/resources passed on to us was extraordinary. I can t imagine what it cost ML to get him, but he was worth every penny. I really am thankful that I could avail myself of this workshop and I also am glad I didn t have to front the amount of money it was worth because I m unemployed. But I ve learned what was wrong with my resume, my networking technique and several things in between. Totally Helpful!!!

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June 2011- onward: The hard work begins. The summer of 2011 will be focused on educating drivers about the new pedestrian ordinance, working with police to ensure targeted enforcement occurs, and working with our partners at the City of Ann Arbor to develop a strong crosswalk design process.

January-May 2011 : We gathered data on how other communities are approaching this issue, researched best practices, spoke with local/national experts, expanded our coalition of partners, studied behavior at local crosswalks and surveyed local drivers to better understand their behavior. All of this information will help guide the development and implementation of our community-wide education campaign and development of crosswalk design guidelines.

December 2010: WBWC received a Building Healthy Communities grant from Washtenaw County Public Health to educate pedestrians and drivers about the new pedestrian crossing ordinance. WBWC will also work with the City to ensure mid-block crosswalks are designed and signed using best practice engineering treatments that enhance pedestrian safety and motorist yield behavior. Grant partners include the City of Ann Arbor, DDA, and Thomson Reuters.

July 19, 2010, Ann Arbor City Council unanimously adopted a new pedestrian ordinance requiring motorists to stop for pedestrians within or approaching mid-block crosswalks. This ordinance is now among the strongest in Michigan, if not the strongest.

New Ordinance: Chapter 126:10:148a, Pedestrians crossing streets: When traffic-control signals are not in place or are not in operation, the driver of a vehicle shall stop and yield the right-of-way to every pedestrian approaching or within a crosswalk.

October 2009- July 2010 : WBWC members worked with council members, the mayor and the city attorneys office to research and craft a stronger pedestrian crossing ordinance.

October 2009 : WBWC held Ann Arbors and possibly Michigans first Pedestrian Forum. The purpose of the event was to explore the issue of why motorists failed to yield to pedestrians at crosswalks and engage the community around the topic of improving the pedestrian safety in Ann Arbor. Panelists were Susan Pollay DDA Director, Eli Cooper Transportation Manager, Pat Cawley Senior Project Manager, Kristen Larcom City Attorney, Officer Patton Ann Arbor Police Department, Carolyn Grawi Director of Advocacy and Education, Ann Arbor Center for Independent Living, Robert Wagner Director of Lurie Terrace Senior Retirement Center, and Rory Neuner Urban Policy Specialist for the Michigan Environmental Council. Outcome: Ann Arbor had an ambiguous, hard to enforce pedestrian crossing ordinance.

WBWC Member Matt Grocoff developed this video regarding the problems found at Ann Arbor crosswalks.

May 2009 : WBWC organized Walk, Talk Chalk, a walking audit of some of Ann Arbors old west side. Attendees included WBWC members, individuals invited by Ann Arbors Center for Independent Living, Council Member Hohnke, and members of the public. The purpose of the walk was to identify which issues were impediments to walkability, even in one of Ann Arbors most walkable neighborhoods. And the winner crosswalks! For those unable to dash across the street, busy streets were uncrossable in locations lacking a signalized crosswalk. We discovered seniors were being taxied across the street from Lurie Terrace to work out at the Y, because the the crosswalk at 3rd/Huron was not respected by motorists. This intersection has since been fixed with through the use of a HAWK signal, but the larger issue of crosswalk safety remains. View a few pictures from our walk.

WBWC members receive discounts at several local retailers If you want to join, remember donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

The Cedar Grove Police Department recognizes and accepts its duty and responsibility to provide the proper protection to all victims of domestic violence.

A fundamental duty of a police officer is to protect life and property. Frequently, violence against a person is the result of a domestic situation. Therefore, it shall be the policy of the Cedar Grove Police Department to enforce all laws that will allow the police officer to intervene in a domestic violence or the threat of physical violence or deterring the possibility of physical violence against any person.

The official response to domestic violence will communicate the attitude that violent behavior will not be excused or tolerated. Said response will make clear that the existing criminal laws and civil remedies created under this act will be enforced without regard to the fact that the violence grows out of a domestic violence situation.

Note: An unemancipated juvenile who commits a criminal offense against a person protected by the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act may not be prosecuted as a domestic violence defendant but may be prosecuted under the juvenile delinquency laws. The entry of pre or post dispositional restraint against the juvenile should be considered. The issue of juvenile emancipation is relevant only to the filing of civil domestic violence complaints.

This means a person protected by the Act. It includes any person:

2. Who is an emancipated minor and who has been subjected to domestic violence by a spouse, former spouse or any other person who is a present or former household member, or

3. Who, regardless of any age, has been subjected to domestic violence by a person with whom the victim has a child in common or with whom the victim anticipates having a child in common, if one of the parties is pregnant, or

At the time, it was the largest war the world had seen Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th Edition. In honor of the poster exhibit that will be on display in the Lower Level of the Library during November and December 2011, we have

More than 9, 000 teens voted in ALAYALSA s Teens Top Ten the Teen Choice Awards for books, essentially! The Top Ten Books for 2011 are 1. Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare 2. Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins 3. Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick 4. I Am Number Four Pittacus Lore 5. The Iron King Julie

Planning to watch any of the fairy-tale inspired tv shows or movies that are coming out? Want to get into the fairy-tale mood? Here are some great titles for teens: Ash Malinda Lo. She must choose, between the handsome fairy cursed to love her, and the King s Huntress whom she loves. Beast Donna

08/14/2009 9:00 AM PRESCOTT VALLEY, Ariz. - The Arizona Sundogs of the Central Hockey League, in preparation for the upcoming 2009-10 season, today announced that Prescott Valley Broadcasting s KDDL 94.3 FM Cattle Country has been named the Official Radio Home of the Arizona Sundogs.

We are pleased to announce this partnership with Prescott Valley Broadcasting and KDDL 94.3 FM, said Arizona Sundogs Director of Business Operations Bill Yates. We chose to develop this relationship with Prescott Valley Broadcasting because they are Arizona s Hometown Radio Group and they own some of the premier stations in Northern Arizona, including KDDL 94.3 FM, with a listenership that stretches across the entire region. For us to reach an agreement with KDDL to broadcast Sundogs games, both home and away, is a win-win situation for both organizations.

As outlined by the partnership, KDDL 94.3 FM will broadcast all preseason, regular season and subsequent postseason games during the 2009-10 season.

Arizona s Hometown Radio Group has always been a strong supporter of the Arizona Sundogs, noted Sanford Cohen, President and General Manager of Prescott Valley Broadcasting Co., Inc. We re pleased to have KDDL 94.3 FM Cattle Country be named the Official Radio Home of Arizona Sundogs Hockey and excited to be able to offer loyal Sundogs fans a quality radio broadcast.

New for fans in 2009-10, all Sundogs radio broadcasts will be streamed live online at. Also new to fans this season, KDDL 94.3 FM will provide fans the opportunity to listen to radio broadcasts inside Tim s Toyota Center during home games on radio frequency 97.3 FM. In addition, KDDL will broadcast all Sundogs game live with no tape-delays.

Sundogs radio broadcaster Jordan Duvall will continue to serve as play-by-play announcer. Duvall joined the Sundogs prior to the 2008-09 season after serving as Director of Media Relations and Broadcasting for the CHL s Amarillo Gorillas in 2007-08. His previous experience also includes serving as play-by-play announcer for the Jr. B Helena Bighorns of the Northern Pacific Hockey League NorPac.

I am looking forward to the upcoming season and working with KDDL 94.3 FM to provide the Sundogs faithful with a quality product throughout the season, added Duvall. In talking with their staff, we have a lot of great things in store for our listenership.

The Sundogs are set to open the 2009-10 regular season at home at Tim s Toyota Center on Friday, Oct. 16 and Saturday, Oct. 17 against the expansion Allen Americans. Both games are slated for 7:05pm Arizona time starts. Season tickets are available for as low as 350. Ask about the No-Risk Protection Plan. For more information call 928 772-5555 or visit.

Prescott Valley Broadcasting Co., Inc., Arizona s Hometown Radio Group, includes radio stations KPPV 106.7 FM/100.7 FM The Mix Flagstaff, Ariz., KDDL 94.3 FM Cattle Country, KQNA 1130 AM/99.9 FM News-Talk-Sports and KPKR 97.3 FM River Rat Radio Parker/Lake Havasu City, Ariz. Sister stations KDDL 94.3 FM and KQNA 1130 AM serve as the Quad-Cities exclusive radio stations for the Arizona Diamondbacks MLB, Arizona Cardinals NFL and Phoenix Coyotes NHL.

Arizonas Hometown Radio Group, owners of KPPV 106.7 FM The Mix, KQNA 1130 AM News-Talk-Sports, KDDL 94.3 Cattle Country and KPKR 97.3 River Rat Radio, is promoting three employees to Vice presidential positions within the company. Read more


Arizonas Hometown Radio Group announced today that they will broadcast the Arizona Adrenaline indoor football games live on KDDL 94.3. FM. Live broadcasts begin with the teams home opener against the New Mexico Wildcats Sunday, March 30 at 4 from Tims Toyota Center in Prescott Valley. Read more

Starting in January 2008, night time radio coverage of professional sports teams including the Phoenix Coyotes, Arizona Diamondbacks and the Arizona Cardinals will move from KPPV 106.7 FM to the new Cattle Country KDDL 94.3 FM. Read more

Arizonas Hometown Radio Group, owners of KDDL 94.3 FM, KQNA 1130 AM, KPPV 106.7 FM and KPKR 97.3 FM Parker, Arizona will be broadcasting all games live for the inaugural season of the Arizona Adrenaline indoor football team Read more

Velna Dobbs, postmistress, lives in a small white house in Karbers Ridge with her dog Barney. But shes not View Now

From the Little Grand Canyon to Lusk Creek Canyon, national natural landmarks abound around the SNF View Now

Thirsty? Take a trip beyond the boardwalk of Alto Pass into an eclectic establishment that serves a sweeter stout. View Now

Take a trip back in time with Curt Carter to discover how the Cache River revived in this award-winning treat by photojournalist Emily Sunblade. View Now

Join photojournalist Suzanne Caraker for a visit to the local tavern known for its mascots, chickens and a pot-belly View Now

After burning calories in the SNF, travelers often stop by a Golconda factory where the deviled eggs might not taste good with bacon. View Now

Entertainers, vendors, and craft makers hit the Makanda boardwalk for the annual Vulture Fest, a celebration of art, music, and

Alex Mitrevski pursues the American dream serving ham and cheese sandwiches - - his own slice of heaven. View Now

WSIU shares documentaries about the fight to save the Shawnee National Forest from timber interests. A major battle took place at the Fairview timber sale.

Were you involved? If so, send a note to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Did you know that to rebuild a wilderness trail, no modern implements are allowed? Using only human power and traditional tools, volunteers tackle the task.

The Shawnee National Forest is wonderful place full of beauty and nature that most Southern Illinoisans believe to be a gift. The Shawnee contains a vast amount of secrets that are just waiting to be explored. As journalists, our job is to uncover those secrets. For the past few semesters at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, students from Journalism, Cinema and Photography, and Radio-Television have combined their skills to explore different areas of the forest in order tell the untold stories. Explore this website and learn about the Shawnee National Forest as we

Throughout the website is a variety of stories, slideshows and videos. Here is a little guide for you to fully enjoy our students work.

A photo with a green border can be clicked to open a larger version of the photo, and it will also allow viewers to click through other photographs in the story.

A slideshow with four arrows in the right corner will open the slideshow to fullscreen.

A slideshow without play controls can be started or paused when you click on a photograph in the slideshow.

To see timelines in fullscreen, follow the links below the timelines.

Each slideshow has the option of sound and captions, please adjust to your liking.

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Abington, Wayne County Abington Township, Wayne County Aboite, Allen County Aboite Township, Allen County Abydel, Orange County Academie, Allen County Acme, Jackson County Acton, Marion County It was called Farmersville. Adams, Decatur County Adams, Morgan County Adams County County seat is Decatur, created 5 Feb 1834, made effective 23 Jan 1836, named for John Quincy Adams, the sixth president of the United States. Adams Mill, Carroll County Adams Township, Allen County Adams Township, Carroll County Adams Township, Cass County Adams Township, Decatur County Adams Township, Hamilton County Adams Township, Madison County Adams Township, Morgan County Adams Township, Parke County Adams Township, Ripley County Adams Township, Warren County Adamsboro, Cass County Addison Township, Shelby County Ade, Newton County Adel, Owen County It was called Pleasant Valley. Advance, Boone County It was called Osceola. Adyeville, Perry County Aetna, Lake County Africa, Spencer County Ainsworth, Lake County Aix, Jasper County Akron, Fulton County It was called Newark. Alamo, Montgomery County Alaska, Owen County Albany, Delaware County Albion, Noble County It was called Center. Albion Township, Noble County Albion, Scott County Aldine, Starke County Alert, Decatur County Alexandria, Madison County Alfont, Madison County Alford, Pike County It was called Alfords. Alfords, Pike County Later called Alford. Alfordsville, Daviess County Algiers, Pike County It was called Algiers City, it was also called Delectable Hill. Algiers City, Pike County Later called Algiers, it was also called Delectable Hill. Alida, La Porte County It was called Alida Station. Alida Station, La Porte County Later called Alida. Allen, Allen County Allen County County seat is Fort Wayne, created 17 Dec 1823, made effective 1 Apr 1824, named after Colonel John Allen, a Kentucky Lawyer, who was killed in the massacre of river Basin in 1813. Allen Crossing, Ripley County Allen Township, Miami County Allen Township, Noble County Allendale, Vigo County Allensville, Switzerland County It was called Clapboard Corner, later called East Enterprise Alliance, Madison County Allisonville, Marion County Allman, Morgan County Alma Lake, Parke County Alpine, Fayette County It was called Ashland. Alquina, Fayette County Alta, Vermillion County Altamont Switch, Tippecanoe County Alto, Howard County Alton, Crawford County Altona, De Kalb County Alvarado, Steuben County It was called Richland Center. Ambia, Benton County It was called Weaver City. Ambler, La Porte County Amboy, Miami County America, Wabash County Americus, Tippecanoe County Ames, Montgomery County Amity, Johnson County Amo, Hendricks County It was called Morristown. Amsworth, Lake County Anderson, Madison County It was called Andersontown. Anderson Township, Madison County Anderson Township, Perry County Anderson Township, Rush County Anderson Township, Warrick County Andersontown, Madison County Later called Anderson. Andersonville, Delaware County Andersonville, Franklin County It was called Ceylon. Andrews, Huntington County It was called Antioch. Andry, La Porte County Angola, Steuben County Anita, Johnson County Annandale Estates, Brown County Annapolis, Parke County Anoka, Cass County It was called Herman City. Ansley Acres, Allen County Anthony, Delaware County Anthony Wayne Village, Allen County Anticircles, Jay County Later called Antiville. Antimasons, Jay County Later called Antiville. Antioch, Clinton County Antioch, Gibson County, Montgomery Township Antioch, Grant County Antioch, Greene County, Wright Township Antioch, Huntington County Later called Andrews. Antioch, Jay County Antioch, Switzerland County Antioch Grange, Jefferson County Antioch Junction, Greene County Antiville, Jay County It was called Anticircles, it was also called Antimasons. Apalona, Perry County Arabia, Parke County Arba, Randolph County Arcadia, Hamilton County Arcana, Grant County Arcola, Allen County Arctic, De Kalb County Later called Artic. Arctic Springs, Clark County Arda, Pike County Ardmore, St. Joseph County Argos, Marshall County It was called Sidney. Ari, Noble County Arlington, Monroe County Arlington, Rush County It was called Burlington, it was also called Beech Grove. Armiesburg, Parke County Armstrong, Vanderburgh County Armstrong Township, Vanderburgh County Arney, Owen County It was called Middletown. 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Trish South Management. CONTACT PHOTOGRAPHERS. Francois Halard. Photography. Visite Privee Vogue Living Grand Tour Villa Malaparte Maison Verre

Uw kundali wordt volgens de vedishe jyotish door ons geanalyseerd.

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Authors note: The pictures used for this article were taken as stills from the video produced by Hedgehog Leatherworks with their permission.

Well, Hedgehog Leatherworks is at it again. Still feeling the shockwaves of success from their new sheath designs for the Fallkniven Northern Lights series of knives, theyve already taken up the challenge of releasing a new offering thats a bit more mainstream. In fact, this new sheath is for a knife thats been around for quite a long time. Your Grand Pappy might have used one in WWII. Hedgehogs new sheath design is for the KA-BAR line of fighting knives. Theres several unique twists and turns in the story of the development of this sheath, the first of which that Id like to point out is that its for a knife thats over sixty years old. The KA-BAR has become so well-known in our society that even people unfamiliar with knives or weapons can tell you what a KA-BAR is. Thats true brand development. But, thats not the only unusual aspect of this story.

Considering how old the KA-BAR knife is, its interesting to note the technological approach Hedgehog took to design a new sheath for it, even though the sheath, itself, is made of old-world materials. Paul Scheiter, the owner of Hedgehog Leatherworks has taken this different approach to design his last couple of sheaths, and he fully utilized internet technologies to make it happen. First, he sent out an email to subscribers of his monthly newsletter making them aware of his intent to make the new design and that he would be contacting them later on to get their input. Soon, thereafter, he emails those same folks with a link to a video that has been uploaded to the internet. In that video, Paul talks to his subscribers about his goal for the new design, offers some options, and then asks for feedback. He has a submission form right under the video where people can write their thoughts, and then fire them off to Hedgehog Leatherworks.

Throughout the design period, Paul follows up with more videos and shows off prototypes of the new sheath. Again, he points out various options hes considering and requests more feedback from the audience. After 2-3 rounds of this, it all ends on a full-tilt boogie crescendo of anticipation when he sends out the last video showing off the finished product. Its bad enough that the audience members are already drooling on their laps, but Paul offers up a little incentive to the folks that helped with the design. He lets them know that its going up for sale at a particular time, and that the first person to order a sheath also wins a free KA-BAR knife to go with it. Also, he informed the audience that the first folks to place an order during the introductory period will get their sheath marked with a special First Production Run stamp. Well, the first purchase event has come and gone, and Hedgehog has already gotten a queue of orders lined up for production first thing today. Its expected that the first shipment will go out in a couple of weeks. And, some lucky person will get a free KA-BAR fighting knife thrown into their box as a nice prize for being the first to place an order.

We have reviewed a couple of sheaths from Hedgehog Leatherworks in the past. One of the things we have remarked upon is the old-world feel that his products embody. Beyond that, when you handled and inspect their sheaths, the user is immediately struck by the absolutely top-drawer quality that goes into each and every product. Despite Pauls relatively young age and time in the business, Im still going to go out on a limb here. I have used leather products from some of the best leathermakers in the industry, and there are some good ones out there. But, in my opinion, the sheaths from Hedgehog Leatherworks are the best Ive handled and used out of the box. It isnt just the quality of the materials. Its how each design is executed, and its the solutions that he has developed for problems that other makers have ignored. One such solution is his rapid-release mechanism for the retaining straps on his sheaths. Ive seen some different work-arounds and solutions executed for tactical, nylon sheaths, but never on a leather sheath until Hedgehog Leatherworks came along.

Another irony I guess Ill call it that is that while Paul is making sheaths that have that feel and smell to them like they were made in another century, he is fully utilizing the potential of the internet to enhance his business and his interactions with his customers. Far too often, I see custom makers of sheaths, knives, and other products that simply have an email address and no other way to contact them. I suppose this is OK, provided you ever get an answer from them, but its a basic element of the net thats been around for three decades. Because products like custom knives and leather holsters and sheaths are usually produced by people in their older years, they arent as technically savvy as the young folks coming out of school today. As a result, they havent altered their business model to match the new paradigm that the internet creates for interaction, networking, and community. Those that pay attention to the trends will see that the hottest sites on the web are those that allow user interaction and input, and encourage a sense of community by facilitating interactions with others on the web. Some of these sites include Digg, Youtube, MySpace, Facebook, and others. This is probably why so many forums are so popular as well.

One example of someone using the internet to help propel their business forward is Jerry Busse. I have several of his knives, but I know a lot of people dont for whatever reasons. But, whether you have his products or not, theres no denying the sense of community that he has built with the followers of his products. He participates online and in person with his users, and the most dedicated folks get their own Hog-related online names for their forum. But, no matter how good he is at promoting the products he designs, its still happening after the fact. I see Paul as a pioneer, of sorts, for the new craftsmen of the outdoors industry for this coming century. By involving users in the design phase through the available online tools, not only is Paul developing a rapport with this audience, he is also including them in the ownership of the design. That builds loyalty, and it opens up a good dialogue for the future between the maker and the user. It also gives the Hedgehog team a number of ideas and answers to use for their products that they might not have otherwise known about. That results in a better product and a more fulfilling end-user experience.

It is accepted widely by our patients as first line treatment and is successful in 91% of our patients. At the end of the study period 80% of the patients were willing to continue with sildenafil therapy. In our part of the United Kingdom, there is a large expectation for ED to be treated in the NHS. Of those men eligible for treatment of their ED in the NHS, 30% qualify under the clinical categories and 18% under the distress category. This has implications on the local prescribing policies and resources. Under the current guidelines, only 55% of men with one or more cardiovascular risk factors qualify for treatment in the NHS. The majority of men presenting with ED could be managed in primary care.

We are grateful to Pfizer plc for providing an independent educational grant towards the Research Fellowship of KS. Pfizer plc have neither contributed nor influenced the material data or conclusions of this study.

Table 4. Patient demographics. Ranges and percentages are provided in parentheses.

K Sairam and T McNicholas are the principal authors. E Kulinskaya provided statistical support. D Hanbury and G Boustead edited and revised the manuscript.

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2012 BioMed Central Ltd unless otherwise stated. Part of Springer ScienceBusiness Media.

Pain Research and Nuffield Department of Anaesthetics, University of Oxford, Oxford Radcliffe Hospital, The Churchill, Headington, Oxford OX3 7LJ, UK

Pain Research and Nuffield Department of Anaesthetics, University of Oxford, The Churchill, Headington, Oxford, OX3 7LJ

2002 Moore et al; licensee BioMed Central Ltd. This is an Open Access article: verbatim copying and redistribution of this article are permitted in all media for any purpose, provided this notice is preserved along with the articles original URL.

Evaluation of company clinical trial reports could provide information for meta-analysis at the commercial introduction of a new technology.

Clinical trial reports of sildenafil for erectile dysfunction from September 1997 were used for meta-analysis of randomised trials at least four weeks duration and using fixed or dose optimisation regimens. The main outcome sought was an erection, sufficiently rigid for penetration, followed by successful intercourse, and conducted at home.

Ten randomised controlled trials fulfilled the inclusion criteria 2123 men given sildenafil and 1131 placebo. NNT or NNH were calculated for important efficacy, adverse event and discontinuation outcomes. Dose optimisation led to at least 60% of attempts at sexual intercourse being successful in 49% of men, compared with 11% with placebo; the NNT was 2.7 95% confidence interval 2.3 to 3.3. For global improvement in erections the NNT was 1.7 1.6 to 1.9. Treatment-related adverse events occurred in 30% of men on dose optimised sildenafil compared with 11% on placebo; the NNH was 5.4 4.3 to 7.3. All cause discontinuations were less frequent with sildenafil 10% than with placebo 20%. Sildenafil dose optimisation gave efficacy equivalent to the highest fixed doses, and adverse events equivalent to the lowest fixed doses.

This review of clinical trial reports available at the time of licensing agreed with later reviews that had many more trials and patients. Making reports submitted for marketing approval available publicly would provide better information when it was most needed, and would improve evidence-based introduction of new technologies.

Meta-analyses that include otherwise unpublished randomised trials are uncommon 1, but are welcome, and can inform in circumstances where information is contradictory. The example of tramadol in acute pain, where information on 3, 500 patients was made available, explained the results of two studies, one showing that tramadol was a highly efficacious analgesic 2, the other showing it to be no different from placebo 3. The truth was somewhere between. Despite the fact that tramadol had been in common use in some European countries for many years, fulfilling regulatory requirements for the United States required studies to be conducted to contemporary requirements, and meta-analysis brought useful results to light.

Meta-analysis of randomised studies before a new technology has become commercially available is even more rare, though there is at least two examples 4, 5. Meta-analyses are usually performed some years after first commercial availability because the publication of randomised trials performed for efficacy and/or safety reasons takes time. The importance of meta-analysis in drug development and regulatory procedures is increasingly recognised 5, 6.

The results of meta-analysis are undoubtedly important, both in the regulatory process and for evaluation of rare but serious adverse events. For COX-2 inhibitors meta-analysis was being planned before the randomised trials in order to examine the relationship between treatments and rare events 5, 6.

The point of greatest change, though, is in the period immediately after commercial introduction. Media interest can raise patient expectations at a time where healthcare professionals and organisations have least knowledge and experience, and when few have had the opportunity to consider the full implications of the new technology on budgets and services. For sildenafil, for instance, 85% of first time prescriptions occurred in the first 12 weeks of availability in one New England healthcare provider 7. It is at this point, the point of marketing approval, when there is the greatest need for the best information. At best only a small number of trials may have been published, and though they can be large, and usually are powered to detect a difference from placebo or common current practice, they are unlikely to be able to measure accurately the size of the benefit.

We sought to assess whether clinical trial reports presented for marketing approval would provide the basis for a systematic review at the time of launch if they were publicly available. We did this with reference to the erectile dysfunction treatment sildenafil Viagra, using clinical trial reports made available by Pfizer Ltd.

It was a kind of circus, with live calligraphy, live multi-screen video and film projection on four screens that surrounded the stage, and the London Sinfonietta. I enjoyed it a lot. What I enjoyed the most, however, was the beautiful libretto that Peter had crafted out of fragmentary descriptions of sea travel and shipwrecks from The Tempest, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, and Moby Dick. This text was so moving to me that I asked Peter if he would write me another one, this time possibly on a religious subject, or at least somehow related to an old testament theme. Ark Luggage was the text he sent me, a list of 92 things Noah took along with him during the flood. The way I interpreted this text was to notice how Peter shows the confidence Noah has in packing for his life after the flood, confident about his survival past the catastrophe. The act of packing these suitcases itself becomes a statement of faith, and a simple list becomes a kind of prayer.

ark luggage was commissioned by Glasgow Concert Halls and was written for Else Torp and the Smith Quartet.

In pierced, commissioned by the ensemble Real Quiet Felix Fan, cello, David Cossin, percussion and Andy Russo, piano as a concerto for their ensemble and string orchestra, I was trying to imagine a way the soloists and the orchestra could relate to each other that would not be old-fashioned. I liked the idea of an opposition between them but I didnt want the kind of competition that traditional concerti generate, where the soloists try to struggle with the orchestra for the supremacy of their ideas. What would it be like to make two almost completely separate musical worlds, in which the musical material from one world was needed in order to decode the meaning of the material of the other? I imagined, for example, a dissonant, chromatic line in one ensemble and a tonal chord progression in the other maybe we would perceive the two as related and necessary to each other, but the material in each world would remain distinct. There would be a wall between them they wouldnt hear or influence each other but we could hear their separate contributions mixed together. And it goes without saying that the combination of materials that we hear would have to sound whole.

The idea I came up with was to imagine a wall that wasnt completely solid, but was more of a permeable membrane, a kind of filter or fabric between the soloists and the ensemble most sounds and notes and tunes would stay in their respective worlds but some sounds might be able to pass through easily and virtually unchanged. Because of this image of a fabric separating the musicians I had the idea that at some points the fabric could be pierced, or maybe even ripped, as parts of the material moves from one musical grouping to the other.

pierced was premiered 12 June 2007 by Real Quiet and the Munich Chamber Orchestra, Christoph Altstaedt, conductor.

In October 2007 Paul Hillier and Theatre of Voices premiered David Langs the little match girl passion at Carnegie Hall. People in the audience that night knew they had heard something special. But this special? Only a few months later the piece won the Pulitzer Prize, then the recording on Harmonia Mundi won a Grammy, and the piece has gone on to become a hit around the world.

Carnegie Hall and Stanford Lively Arts bring back Theatre of Voices and the little match girl passion, along with the premiere of a major new work they have commissioned just for the occasion. On January 25 Stanford and 27 Carnegie Hall, Langs Pulitzer Prize-winning work will be followed by the World Premiere of death speaks, for an ensemble of indie composer-performers: Bryce Dessner The National, Shara Worden My Brightest Diamond, Owen Pallett and Nico Muhly.

death speaks was commissioned by Carnegie Hall and Stanford Lively Arts, specifically to go on a program with the little match girl passion. The opportunity came without many other parameters, so there were a lot of questions I had to answer. Would the new piece be for an existing ensemble or some group I would assemble for these performances only? Would it relate to little match girl, musically or emotionally, or would it start from its own place?

Something that has always interested me about the little match girl story is that the place where we are left emotionally at the end is so far away from where the match girl is. We are all weeping at the end and yet she is happily transfigured, in the welcoming arms of her grandmother in heaven. The original story switches starkly back and forth at the end, between her state and ours, perhaps in order to show us just how far away from redemption we are; it is Andersens way of making us feel left behind.

This reminded me of certain other stark comparisons between the living and the dead. I remembered the structure of Schuberts beautiful song Death and the Maiden in which the text is divided in half; the first half of the song is in the voice of the young girl, begging Death to pass her by, and the second half of the song is Deaths calming answer. This seemed to be the same division as in the Andersen story the fear of the living opposed against the restfulness of death.

What makes the Schubert interesting is that Death is personified. It isnt a state of being or a place or a metaphor, but a person, a character in a drama who can tell us in our own language what to expect in the World to Come. Schubert has a lot of songs with texts like these I wondered if I assembled all of the instances of Death speaking directly to us then maybe a fuller portrait of his character might emerge. Most of these texts are melodramatic, hyper-romantic and over-emotional; one of the knocks on Schubert is that he often saved his best music for the worst poetry. Nevertheless, I felt that taking these overwrought comments by Death at face value just might lead me someplace worth going.

I went alphabetically in the German through every single Schubert song text thank you, internet! and compiled every instance of when the dead send a message to the living. Some of these are obvious and some are more speculative Death is a named character in Der Erlknig, the brook at the end of Die Schne Mllerin speaks in Deaths name when it talks the miller into killing himself, the hurdy gurdy player at the end of Winterreise has long been interpreted as a stand-in for Death. All told, I have used excerpts from 32 songs, translating them very roughly and trimming them, in the same way that I adjusted the Bach texts in the little match girl passion.

Art songs have been moving out of classical music in the last many years indie rock seems to be the place where Schuberts sensibilities now lie, a better match for direct storytelling and intimate emotionality.

I started thinking that many of the most interesting musicians in that scene made the same journey themselves, beginning as classical musicians and drifting over to indie rock when they bumped up against the limits of where classical music was most comfortable. What would it be like to put together an ensemble of successful indie composer-performers and invite them back into classical music, the world from which they sprang?

I asked rock musicians Bryce Dessner, Owen Pallett, and Shara Worden to join me, and we added Nico Muhly, who, although not someone who left classical music, is certainly known and welcome in many musical environments. All of these musicians are composers who can write all the music they need themselves, so it is a tremendous honor for me to ask them to spend some of their musicality on my music.

Listen to David talk to WNYCs John Schaeffer about the FREE All-Stars CD with the premiere recording of his work, sunray as Bang On A Can turns 25!

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Thats the consensus of five health information exchange leaders, representing both established and early stage HIEs, who spoke at a recent HIE Leader Roundtable discussion sponsored by that National eHealth

The Rhode Island Quality Institute RIQI announced the launch of the nations first statewide Direct Adoption project earlier this month. RIQIs Regional Extension Center is the first of the 62 RECs to create a program focused on helping providers understand and adopt Direct Messaging, a simple, secure and cost-effective way for sending patients protected health

A rapid development approach to Health Information Exchanges HIEs may be a viable model for developing HIEs in communities with limited resources, according to a study published in the current issue of the Journal of American Medical Informatics Association JAMIA. The study, one of the first to formally assess the usability of a regional HIE

While most people agree that engaging patients in their healthcare decisions is a good thing, providers often walk a tightrope between communicating the appropriate information at the appropriate time and patients right to their health information.

A consumer-mediated health information exchange CMHIE project for cancer patients in Georgia hopes to provide some clear guidance for providers seeking the proper balance.

Verizon announced one of the first successful pilots highlighting the integration of the Direct Project and NHIN Connect initiatives spearheaded by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology. Verizon, working with health information technology provider MEDfx, has implemented a pilot program for diabetes care management with MedVirginia/CenVaNet and Dominion Medical Associates, showing

Verizon and MEDfx have successfully implemented a pilot program enabling health care providers that still use paper records to easily convert them to a digital format and share them with other authorized providers. The program addresses long-standing issues that have blocked the widespread adoption of electronic health care records: the complexity and expense that health

Reinventing the wheel every time it wanted to exchange health information wasnt cost-effective or efficient for the Hennepin County Medical Center HCMC. So when leaders at the Minneapolis, MN-based health system were approached by ABILITY formerly VisionShare to participate in a Direct Project pilot, they saw a way to streamline their efforts. The exciting thing

There are certain songs that I wouldn t necessarily call guilty pleasures, because they are well-written pop songs, but rather it never stops feeling somehow indulgent to enjoy their toe-tapping majesty this much.

The amp-kicking Superdrag hit Sucked Out from 1996 s Regretfully Yours remains a song I still like to hear, and when Brendan Benson covered it last week for his Daytrotter session, I was delighted. Benson and Superdrag share similar songwriting chops in consistently solid pop genius, oft-overlooked.

This is a song that Benson has been covering live in concert this summer, and it s nice to have a clean recording for free, at that!. The session also gives us three songs from his current album My Old, Familiar Friend including the creepy melancholy of Feel Like Taking You Home.

Awesome I thought I was the last person in the western hemisphere who remembered this song. Thanks for the post.

He looks like Lindsey Buckingham in that picture. That s a good thing.

I love the relationship that anyone has with music: because theres something in us that is beyond the reach of words, something that eludes and defies our best attempts to spit it out. Its the best part of us, probably, the richest and strangest

Music has always been a matter of energy to me, a question of Fuel. Sentimental people call it Inspiration, but what they really mean is Fuel.

Mp3s are for sampling purposes, kinda like when they give you the cheese cube at Costco, knowing that youll often go home with having bought the whole 7 lb. spiced Brie log. They are left up for a limited time. If you LIKE the music, go and support these artists, buy their schwag, go to their concerts, purchase their CDs/records and tell all your friends. If you represent an artist or a label and would prefer that I remove a link to an mp3, please email me at

Got something I should hear? Email me at Digitals usually best, but music submissions can also be sent to: Fuel/Friends, PO Box 64011, Colorado Springs, CO 80962-4011.

I AM FUEL, YOU ARE FRIENDS is brought to you by Fuel/Friends LLC. Ownership of all audio and visual material displayed here remains with their creators and/or owners and is cited accordingly. Illustrations by Luke Flowers. Design Layout by Dayjob.

I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism.

I became a Conservative by being around Liberals. I became a Libertarian by being around Conservatives.

An American flag with President Obama s image in place of the stars flew over a Florida county s Democrat headquarters long enough to enrage local veterans who called the altered banner a disgrace.

Lake County Democratic Party officials took down the flag, which flew just below a standard Old Glory on the flagpole outside headquarters in Tavares following complaints by local veterans. But merely taking it down wasn t enough for several local veterans, who said they fought for the flag Betsy Ross made famous, not one with a politician on it.

It s absolutely disrespectful, Jim Bradford, a 71-year-old veteran who participated in the Bay of Pigs Invasion told It s totally ridiculous. To put somebody s picture there, to me, it s a disgrace to do that.

Liberals have always said that the burning of the American flag is a free speech issue and Occupiers have burned American flags in recent months. Just tell me

WASHINGTON Americans probably wont be seeing a huge ticker-tape parade anytime soon for troops returning from Iraq, and its not clear if veterans of the nine-year campaign will ever enjoy the grand, flag-waving, red-white-and-blue homecoming that the nations fighting men and women received after World War II and the Gulf War.

Officials in New York and Washington say they would be happy to help stage a big celebration, but Pentagon officials say they havent been asked to plan one.

Most welcome-homes have been smaller-scale: hugs from families at military posts across the country, a somber commemoration by President Obama at Fort Bragg,

With tens of thousands of troops still fighting a bloody war in Afghanistan, anything that looks like a big victory celebration could be seen as unseemly and premature, some say.

Here s how Scotland celebrated the return of their troops from Afghanistan in 2010. I m jealous

With the President under a bit of criticism because of the March decision to deploy air strikes in Libya, many US veterans are up in arms back in America. Along with the President, the VA and Congress have been heavily criticized for their failure to meet an early 2011 deadline to have a proposed support program for veterans up and running. In May 2010, President Obama signed through the Caregivers and Veterans Omnibus Health Services Act, with an expected deadline of start in January 2011. The deadline came and went without a whisper. Now, many veteran support groups are campaigning and fighting to have this act finally off the ground. Taking a great amount of the criticism, Congress has been resourceful for their inability to start the program, referencing the use of stipends for payment in the program as an obstacle. They claim to have a high level of inexperience and confusion when it comes to using these stipends as a type of support. Although this caregiver bill would be extremely helpful to a number of US veterans, its doesnt work to support all US veterans, both young and old.

Nevertheless, invertebrates deserve attention when analyzing the evolution of the hormonal signalling function of iodothyronines. Already in 1896, Drechsel 12 recognized that sponges and corals contain large quantities of iodine as iodotyrosines. Iodohistidine and bromotyrosine have also been detected. Monoiodotyrosine MIT and diiodotyrosine DIT have been found in starfish, mollusks, annelids, crustaceae, and insects 13 14 15. In insects, several organs and tissues can concentrate radioiodide but there is no evidence that this results in thyroid hormone TH formation 16. One process that is likely to yield iodinated compounds is cuticle formation 17. It has been suggested that iodinated substances may be by-products of the process of quinone tanning. The formation of benzoquinone cross-linkages in the molecular structure of scleroproteins is probably responsible for hardening of the cuticle, and it is known that, in the presence of inorganic iodide, benzoquinones can bring about the iodination of proteins invitro 18. Thus, the iodination of tyrosine may be mediated quite accidentally by quinones that are involved in the general tanning reaction of the exoskeleton. However, recent studies by Heyland et al. 19 20 suggest that at least some echinoderms and mollusks might produce T4 and T3 which was detected by thin layer chromatography and confirmed by ELISA measurements. Interestingly, iodothyronine synthesis in these organisms was prevented by thiourea but not by perchlorate treatment.

Even though most invertebrates might not be able to endogenously synthesize TH, a wealth of data indicate that organic iodine species are taken up from the environment, via the food and might function as signalling molecules with pleiotropic effects on various aspects of invertebrate physiology 21. In analogy to vitamins, Eales coined the term vitamones to describe this ancient function of iodinated compounds as external morphogenic signals governing larval development in some invertebrates. Recently, this model has been supported by several experimental studies 10;22;23. Moreover, insilico analyses of genome sequences available for several invertebrate species in conjunction with experimental studies in a few model species corroborate a deep ancestry of iodothyronine signalling, most likely at the origin of deuterostomes 24-26. Orthologs of vertebrate TH receptors TRs have been identified in several invertebrate species including deuterostomes and protostomes 26-30. However, functional data for invertebrate TRs are still limited to deuterostomes and, thus, the functional role of TR orthologs identified in platyhelminths, mollusks and crustaceans remains elusive.

Interestingly, the functional characterization of the single TR orthologs of the amphioxus Branchiostomafloridae and Branchiostomabelcheri and of the ascidian Cionaintestinalis consistently revealed a lack of effective TR binding by T3 26;30;31. Instead, TRIAC triiodothyroacetic acid, an acetic T3 derivative, was found to bind strongly to amphioxus TRs, to stimulate coactivator recruitment to the TRs and to activate TR-dependent gene expression 26;30. Despite the lack of T3-TR interaction in amphioxus and ascidian species, exogenous T3 and TRIAC are both effective in stimulating chordate metamorphosis 26. One clue to interprete these findings came from the observation that TRIAC is a major metabolite of T4 and T3 in amphioxus suggesting that metabolism of T3 to TRIAC might be involved in the metamorphosis-stimulating activity of T3 in amphioxus 32. A key role for TRIAC in regulating amphioxus metamorphosis is further supported by the recent identification of a nonselenodeiodinase in the amphioxus 33. This deiodinase has a cysteine instead of a selenocysteine in its catalytic center and effectively deiodinates TRIAC and TETRAC tetraiodothyroacetic acid but not T3 and T4. Together, these experimental data suggest that TRIAC, or a related derivative, but not T3 is the ancestral TH acting in chordates.

Gorbman 34 has hypothesized that during evolution, organisms became accustomed to a supply of iodotyrosines and iodothyronines derived from external sources, and eventually developed a requirement for the iodinated amino acids. The first evidence of an organ capable of providing iodothyronines and thus, related to the vertebrate thyroid, is found in the protochordates, comprising the subphyla Cephalochordata amphioxus and Urochordata ascidians Fig. 1-1. In the origin and evolution of the thyroid gland, the protochordates occupy key positions in phylogeny, because cephalochordates are the most basal in the phylum Chordata and urochordates are the closest living relatives of vertebrates 7. In ascidians and amphioxus, an organ known as the endostyle lies on the floor of the pharynx and connects with the pharynx by a duct. Notably, an endostyle is still present in the basalmost vertebrates, the lamprey larvae ammocoete.

From the present point of view, the significant evolutionary event was the development of iodination centers within the endostyle. The differentiated endostyles in protochordates and lamprey larvae are histologically divided in zones containing different cell types 35. In the ascidian, these iodination centers are present in zones 7, 8 and 9 at the tip of the endostyle 36. The amphioxus endostyle contains seven zones and iodide organification has been observed in zones 5a, 5b, and 6 which are also located at the tip of the endostyle 37. In amphioxus, Barrington 38 has shown that an iodinated glycoprotein is formed in these iodination centers, probably on the surface of the cell. The endostyle secretes a mucus that passes down the duct into the pharynx and thence is moved along into the alimentary canal, presumably carrying iodinated protein along with it. Although early accounts were sometimes conflicting 39, accumulation of radioiodide, peroxidase activity as well as endogenous synthesis of T4 and T3 has been demonstrated in the endostyle of several protochordate species 40-42 43;44.

In the ascidian, the proposed organ homology between the endostyle and the vertebrate thyroid was strengthened in recent molecular studies. For Ciona orthologs of vertebrate thyroid-specific marker genes, including the transcription factors Pax2/5/8, ciTTF1 and Ci-FoxE, expression was demonstrated in several zones of the endostyle in adult Ciona 45-47. In addition, insitu hybridization revealed expression of Ciona orthologs of thyroid peroxidase ciTPO and dual oxidase ci-Duox in the iodide-concentrating zone7 of the endostyle 48. An interesting observation was that Pax2/5/8 and Ci-FoxE expression domains overlapped with those of ciTPO and ci-Duox whereas ciTTF1 expression was not detectable in zone7. In amphioxus, however, all three transcription factors, Pax2/5/8, TTF1 and FoxE4, were expressed together with TPO in the iodide-concentrating zones 49.

The recent releases of genome sequences of and greatly contributed to our understanding of the gene repertoire encoding for components of the thyroid system in protochordates 25;50. Genome analyses identified orthologs encoding for sodium-iodide symporter-like proteins, thyroid peroxidase, dual oxidase, several deiodinases and a single TR. However, no sequence homologous to thyroglobulin TG were identified in protochordate genomes suggesting that other scaffold proteins might be used for iodotyrosine synthesis 51. In amphioxus, a TG-like protein has been described by Monaco et al. 52, but a molecular characterization of this protein is not yet available. Further, no clear homologs of thyrotropin-releasing hormone TRH or the two subunits of thyroid-stimulating hormone TSH have been detected in protochordate genomes, which is in accordance with the current view that protochordates do not have a pituitary gland 53. Based on a comparison of Ciona and vertebrate genomes, Campbell 51 concluded that some features of the vertebrate thyroid system appear well represented in urochordates but that critical genes involved in the neuroendocrine control of thyroid function are lacking.

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You may contact us at 1210 8889089, please, keep your order every time you make a call.

For Reservation Information, call Quality Tours between 8:00 5:00 Monday-Friday at 703 339-0333 or visit our office at 8025 Mims Street, Lorton, VA Monday-Friday between 8:00 and 4:00 To submit a reservation request online, please click the reserve button in the blue box next to the specific tour of interest.

In more than 2-1/2 hours of non-stop rodeo action, you will witness all the events of the rodeo scene. From the thrilling bareback, tie down and team roping events, to the electrifying saddle bronc, steer wrestling, barrel racing and the bull riding events, the action takes place from one end of the arena to the other! The Barnes PRCA Rodeo Company brings the biggest rodeo on the East Coast back to Atlantic City. We will depart the Davis Ford Shopping Center at 6:15 and Featherstone Shopping Center at 7:00 We will arrive back in Manassas at approximately 8:30 and Woodbridge at 9:15 Lunch is included at the Rainforest Restaurant with choice of menu.

Hopefully we will get to see the Cherry Blossoms up close and real with a drive-by of the Tidal Basin, but you will also see them from the water on our special luncheon cruise aboard the Spirit of Washington. Besides the beautiful view you will enjoy a live DJ and a singing wait staff. This is truly a lovely Sunday float with food. We will depart the Davis Ford Shopping Center at 9:00 and Featherstone Shopping Center at 9:45 We will arrive back in Manassas at approximately 3:15 and Woodbridge at 4:00 Lunch is included.

Turn up that Radio Dial! From the underground dance clubs of 1950s in Memphis, Tennessee, comes a hot new Broadway musical with explosive dancing, irresistible songs a thrilling tale of fame forbidden love. Inspired by actual events, MEMPHIS is about a white radio DJ who wants to change the world a black club singer who is ready for her big break. Winner of four 2010 Tony Awards including Best Musical, get ready to experience Broadways most exciting new MEMPHIS. Lunch is choice of menu and is included prior to the performance at Sabatinos Italian Restaurant. We will depart the Davis Ford Shopping Center at 8:45 and the Featherstone Shopping Center at 9:30 We will arrive back at Davis Ford at approximately 7:00 and Featherstone at 7:45 THIS TOUR WAS MOVED FROM JUNE 30

We have great seats out of the direct sunlight along third base in sections 108-109 and 110. You will also be in the area with easy access to the restrooms and the food vendors. The game starts at 1:05 We will depart the Davis Ford Shopping Center at 10:15 and Featherstone Shopping Center at 11:00 We will arrive back in Manassas at approximately 5:00 and Woodbridge at 5:45 There is no food included.

On this tour you will see the Ground Zero Memorial and the Birth of Freedom lights. We will tour behind the scenes of the Grand Stage at Radio City Music Hall. A visit to the Big Apple would not be complete without a Broadway show, and this year we have chosen the musical - ON A CLEAR DAY YOU CAN SEE FOREVER starring Harry Connick, Jr. We will have a guided tour of Chinatown and a special family-style Chinese dinner. We have a unique and special tour all pizza lovers are going to enjoy Stops include Grimaldis under the Brooklyn Bridge to enjoy their winning Neapolitan style pizza as well as a stop at LB Spumoni Gardens in Bensonhurst for the legendary Sicilian style pizza. Along the way you will visit Brooklyn Bridge Park, Bay Ridge, Coney Island and many famous Brooklyn movie locations. We cant forget shopping, so time is allowed for a drop-off and pick-up at Macys so you can find some after Easter sale items. We will depart from the parking lot adjacent to the Manassas Senior Center at 5:45 and the Ferlazzo Building at 6:30 We will arrive back at the Ferlazzo Building at 9:00 and the Manassas Sr. Center at 9:45

Not only will you get to see the Cherry Blossoms up close and real with a drive-by of the Tidal Basin, but you will also have reserved bleacher seats to the Grand Parade. Following the parade, walk to 12th and Pennsylvania Avenue, where you will find the beginning of the Sakura Matsuri Japanese Street Festival. The event stretches along a six block area and includes Japanese performances on five stages, 20 Japanese and Asian restaurants, 30 interactive cultural exhibits and 35 vendors selling Japanese products. We will depart the Davis Ford Shopping Center at 7:15 and Featherstone Shopping Center at 8:00 We will arrive back in Manassas at approximately 4:30 and Woodbridge at 5:15 No food is included. Bring a sandwich, water and snacks for lunch during the parade.

Who can forget blue eyes who was adored by a generation and who remained a giant in his field even after his death. His son who 1q bears his name and his voice continues to entertain and keep his fathers memory alive. Lodging as well as admission to their Casino Revue Show on availability will be at Resorts International Casino. Also included are a 30 Slot Bonus and a buffet dinner. You will also receive a 20 Slot Bonus at Taj Mahal, as well as tickets to the Frank Sinatra, Jr. show. We will depart the parking lot adjacent to the Manassas Senior Center at 6:30 and the Ferlazzo Building at 7:15 We will arrive back at the Manassas Senior Center at 6:45 and the Ferlazzo Building at 7:30

Over her 40-plus-year career, Dionne Warwick has established herself as an international musical legend. Her reputation as a hit maker has been firmly etched into public consciousness, thanks to nearly sixty charted hits many of which were Grammy winners. Her performance will be preceded by dinner at Strathmore. We will depart from the Davis Ford Shopping Center at 5:45 and the Featherstone Shopping Center at 6:30 We will arrive back at Davis Ford at 11:15 and Featherstone at Midnight.

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Although the attitudes of many white Union soldiers toward slavery and emancipation ranged from indifference to outright racial hostility, others viewed the issue as central to their participation in the war. The following quotations, taken from letters, diary entries, and contemporary newspaper interviews with white Union soldiers, reveal the attitudes of those who viewed slavery as both a primary cause of the conflict and a key rationale for fighting.

The rebellion is abolitionizing the whole army time spent in the South has forced Union troops to face this sum of all evils, and cause of the war You have no idea of the changes that have taken place in the minds of the soldiers in the last two months men of all parties seem unanimous in the belief that to permanently establish the Union, is to first wipe out the institution of slavery.

Enlisted Soldier, Third Wisconsin, quoted in the Wisconsin State Journal, October 1861.

As long as we ignore the fact practically that Slavery is the basis of this struggle so long are we simply cutting down a vigorously growing plant that will continually spring up and give new trouble at very short intervals. We must emancipate.

Sgt. Thomas Low, 23rd New York Artillery, diary entry, March 29, 1862.

Our Government handles slavery as tenderly as a mother would her firstborn When shall it be stricken down as the deadly enemy of freedom, virtue, and mankind?

Lt. Wise, First Wisconsin, quoted in the Wisconsin State Journal, January 20, 1862.

As sure as God is God and right is right, so sure may we look for the war to in the accomplishment of its glorious the liberation of this oppressed and down trodden I would prefer ten years war yet and no more slavery, than Peace tomorrow, with slavery. Such is my abhorance of that Barbarous institution.

Sgt James Jessee, Eighth Illinois, diary entry, December 31, 1863.

Source Letters cited in Chandra Manning, What This Cruel War Was Over: Soldiers, Slavery, and the Civil War New York: Vintage Civil War Library, 2007, 45, 49-50, 76, 119.

Cite This document Various, Union Soldiers Condemn Slavery, HERB by ASHP, accessed July 26, 2012, /items/show/723.

My name is Torrey Levin-Russell and I have been working with the Ismail-Beigi group as an undergraduate researcher. Starting with the group in the summer of 2008 through the CRISP REU fellowship program, I have stayed on to further my research under the advisement of Dr. Ismail-Beigi and his condensed matter theory group.

My research consists of an analysis of the Lanthanum Aluminate/Strontium Titanate heterostructure. A relatively new material, STO/LAO exhibits a range of novel electronic properties. Most notably, experiments have discovered a highly mobile conducting 2-D electron gas localized at the STO/LAO interface, which is intriguing considering that treated separately in bulk, STO and LAO are band insulators. The mechanism behind heterojunction doping upon interface of the materials remains a source of debate among scientists. One prominent explanation involves the innate physics of the system. Being a polar material, LAO growth engenders a divergent potential that is proportional to its thickness. In order to mollify this potential divergence, known as the polar catastrophe, charge transfers across the interface. In band theory, this means that at some critical thickness of LAO the conduction band of STO becomes more energetically favorable to the electrons in the valence band of the LAO, and electronic reconstruction to the interface occurs. Regardless of the actual mechanism behind charge transfer to the interface, the experimental fact of a conducting STO/LAO interface holds great promise in electrical device applications.

Check the tour dates, as August and September, I ll be touring much of the eastern half of the country. Still taking a break from post-Donation Drive burnout, so stay tuned. Good times will be had.

Last post, I promise. I figured that I should probably make the single from my first music video available for free download. So here it is, if you d like it.

Ironically, I wrote this song late at night, when I was stressed about the future. I was stressed about money, what kind of music I made, where my place was in this internet music game. Writing new music really does help me feel better; I d venture to say that it s maybe the only thing that makes me feel better. I m really happy to be able to share that experience with everyone.

We finished with 549 donors, and I ll be working this week to send you the Chris Haley thank you sketch and a personal email maybe in small bcc groups, b/c I m not insane. 500 emails would destroy me. I m gonna go quiet online for a bit and work on a few new things. And of course, in August I ll be starting to tour again.

NOTE: If you have not received an email with your donor rewards, please email me directly at adamwarrockmixtape-at-gmail-dot-com; I have gotten some returned messages from the paypal emails

To everyone that donated, blogged, retweeted, posted, facebooked, or helped spread word about what goes on here at, thank you. Over 400 people donated, and my debut music video got 4, 000 views in less than a week!

Not only that, but I got so many emails, messages, tweets of people telling me their personal stories, talking about what music means to them, and what my music has done for them in their personal lives. I will never fully understand how it s possible that the silly songs I make could ever make a difference in anyone s life; and believe me when I say, that it means so much to me that anyone would take a moment to say some kind, supportive words to me.

The donations you gave will help fund a fall tour with some special guests, as well as the next two album projects and new tshirts. It will help me survive and keep making free music into 2013. But don t get me wrong, money s not everything. I mean, let s not kid ourselves, money s awesome. But I always subscribe to that Louis CK bit about money: how it s not my money, it s just the money. And it s meant to be spent, to be used, to pay down bills and to make life a little easier in the day to day if I had raised a quarter of what I raised during this drive, the amount of positive enforcement, support, friendship, and kindness that I ve received would ve been enough to inspire me to work hard to keep doing this anyway. For that, I m so incredibly touched, and I plan to make it a mission to get to Donation Drive 2013 having given you even more free music, to be even bigger. To just keep going, as hard as I possibly can.

I m going to make an effort to send out a lot of personal emails with Chris Haley s thank you sketch, as well as some last minute surprises to everyone that donated maybe in small group bcc s, b/c uh, 400 emails is unrealistic. So expect one more email, something a bit more fun and personal in the coming week.

Other than that, I am going to basically go quiet on the site for a week or two, and work on a new project. I ll be back, but after this insane deluge of promotion and publicity this past week, it s probably better that I ease off the gas for at least a week or so. But I ll be back, most likely with an EP or mixtape ready to give to the world, and I ll be on tour soon enough.

One last overly earnest, emo sounding sentiment: if there s anything I take away from talking to a lot of people lately, it s pretty clear that a lot of us are at some stage in our life where we re scared: of the future, of what we re going to do, of who we ll become and who the people around us, the people we love and depend on, will become, how they ll change. It s a scary time in the world right now. We talk of crises and disasters and apocalypse way too often. We re constantly being reminded that everything is changing, most of the time WAY too fast to keep up with like we used gets easier as you get older, as you get more successful, as you get more inspired. The chart of your life will always be an uphill slope. All you can do is dig in, work harder, and ask the people who you love for help.

I set a very lofty goal for the Donation Drive before we started, and said to Joey Miller director/video for my music video that if I reached it, I would rent this:

and shoot our next music video in it. The goal s in reach, but it ll take quite an effort to get there. In case you needed another reason to donate, than the following:

New 12 track mixtape, P Longshot, featuring ALL new, exclusive tracks

SeeP donation page Pfor more details. Please note all exclusives will be emailed to your paypal email unless otherwise noted in the notes of your donation

It s been a crazy week so far. Thank you to everyone who s donated!

We re not done yet! But let s take a second to catch up on anything you ve missed?

First I gave you the Destructoid-exclusive Mass Effect 3 EP earlier this year. I decided to give you another track about everyone s favorite Turian. Only available to donors on the Longshot mixtape album link

The homie Chris Sims wrote up a nice post on my ode to that plucky humanoid from the Mojoverse. Only available to donors on the Longshot mixtape album link

I wrote another guest blog for YOMYOMF, describing 10 Things I Learned While Making My First Music Video link

Like I did with the Bieber-inspired June, I took another pop song and turned it into a rap song, this time Carly Rae Jepsen s Call Me Maybe. Free for everyone! link

My ode to Veronica Mars, and one of my favorite tv shows. This song is only available to donors on the Longshot mixtape album youtube

Donation Drive is still going on! The donate button will close at the end of the day, Monday July 2. If you d like to read why you should consider donating, click here.

New 12 track mixtape, P Longshot, featuring ALL new, exclusive tracks

SeeP donation page Pfor more details. Please note all exclusives will be emailed to your paypal email unless otherwise noted in the notes of your donation

Man, thanks so much for all the great responses to the music video. Me and Joey had a blast making it, and I kinda can t believe it s hit 3, 000 views in like 3 days. Here s a little blooper reel we cut together just for the hell of a music video is intensely boring and repetitive, so there s plenty of downtime for you to slowly lose your mind.

We hit 300 donors yesterday, and onwards we press! Thanks for the support, and stay tuned for more surprises.

New 12 track mixtape, P Longshot, featuring ALL new, exclusive tracks

SeeP donation page Pfor more details. Please note all exclusives will be emailed to your paypal email unless otherwise noted in the notes of your donation

I make indie nerdcore pop cultural emo hip hop. I am a 100% independent musician. I love awesome things. I make songs about them. I made The Browncoats Mixtape, Parks Rec EP, and countless other songs, most of them free to download. Ive performed at comic cons, SXSW, and all across the country. I love you. I think we should be roommates. Unless you suck. Then I hate you.

All music is property of the original copyright holders. In no way is this site an attempt to sell or distribute music that is the copyright of others unassociated with this site without their permission.

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We students are at the half point in our first semester. It is time to buckle down and make sure you receive the grades and GPA that you want. It is hard to buckle down when Homecoming weekend just passed and the next two weeks concern Halloween! Make time during the week and sometime on the weekend to study so that you can have fun and party. College is a balance of work and play; when you have mastered that then you are all set. When you have everything planned out and put together then it causes less stress on yourself and you will have a better attitude.

If you are not getting a grade in your class that you will like donor be afraid to speak with your professor-they are human too. They are more thanwelcome to help you succeed in the course.

I honestly cannot believe that we are almost half way done with this semester. It almost feels like a dream until I wake up from reality to finish this crazy workload. Its the 8th week of school and it honestly feels like classes just started a week ago. So far I ve been working hard on having organized and good time management. I m an organizer, I use my planner every chance I get. In fact my planner is packed with things within because thats one way I can ensure that I make all deadlines and I am staying on task. Also time management is a huge factor for being successful within college, but life in general. You have to set deadlines for yourself and know when its ok to sit certain actitivies out because school work should be your number one priority. I can honestly say this semester I have declined many invites to go grab a drink or hang out because I know that could be valuable time spent doing a homework assignment. I have actually been very happy with myself because I have been starting my bigger homework assignments atleast a week in advance that way I can work on it at a slower pace and not feel anixety about deadlines. This has helped me drastically. I have also been spending time at the library daily. I typically dedicated 3-4 hours in the library catching up on weekly readings or completing assignments. The fact that the library is now 24 hours is amazing! I m a late night homework person and knowing that I can stay at Morris as long as possible is a good feeling. I remember before I use to hate when the library closed at 12am because I felt like my thoughts had just began to flow and now it was time to pack up. I think the extending hours at Morris was a great move to accomendate the students here at SIUC.

1. Make Lists: Write as much down as you can. If you dont carry a planner or notebook already, start. Personally, Ive always preferred a small, simple, white-lined notebook because you arent restricted by the various boxes and lines of the average planner.

A simple To Do List is often a huge help to anyone, but I can attest gleefully to the 3 Lists of 3 Method more than any other. Youre goal is to avoid a list that reaches outrageous length and is overwhelming to even look at.

2. Make Use of Down Time: Using walking, driving, showering, or otherwise dead times to plan. Think about what your goals are for that day or the next. Which goals are most important? Prioritization is the key.

3. Reward Yourself: Whenever you accomplish something, especially the important things, make sure to take the time to reward yourself. A Clockwork Orange author Anthony Burgess used the Martini Method to get things done. Burgess set a goal of 1, 000 words per day. When he finished his word count, hed relax with a martini and take the day off. Maybe a martini isnt the ideal reward for some of us, but the method stands useful.

4. Concentrate on One Thing: The human mind works more efficiently when it is focused. As weve seen before multitasking is actually a disadvantage to productivity. Focus on one thing and get it done. Take care not to bleed tasks into each other. At times, multitasking may seem like a more efficient route, but it is probably not.

5. Avoid Procrastination at All Costs: When trying to be more productive and trying to save time, procrastination should be avoided like nothing else. It is the ultimate productivity-killer.

6. Set Personal Deadlines: Nobody likes deadlines. They cause stress, aggravation, worry, and, more stress. A guaranteed way to alleviate some of this stress is to set your own earlier deadlines. Be realistic but demanding of yourself. Challenge yourself and, referring to tip 3, reward yourself for a meeting a difficult challenge. Not only will this save you time and make you more productive in the long run, but you will also have a buffer time with little to no penalties compared to those received for missing a real deadline. Of course, this tip has potential for abuse, so be sure to make your own penalties for missing your personal deadlines.

Meanwhile, Daisy confronts a dangerous man from her past and, unable to legally put him behind bars, makes a life-altering decision.

04.30.11:: 115 SEVEN YEARS NEW The unit hunts a prison escapee who is on a quest to uncover evidence that would prove his innocence.

04.23.11:: 114 FATHER FIGURE NEW Annie attempts to track down a crooked cop whos targeting young girls.

04.12.11:: NBC appears to be burning off the remaining unaired new episodes of CHASE on Saturdays, starting April 23rd.

02.03.11:: NBC has pulled CHASE from the schedule. It is unclear if it will return, or if the remaining 5 filmed episodes will air.

01.26.11:: 113 NARCO PART 2 NEW While the unit formulates a plan to rescue Annie from the drug cartel, she promises another hostage that shell get him safely back to the United States.

01.19.11:: 112 NARCO PART I NEW The Marshals go after a drug kingpins wife Lana Parrilla, who killed the lead witness in her husbands case and will do anything in her power to keep her family together. Meanwhile, a case triggers Marcos memories of tough assignments in the narcotics unit; and Jimmy makes a decision about his relationship with Natalie.

12.13.10:: 106 HAVOC R Fugitive Carson Puckett who uses explosives to get revenge, is on the run and Annie gets injured and relies on Ben Crowley, the bounty hunter to stop him. While Annies away, Jimmy is the leader and the team uses Daisys tactical expertise to stop Puckett, meanwhile Luke is demanded to step up to the plate.

12.06.10:: 111 BETRAYED NEW A dangerous felon escapes from a county courthouse, leaving a trail of victims as he sets off after his lover and his best friend, whom he believes have betrayed him. Annie and Lukes pursuit allows Luke to get a better understanding of his role and position on the force. Meanwhile, Jimmy sees his girlfriend in an entirely new light.

11.29.10:: 110 UNDER THE RADAR NEW A pair of small-town fugitives with a talent for luring innocent people to participate in bank robberies are hunted by Annie and Daisy, which leads to a bonding experience for the two law-enforcement officers.

11.22.10:: 109 CRAZY LOVE NEW A deadly fugitive with a haunted past goes on the lam with his teenage girlfriend, whom he has manipulated with promises of romance and adventure and freedom from her domineering father.

11.15.10:: 108 THE LONGEST NIGHT NEW To catch a serial killer, Annie must get help from a dangerous fugitive from her past.

11.08.10:: 107 THE POSSE NEW Annie must deal with a US Marshall impersonator whose vigilantism has dire consequences.

10.25.10:: 106 HAVOC NEW Fugitive Carson Puckett who uses explosives to get revenge, is on the run and Annie gets injured and relies on Ben Crowley, the bounty hunter to stop him. While Annies away, Jimmy is the leader and the team uses Daisys tactical expertise to stop Puckett, meanwhile Luke is demanded to step up to the plate.

10.18.10:: 105 ABOVE THE LAW NEW A fugitive convicted of defrauding investors of millions of dollars turns violent and Annies team have to find him before he disappear. Annie and the bounty hunter, who is also trying to capture the fugitive, have a moment while Jimmy and Luke begin to bond.

10.11.10:: 104 PARANOIA NEW Fugitive Faith Maples, after a murder takes her daughter with her on a killing spree across Texas. The situation gets worse when the suspect menal state is question and Annie Frost and the Marshals uncover a surprising twist in the case.

10.04.10:: 103 THE COMEBACK KID NEW After hiding with a false identity, fugitive Jack Druggan tries to return to his mobster glory days with a vengeful killing spree. When the U. S Marschals try to catch him, tension gets worse between Annie and Jimmy as they race to strike Druggan first, before he can kill again.

09.27.10:: 102 REPO NEW The son of a State Trooper is murdered, and Annie Frost and the team are called in to track down Eduardo El Lobo Lopez. The case changes when the Marshals discover that El Lobo is trying to get back what he believes is his.

09.20.10:: 101 PILOT NEW - PREMIERE Meet Annie Frost a cowboy Marshall who is on the hunting for a dangerous fugitive, Mason Boyle. She has an elite team who help her track down Boyles moves. Her team members are Jimmy Godfrey, a true American cowboy, Marco Martinez, an intelligence specialist, Daisy Ogbaa, a weapons specialist and the new member of the squad, Luke Watson.

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After 3 years, the majority of patients 60% who entered the SUPER-1 trial improved or maintained their functional status, and 46% maintained or improved 6MWD. Trial registry: ; No.: NCT00159887; URL:

Exaggerated hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction is a key factor in the development of high altitude pulmonary edema Our data do not support routine prophylactic use of sildenafil to reduce PASP at high altitude in healthy subjects with no history of HAPE.

To determine the effect on erectile function in a population of type 2 diabetic men with erectile dysfunction who have undergone the following treatment regimen: pre-treatment with a daily dose of double-blind sildenafil versus placebo for 4 weeks Phase I followed by an as-needed, flexible-dose, open-label treatment phase with sildenafil for 12 weeks Phase II. To assess safety and tolerability of this dosing regimen and to investigate its effects on endothelial function and subjects responses to the Self-Esteem And Relationship SEAR questionnaire.

The study is a double-blind, placebo-controlled, random-order, single-dose crossover trial of sildenafil 50 100 mg added to stable antipsychotic treatment in schizophrenia patients to assess whether this PDE5 inhibitor improves cognitive functioning including verbal memory, fluency, attention, spatial memory, motor speed, and executive function and clinical symptoms psychotic, negative, mood symptoms, and self-reports of side-effects.

Stroke is the third leading cause of death in the United States and the leading cause of serious long-term disability. Approximately 50% of the 750, 000 people affected by stroke each year have residual physical impairment. Treatment options for recovery are limited at this time. Sildenafil Viagra has demonstrated the capability of significantly improving recovery in several animal experiments of stroke. This study is aiming to establish the safety of treatment with sildenafil in people with stroke with the ultimate aim of testing its usefulness to improve recovery.

Mens quality of life QoL is potentially affected by mild erectile dysfunction ED to the same extent as it is by moderate and severe ED. This study will provide controlled clinical data measuring efficacy, QoL parameters and satisfaction changes in men with mild ED treated with Viagra versus those treated with a placebo. With an open-label extension, this study will also provide all study subjects the opportunity to receive the active drug treatment for 6 weeks.

Post-operative pulmonary hypertension is a risk factor for right ventricular failure and an increasing cause of morbidity and mortality in patients undergoing high-risk cardiac surgery. Several treatments have been used to treat and reduce post operative pulmonary hypertension. Unfortunately none of these treatments are approved for use in this condition and only one inhaled nitric oxide is specific enough to pulmonary hypertension to not cause dangerous low blood pressure in the rest of the body. Sadly, inhaled nitric oxide is difficult and expensive to use, and can cause lung damage. Sildenafil citrate is quite specific to the lung vessels, is easy to administer and does not easily cause low blood pressure in other areas of the body. We hypothesize that oral sildenafil 12. 5mg will decrease the baseline pre-dose mPAP by at least 20% compared with a placebo.

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VIAGRA WORKED BUT WITH HORRIBLE SIDE EFFECTS! I only took it once. Around 1040PM, I took a VERY small minute amount of a 100 mg dose. Seven minutes later, the side effects kicked in. I had VERY FAST RAPID HEARTBEAT FOR AN HOUR AND A HALF! Im 29, with slightly high blood pressure 140/90, and I had to call 911 around 12:00AM because I SERIOUSLY THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO HAVE A HEART ATTACK! Around 1215AM, the EMS checked my blood pressure and it was at 188 systolic. I also had facial flushing where my face seemed warmer/hotter than usual. Also, it was so uncomfortable that I had to walk slower around my apt and I could barely talk as I had to breathe in more carefully so that I could calm my heart down as much as I could. I didnt go to bed until 4/5am because I was so worried that I might have a heart attack! VIAGRA IS REALLY STRONG AND ITS NOT SOMETHING TO TAKE LIGHTLY! TAKE A VERY VERY SMALL DOSE IF ITS YOUR FIRST TIME TAKING IT! ILL NEVER TAKE IT AGAIN!

VIAGRA WORKED BUT WITH HORRIBLE SIDE EFFECTS! I only took it once. Around 1040PM, I took a VERY small minute amount of a 100 mg dose. Seven minutes later, the side effects kicked in. I had VERY FAST RAPID HEARTBEAT FOR AN HOUR AND A HALF! Im 29, with slightly high blood pressure 140/90, and I had to call 911 around 12:00AM because I SERIOUSLY THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO HAVE A HEART ATTACK! Around 1215AM, the EMS checked my blood pressure and it was at 188 systolic. I also had facial flushing where my face seemed warmer/hotter than usual. Also, it was so uncomfortable that I had to walk slower around my apt and I could barely talk as I had to breathe in more carefully so that I could calm my heart down as much as I could. I didnt go to bed until 4/5am because I was so worried that I might have a heart attack! VIAGRA IS REALLY STRONG AND ITS NOT SOMETHING TO TAKE LIGHTLY! TAKE A VERY VERY SMALL DOSE IF ITS YOUR FIRST TIME TAKING IT! ILL NEVER TAKE IT AGAIN!

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Instructions and CE certificates are sent via email for teleconferences and Webinars.

NFDA members are entitled to discounted registrations. If youre not a member - call an NFDA member services representative at 1-800-228-6332 to join today!

It is the individual participants responsibility before registering for any NFDA course or event to verify that it is currently approved for CE in the state in which the individual is licensed.

You can register at any time including the day of the event. However - we encourage early registration to ensure that you receive instructions and handout materials prior to the start time of the event. If you cannot register until the last hour or so on the day of the event, we will make every effort to get instructions to you right away! However, we cannot guarantee that you will receive instructions to connect on time due to circumstances that may be beyond our control.

Yes - a personal email address not the firms general email address is required so that NFDA can: 1 send the instructions for participating to you, including the handout link; 2 send CE verification to you for your records if you have registered for CE.

If you dont have a personal email address, there are a number of free email service providers such as Hotmail , Gmail or Yahoo! . Simply create a new account to send and receive email via the Internet.

You will receive a confirmation email from NFDA at the time of registration that confirms receipt of your registration and payment or registration only in the event of a free seminar.

You will receive emailed instructions in advance of the event. Your instructions will include dial-in details teleconference or a join meeting link Webinar, as well as links to a downloadable handout that includes event materials, CE Sign-in Sheet and instructions, and evaluation information.

If you dont receive confirmation after registering, first double check that you have submitted the correct email address with your registration. Please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 1-800-228-6332 with questions.

If you havent received your instructions 24 hours before the event begins, first double check that you have submitted the correct email address with your registration. Please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 1-800-228-6332 with questions.

All you need is a telephone - although a speakerphone is recommended for the best sound quality and so that other staff may participate.

NFDA Teleconferences are led by the experts you want to hear from in funeral service, and provide the opportunity for you to ask questions during the event. A few teleconferences each year may be free informational offerings that do not confer CE. Teleconferences are usually scheduled 1-2 CST or 1-3 CST.

A First Registration entitles your firm to a single phone connection and CE for the registrant only for CE events. You must have an email address to register contact NFDA at 1-800-228-6332 if you have a question. There is a separate fee for each additional participant requesting CE.

Instructions are made available via email after your registration is processed. Save the email and follow the instructions the day of the event.

The first registrant has permission to make handout copies for the number of additional participants participating in one room.

3. On the day of the event simply follow dial in instructions to join the speaker and your colleagues.

It is the individual participants responsibility before registering for any NFDA course or event to verify that it is currently approved for CE in the state in which the individual is licensed.

Once you have called in and entered your passcode in response to the operators cues, you will be welcomed into the teleconference to listen to the presentation via your phone. Audience lines are muted during the presentation. For most live teleconferences, when the speaker invites audience questions, lines will be opened and you will be given simple instructions to participate. Some non-CE teleconferences are for informational purposes only.

OfficeLive Meetingto deliver Webinars, which are live educational sessions that occur online, led by the funeral service experts you want to hear. Participants, at their computers, can see a PowerPoint presentation and participate in polls and ask questions. You can listen to the presenter over your computers Internet audio connection VoIP or a telephone if your computer speakers do not deliver the sound quality you want.Live Meetingis accessible to Mac users as well, but the audio portion must then be via dial-in.

Webinars are usually scheduled 1-2 CST or 1-3 CST check your local time.

A First Registration entitles your firm to a single connection and CE for the first registrant only. You must have an email address to register. There is a separate fee for each additional participant requesting CE.

How to log on to the Webinar is explained in emailed instructions sent after you have registered. Save the email and follow the instructions on the day of the event. Print out a copy of the email for reference as well.

The first registrant has permission to make handout copies for the number of additional participants participating in one room.

3. Click here to check your system to make sure it is ready to use Microsoft Office Live Meeting. You will

4. On the day of the event, simply follow emailed instructions to log on via your computer. Telephone

conference instructions if needed are also included.

It is the individual participants responsibility before registering for any NFDA course or event to verify that it is currently approved for CE in the state in which the individual is licensed.

Additional registrants for events cannot connect to the Webinar individually; only one connection is allowed per paid first registration usually, per firm. Call 1-800-228-6332 with any questions.

Once you have joined the Webinar online, you participate via the Internet. Participant sound lines are muted during the presentation. At some point during the seminar, you will be asked to participate in an online poll or to submit questions or comments. Your computer is your live connection to respond to polling questions a simple mouse click to indicate your choice of response and to submit questions and comments online just key them in.

20. What are the minimum system requirements to participate in an NFDA Webinar using Microsoft Office Live Meeting?

OfficeLive Meetingto deliver Webinars, which are live educational sessions that occur online, led by the funeral service experts you want to hear. Participants, at their computers, can see a PowerPoint presentation and participate in polls and ask questions. You can listen to the presenter over your computers Internet audio connection VoIP or a telephone if your computer speakers do not deliver the sound quality you want.Live Meetingis accessible to Mac users as well, but the audio portion must then be via dial-in.

You must have an email address to participate. Click here to check your system to make sure it is ready to use Microsoft Office Live Meeting. You will have the option to download and install Live Meeting Client if it is not already on your computer OR to use web-based Live Meeting.

Live Meeting Client Windows-based Client The Windows-based meeting client is a full-featured Windows program that is installed and run from the end users computer. Live Meeting users with Windows-based computers should use the Windows-based meeting client because it offers features that are not available with Live Meeting Web Access.

Hubbard, who became soon afterwards the father-in-law of Bell. He, too, was a man of enthusiasm rather than of efficiency. He was not a man of wealth or business experience, but he was admirably suited to introduce the telephone to a hostile public. His father had been a judge of the Massachusetts Supreme Court; and he himself was a lawyer whose practice had been mainly in matters of legislation. He was, in 1876, a man of venerable appearance, with white hair, worn long, and a patriarchal beard. He was a familiar figure in Washington, and well known among the public men of his day. A versatile and entertaining companion, by turns prosperous and impecunious, and an optimist always, Gardiner Hubbard became a really indispensable factor as the first advance agent of the telephone business.

No other citizen had done more for the city of Cambridge than Hubbard. It was he who secured gas for Cambridge in 1853, and pure water, and a street-railway to Boston. He had gone through the South in 1860 in the patriotic hope that he might avert the impending Civil War. He had induced the legislature to establish the first public school for deaf-mutes, the school that drew Bell to Boston in 1871. And he had been for years a most restless agitator for improvements in telegraphy and the post office. So, as a promoter of schemes for the public good, Hubbard was by no means a novice. His first step toward capturing the attention of an indifferent nation was to beat the big drum of publicity. He saw that this new idea of telephoning must be made familiar to the public mind. He talked telephone by day and by night. Whenever he travelled, he carried a pair of the magical instruments in his valise, and gave demonstrations on trains and in hotels. He buttonholed every influential man who crossed his path. He was a veritable Ancient Mariner of the telephone. No possible listener was allowed to escape.

Further to promote this campaign of publicity, Hubbard encouraged Bell and Watson to perform a series of sensational feats with the telephone. A telegraph wire between New York and Boston was borrowed for half an hour, and in the presence of Sir William Thomson, Bell sent a tune over the two-hundred-and-fifty-mile line. Can you hear? he asked the operator at the New York end. Elegantly, responded the operator. What tune? asked Bell. Yankee Doodle, came the answer. Shortly afterwards, while Bell was visiting at his fathers house in Canada, he bought up all the stove-pipe wire in the town, and tacked it to a rail fence between the house and a telegraph office. Then he went to a village eight miles distant and sent scraps of songs and Shakespearean quotations over the wire.

There was still a large percentage of people who denied that spoken words could be transmitted by a wire. When Watson talked to Bell at public demonstrations, there were newspaper editors who referred sceptically to the supposititious Watson. So, to silence these doubters, Bell and Watson planned a most severe test of the telephone. They borrowed the telegraph line between Boston and the Cambridge Observatory, and attached a telephone to each end. Then they maintained, for three hours or longer, the FIRST SUSTAINED conversation by telephone, each one taking careful notes of what he said and of what he heard. These notes were published in parallel columns in The Boston Advertiser, October 19, 1876, and proved beyond question that the telephone was now a practical success.

After this, one event crowded quickly on the heels of another. A series of ten lectures was arranged for Bell, at a hundred dollars a lecture, which was the first money payment he had received for his invention. His opening night was in Salem, before an audience of five hundred people, and with Mrs. Sanders, the motherly old lady who had sheltered Bell in the days of his experiment, sitting proudly in one of the front seats. A pole was set up at the front of the hall, supporting the end of a telegraph wire that ran from Salem to Boston. And Watson, who became the first public talker by telephone, sent messages from Boston to various members of the audience. An account of this lecture was sent by telephone to The Boston Globe, which announced the next morning-

This special despatch of the Globe has been transmitted by telephone in the presence of twenty people, who have thus been witnesses to a feat never before attempted-the sending of news over the space of sixteen miles by the human voice.

This Globe despatch awoke the newspaper editors with an unexpected jolt. For the first time they began to notice that there was a new word in the language, and a new idea in the scientific world. No newspaper had made any mention whatever of the telephone for seventy-five days after Bell received his patent. Not one of the swarm of reporters who thronged the Philadelphia Centennial had regarded the telephone as a matter of any public interest. But when a column of news was sent by telephone to The Boston Globe, the whole newspaper world was agog with excitement. A thousand pens wrote the name of Bell. Requests to repeat his lecture came to Bell from Cyrus W. Field, the veteran of the Atlantic Cable, from the poet Longfellow, and from many others.

As he was by profession an elocutionist, Bell was able to make the most of these opportunities. His lectures became popular entertainments. They were given in the largest halls. At one lecture two Japanese gentlemen were induced to talk to one another in their own language, via the telephone. At a second lecture a band played The Star-Spangled Banner, in Boston, and was heard by an audience of two thousand people in Providence. At a third, Signor Ferranti, who was in Providence, sang a selection from The Marriage of Figaro to an audience in Boston. At a fourth, an exhortation from Moody and a song from Sankey came over the vibrating wire. And at a fifth, in New Haven, Bell stood sixteen Yale professors in line, hand in hand, and talked through their bodies-a feat which was then, and is to-day, almost too wonderful to believe.

Very slowly these lectures, and the tireless activity of Hubbard, pushed back the ridicule and the incredulity; and in the merry month of May, 1877, a man named Emery drifted into Hubbards office from the near-by city of Charlestown, and leased two telephones for twenty actual dollars-the first money ever paid for a telephone. This was the first feeble sign that such a novelty as the telephone business could be established; and no money ever looked handsomer than this twenty dollars did to Bell, Sanders, Hubbard, and Watson. It was the tiny first-fruit of fortune.

Greatly encouraged, they prepared a little circular which was the first advertisement of the telephone business. It is an oddly simple little document to-day, but to the 1877 brain it was startling. It modestly claimed that a telephone was superior to a telegraph for three reasons:

1 No skilled operator is required, but direct communication may be had by speech without the intervention of a third person.

2 The communication is much more rapid, the average number of words transmitted in a minute by the Morse sounder being from fifteen to twenty, by telephone from one to two hundred.

3 No expense is required, either for its operation or repair. It needs no battery and has no complicated machinery. It is unsurpassed for economy and simplicity.

My great-grandfather, Charles Reynolds, was his last child, born when James was 70 years old I call him last chance Charlie. At any rate, I only learned a few years ago that James had a whole family with him when he arrived from Ireland - - what I now refer to as his first family. But within years of his arrival, the wife died, the kids died or scattered, he remarried, and his second family - - mine - - came along. When I discovered this first family, I was thrilled because the kids were born in Ireland. I reasoned that if I could find the descendants, I would have a better chance of uncovering a family Bible or old photos or of learning where they were from in Ireland. I had started tracing the lines of the first family forward in time, but had only gotten as far as about 1900.

The woman who contacted me out of the blue hails from this first family and still lives in Jersey City. From her, Ive learned of a small, political dynasty our family had in Jersey City and other tidbits, and were working together to solve the rest of our mysteries. Sorry this was so long, but I wanted you to have the full context. Bottom line is that by simply including my grandmothers maiden name in a mystery-photo description, I found a long-sought branch of the family. Or rather, it found me!

Thanks for the pictures of Margaret Brennan. Indeed, she is the cousin of Evangeline Elpers. When I clicked on P and scrolled down to Elpers photo album, I could go no further. It seemed like there was no hyperlink there. So I went back and searched for Brennan. The first picture I found was of my father John Brennan in an old car in 1919 in Kewanna, Indiana. Kewanna is about 15 or 20 miles north of Logansport, and they did live there, too.

I also found the pix of Margaret there. I have another picture of John, standing beside what appears to be the same car! The picture of Uncle John, etc., is pretty gray, but I think it must be John F. Brennan, his wife Anastasia Carroll Brennan and their children Margaret and John R. Brennan the one in the car. Im quite certain it is Anastasia. I saved it to disk and opened it in Paintshop where it is much clearer. Ill try to get the dust off John F.s face. Good Job. Again thanks. Let me know what kind of info you like to use.

I am SO excited! You have really made my day! My grandfathers sister was born and raised in Logansport, Indiana as was grandpa. Minnie Grace married William H. Elpers in 1891, and so I KNOW this Evangeline is a child of one of their children. How did you come by this album? Will there be more photos?? And if so, when? Who has originals? Any of family-reunion-type stuff? John and Charles are brothers and had a sister named Helen. We have children for John but had not gotten far enough yet to find Charles kids! Was up late last night looking at those photos! However did you come upon them? Do you have the originals? Yes, please feel free to use my family in the newsletter! This is a GREAT service having these here online.

Thank you for responding. The photo s are 850 and 857. 850 was submitted by Jean Carroll Holmes, and the subject city is Detroit. 857 was submitted by the same person. My husband is Mark Holmes, son of Arthur Holmes of Detroit. I am interested in corresponding with Jean Carroll if possible. Giving her my e-mail address and/or address is fine with me. Thank you very much.

I found an article on your web site while browsing the Tyson Intranet one day. I thought it was a really neat idea and decided to visit the web site to look around. While performing a search, I found a picture 1130 of my great grandmother. Unfortunately, I do not know a lot about her. My grandfather was raised during the depression and left home at a very young age. He never talked much about his family. He died about 5 years ago. He was next to the youngest child, and all of her children have now passed away.

Here is what I know about my great - grandmother. Emerette Emma Hale was born in 1876 in Elizabeth Town, Ohio. Her father was a minister; unfortunately, I do not know his name. She married Peter Marsh and was a homemaker at the time of my grandfathers birth in 1910. They had at least seven children, but we only know the names of five of the children: Roy Marsh, Lucy Marsh Laswell, Haley Marsh married name unknown and Charles Marsh Gates. It is believed that she died in the late 40s or early 50s of complications from pneumonia.

Please feel free to use any of this information in your newsletter. Maybe it will help us learn more about her and her family. We know that Haley had three children before she died, but none of our family has ever met them. We do not know any of their names. She also had at least two other children, and we have no idea what their names were. Sorry I couldnt be more helpful. I sincerely appreciate your help. My father will be thrilled to have the only picture of his grandmother in our family. Thanks for giving others the opportunity to find pictures of their loved ones.

It was nice to find our Uncle Martin on Dead Fred Class of 1922, Washington High School, Sioux Falls, SD. Does this mean there are other people searching the Romslo line? Where did you find the yearbook? Martin Romslo had other brothers and sisters who probably attended Washington High. They were Roy, Allen, Harry, Clara, Olga our mother, Otto and Edna. Are there any other yearbooks from Sioux Falls out there?

My name is Pam Crawford, and I am from Wendell, ID. I was VERY surprised to wander into your web site tonight. The site not only surprised me, but it brought my husband to tears. You see, the J. Ray Crawford of whom you have pictures is his father. We have a copy of the photo from the yearbook, but we didnt have the yearbook. Therefore, we had very little clues about the activities in which he participated. We have never seen the particular basketball picture on the site, but we had a different pose from the previous or following year. Our oldest son took it with him to college and lost it. The play have never seen. You see, this family is very disjointed. J. Ray was born in 1883. My husband, J. Rays 8th child, was born 1946. J. Ray died when my husband was just 7. When I began the search for information 7 years ago, we knew next to nothing. We did know he attended college in New Mexico. Though I have written the college, they never answered. I had hoped to have someone check the annuals for the years he was in college. Of course, no answer. I dont have any cash right now, but I assure you I will be forwarding a donation. Thank you SO much, so very much for offering this site. I will recommend it to EVERYONE.

Free genealogy searches for those looking into their family history.

The Axiom Collective is hosting the first annual Portland Anarchist Book Fair. This two day event will feature over 20 collectives and organizations offering a a wide range of radical, feminist, and revolutionary literature, art, and ideas.

Portland hasnt had a large, regularly occurring anarchist book fair in years if ever - - we plan to change that. We want this to be big - - tell your friends all across the country!

This event is FREE to attend. Childcare will be provided, and well be offering yummy treats for cheap.

Brains, Brilliancy, Bohemia presents photocopies from Chicagos ill-forgotten radical nightclub, The Dill Pickle Club, hobo gatherings and 1910s-20s ephemera, providing a timely look at the origin of American counterculture and working class art leading up to the Great Depression.

Marc Moscato just brought us some copies of this little treasure. Amongst the eye candy of 1920s posters and handbills, it also features a few short essays by Marc and a previously unpublished piece by Dr. Ben L. Reitman. Come by the store and check out this unique collection printed by Portlands own Eberhardt Press.

A brief section of biochemistry leads into an overview of ecology and the interactions of the environment and populations of living organisms. A comprehensive section on cellular biology and genetics exposes students to biology on a small scale that leads to the theory of evolution and the history of life on earth. The remainder of the course explores the complexity and variety of life on earth with sections devoted to simple organisms, plants, invertebrates and vertebrates as well as human biology.

HSCOOC2012Q1 Chemistry, HSCOOC2012Q2 Chemistry, HSCOOC2012Q3 Chemistry, HSCOOC2012Q4 Chemistry

Designed as a two-semester high school course, Chemistry-SC758 covers the foundation for the composition, structure and reactions of matter. Beginning with a discussion of scientific measurements, and general properties of matter, a good deal of the course covers the structures of the atoms, the periodic table, types of bonds and equations. Other topics involve students in states of matter, reactions and the energy involved in chemical change. Sections on organic chemistry are also included as well as a brief overview of nuclear chemistry. This course requires students to have a solid foundation in math as calculations and conversions are basic components of chemistry.

HSCOOC3012Q1 Physical Science, HSCOOC3012Q2 Physical Science, HSCOOC3012Q3 Physical Science, HSCOOC3012Q4 Physical Science

Students receive a thorough introduction to chemistry, physics and astronomy in this two-semester course. Chemistry concepts include the structure and properties of matter, elements and the periodic table, chemical bonds and reactions, as well as acids, bases and solutions. An overview of motion, forces and energy is the focus of the physics section of the course. Newtons laws, work and machines and energy are the major ideas explored. An introduction to the earth and its place in the universe complete the contents of this course.

HSCOOC4012Q1 Physics, HSCOOC4012Q2 Physics, HSCOOC4012Q3 Physics, HSCOOC4012Q4 Physics

As upper division two-semester high school course, Physics-SC759 provides the foundation for an understanding of the laws that govern the concepts of motion and energy. This course relies on the use of mathematics to represent and illustrate different phenomena, so students need to have a strong math background to be successful. Major themes on this course include mechanics, states of matter, waves and light, energy and magnetism and modern physics.

Designed as a one-semester high school course, students will examine all facets of American government from its formation to its present-day role as a global power. Topics discussed include: The foundations of American government, participating in government, the legislative branch, the executive branch, the judicial branch, civil liberties and law, state and local government, and global, political, and economic systems.

HSSOOC1011Q1 Geography, HSSOOC1011Q2 Geography, HSSOOC1011Q3 Geography, HSSOOC1011Q4 Geography

Designed as a two-semester high school course, lessons examine all aspects of geography providing students with a concrete understanding of major geographic locations, world economic activities, historical and cultural aspects of societies, and a comprehensive understanding of both geographical tools and themes. Major global regions studied include: North America, Latin America, Europe, Russia, Asia, Africa, Oceania, and Antarctica.

HSSOOC1013Q1 Economics, HSSOOC1013Q2 Economics, HSSOOC1013Q3 Economics, HSSOOC1013Q4 Economics

Designed as a one-semester high school course, students will analyze the aspects of both the current American economy and the global economy as a systematic entity. The primary topics summarized in this course include the primary principles of economics, aspects of microeconomics, business and labor, monetary principles and banking, fundamentals of macroeconomics, government and its role in the economy, and conventions of current global economies.

HSSOOC3012Q1 US History, HSSOOC3012Q2 US History, HSSOOC3012Q3 US History, HSSOOC3012Q4 US History

Designed as a two-semester high school course, students will examine the political, social, and economic aspects of American history from early colonization to present-day. Topics covered include European colonization, early settlements, the colonies and colonial society, English mercantilism, Native American conflict, the founding fathers, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, starting a nation, the Bill of Rights, Westward expansion, the War of 1812, the industrial revolution, early elections, states rights, population and sectionalism, womens rights, slavery, the Civil War, Reconstruction, the Far West, Manifest Destiny, Native Americans, American industry, elections, foreign acquisitions, industrialization, labor, immigration, the progressive movement, American expansionism, Populism, World War I, womens suffrage, the Great Depression, occupations and World War II, the Red Scare, the Korean War, civil rights, the Vietnam War, Americas role as a modern world leader after WWII, the Clinton years, the 9/11 attacks, the Bush Presidency, and America in the 21stcentury.

HSSOOC1012Q1 World History, HSSOOC1012Q2 World History, HSSOOC1012Q3 World History, HSSOOC1012Q4 World History

Designed as a two-semester high school course, in which World History is presented to students as an integrated study of the political, economical, and social aspects of history. Topics covered include pre-history, the Nile and the Fertile Crescent, theIndus Valley, Chinas ancient civilizations, early American civilizations, Greece and Rome, the Middle Ages, the Crusades, African civilizations, East Asia, Renaissance and Reformation, the Global Age, Absolutism, Enlightenment and revolution, The Industrial Age, The Age of Revolutions, industrial nationalism, the New Imperialism, World War I and its aftermath, Fascism and dictatorship, the holocaust and World War II, origins of the Cold War, and conflict and cooperation in the modern world.

HBTOOC3041Q1 Computer Applications, HBTOOC3041Q2 Computer Applications

A one-semester course intended for middle or high school students to explore important concepts of practical real-world computer usage. This course differs from traditional computer applications courses, it is designed using a unique two-pronged approach that targets both concepts and applications. Some examples of topics include; accessing the World Wide Web, exploring system software and hardware, and wireless vs. wired communications and input, output, and storage devices. In addition, students participate in practical application activities which provide practice in word-processing, desktop publishing, spreadsheets, databases and presentations in an environment designed to meet the needs of any skill level. Activities are interesting, engaging and skills-rich to help students develop competencies and skills needed for todays workplace.

HFLOOC5012Q1 Spanish I, HFLOOC5012Q2 Spanish I, HFLOOC5012Q3 Spanish I, HFLOOC5012Q4 Spanish I

Created to be a two-semester course for high schools students that allows for an individualized development of the Spanish language through the study of the core grammatical structures and the vocabulary necessary for elementary communication. Spanish I also provides students with an introduction into the traditions and customs of Spanish-speaking people across the world.

HHEOOC1011Q1 Health, HHEOOC1011Q2 Health, HHEOOC1011Q3 Health, HHEOOC1011Q4 Health

Designed as a two-semester course for high school students. Health immerses students in knowledge spanning all aspects of health education pertinent to students immediate world, their future, and that of society as a whole. Topics examined include character development, the varying facets of mental health, stress and its resulting consequences, family relations, emotional development, sexuality, functions and development of the human body, and overall physical wellbeing

HMAOOC1010Q1 Integrated Alg/Geom 1, HMAOOC1010Q2 Integrated Alg/Geom 1, HMAOOC1010Q3 Integrated Alg/Geom 1, HMAOOC1010Q4 Integrated Alg/Geom 1

Named after the muscle that controls the rising and lowering of the testicles, Cremaster 3 is the final entry in a cycle of five films.

In recent years there have been exhibits and books celebrating game design, such as the 2002 exhibition Game On at the Barbican Gallery in London. At the same time, exhibitions like the Whitney s Bitstreams 2001 and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art s 010101 2001 have introduced the interactivity of digital art into museums. Cremaster 3 lacks obvious cultural references to gaming, but its absurdity, repetition, level design, and use of landscape as narrative establishes a stronger connection to video games than digital art that appropriates game characters or employs an intentional pixilated style.

Despite the popularity of the Cremaster films, only a small percentage of museumgoers have ever seen a feature-length art film. And after twenty-five years of cultural relevance, video games have not found a serious place in museums and galleries. Cremaster 3 is important not only because it has attracted a wider audience to an art film, but also because it is one of the first works of contemporary art to incorporate video game narrative.

Donkey Kong s myth of a man fighting a giant ape on a skyscraper has its origin in the King Kong films 1933 is the Fay Wray classic, in which the largest ape in the world, after being captured in the jungle and brought to the city by greedy men, climbs the tallest building in New York where he fights humans to the death. Cremaster 3 is based on the Masonic myth of Hiram Abiff, the architect of Solomon s Temple; Barney uses the Chrysler Building as a character to play the temple. In Donkey Kong, the construction worker Mario moves in pursuit of Pauline, while Cremaster 3 s construction worker, the Entered Apprentice, climbs in pursuit of the architect, Hiram Abiff. Both workers are presented with a single facial expression, no dialogue, and no significant character development except their determination to move ever upwards.

The hubris of the Entered Apprentice and Mario is both awarded and punished. The ability to honor rites is highly valued in Masonic culture.

Barney s locations include a heavy layer of personal and cultural meaning that game designers often ignore. He builds and qualifies levels with variations on color and light, giving the viewer signs about the amount of danger the protagonist faces. The majority of Cremaster 3 takes place in the Chrysler Building and the Guggenheim Museum, both in New York. The interiors have been altered to remove the buildings from reality, much in the way a game that relies on real locations focuses on certain details and erases others to establish a backdrop that enhances game play without getting in the way of it.

Both Barney s Entered Apprentice and Donkey Kong s Mario climb structures modified from what architects have intended. In the Chrysler Building, Barney ascends the elevator shaft, which exposes the buildings innards. In the rivets degree of Donkey Kong, Mario must climb around an exposed, unfinished structure, walking over rivets to remove them. The perfect disorder of the tilted girders in the ramps degree of Donkey Kong, transformed by an enormous jumping ape, match the perfect order of the ramps in the Guggenheim rotunda, created by America s most famous architect. A climbing rig allows Barney to scale the rotunda, bypassing the ramps.

As previously discussed, in both Cremaster 3 and Donkey Kong, reaching the top level of the structures both rewards the protagonist and punishes him for hubris. When Mario reaches the top of the steel structures, Donkey Kong finds a way to take Pauline away to the next screen. When Barney s Entered Apprentice reaches the top of the Chrysler Building, the film cuts to a scene where he suffers a setback: his teeth are knocked out.

The Entered Apprentice is then placed in the Guggenheim sequence, which opens with naked women who introduce players to each level of the game. Barney explains, This scene was shot in the rotunda of the Guggenheim Museum on the different levels and feels almost like a video game. There are five levels, which take on five different allegories of the five Cremaster chapters films.

The scene feels like a parody of a television quiz show mixed with a video game s level introductions. Recall Donkey Kong asking the player, without a wink, How high can you get?

In Donkey Kong and Cremaster 3, levels are determined by a combination of architecture and dangers that await the protagonist. Each ramp of the Guggenheim features a test, symbolizing Barney s five Cremaster chapters, his own quasi-Masonic ritual of passage, an artist testing his own artistic progress. Barney uses the museum space as an interface to both confront and create art. With the tools of a Mason, Barney calculates and smashes his way to the top of the rotunda, leaving a trail of work cobbled together from shards of previous generations.

Ramps: Mario must climb steel beams that the ape has tilted by his ferocious jumping.

Girders: Mario must deconstruct a girder structure by removing a series of rivets. Kong tumbles to ground.

Elevators: Mario must jump between a set of fast-moving elevators to reach Pauline.

Order of the Rainbow for Girls: Duck the legs of Rockettes in bunny suits.

Aimee Mullins: Battle beautiful woman who transforms into a deadly cat.

Five Points of Fellowship: Assemble one of Barney s sculptures.

At the same time that they are overwhelmed by the films, critics have routinely panned the sculpture that Barney has created for the Cremaster series. Some snidely compare filling the Guggenheim with artifacts from the films to the The Magic of Myth museum show of Star Wars costumes and props 1997-99;.

The Guggenheim exhibit, Matthew Barney: The Cremaster Cycle February 2002 June 2003, allowed Barney to show Cremaster 3 in the physical space in which the film was set an opportunity not yet given to a game designer. Barney transforms the rotunda like a designer. Flags and icons adorn different levels of the museum. Sounds echo through the spiraling chamber. A spaceship attached to the ceiling delivers scenes from Cremaster 3 on five video monitors.

The exhibit feels like a visit to watch movies and play video games in the finished basement of a very wealthy childhood friend. The first gallery had elaborate cases that Barney has designed for videodisc and DVD versions of the films. From these discs at the bottom level, up to the giant fantasy television that dominates the top of the rotunda, the Cremaster exhibit is an exaltation of video, but without the game depicted in the film.

Barney uses the building as an interface, confronting the Guggenheim with the goal of creating a single piece of art. The most significant thing Barney changes in the museum is the light. A giant blue object covers the skylight of the building. In the midday sun, the light is dim, and a blue tinge is cast on everything. The blanket of blue material perhaps the blue Astroturf from Cremaster 1 is in the shape of the

Of course the dialogue between those who create games and those who decide what is art is very new. Adaptation and the exchange of ideas will expand what is considered fine art and what is considered a video game. A wider set of influences and greater personal responsibility will inspire game designers to create engaging works of art that are also fun to play. Increasing dialogue means that in the future, artists will be more likely than they are now to turn to games like World of Warcraft 2004 for characters and myth. Artists have already created short films starring their personas acting in the world of the Sims 2000 and Sims2 2004, which are fantasy games set in reality, featuring no orcs or dragons, but only human social interaction. The customized everyday places, interactions, and objects found inside the Sims could be rendered by artists working in various mediums.

During her time as editor, Stanley led the Daily through one of its most turbulent times. A satirical finals week issue caused controversy on campus, prompting the Universitys Board of Regents to make the student service fee an optional fee. At the time, this fee was 14 percent of the Dailys budget. The Daily filed charges, claiming this decision was based on reaction to content, which violates the First Amendment. The Daily lost the federal court case, but appealed and won. Stanley inherited this issue in her first days as editor. Stanley received the Hage/Charnley Award of Excellence from The Minnesota Daily in May 1997. Stanley also served on the Minnesota News Council. Stanley currently writes for the Star Tribunes editorial page, a job she has held for since 1980.

Marshall Tanick - Marshall Tanick started working at The Minnesota Daily as a freshman in 1965 and continued there until he graduated. After graduation, he went to Harvard Law School. His connection to the Daily began again in 1980 when he defended the Daily against the Board of Regents in the case involving the Christ Speaks issues. He has assisted the Daily with many other legal issues. Tanick was awarded the Award of Excellence by the University of Minnesota School of Journalism in also received the Hage/Charnley Award of Excellence in 1993.

Al Tims - Albert R. Tims is director of the University of Minnesota School of Journalism and Mass Communication, a position he has held since March 1999. He led the implementation of University President Mark Yudof s New Media Initiative, creation of Minnesotas Institute for New Media Studies and worked closely with the Design-Build team during the renovation of Murphy Hall. Tims joined the Minnesota faculty in 1987, after teaching at Indiana University. Tims research expertise is in public opinion formation, social cognition and mass communication research. His work has appeared in Communication Research, Journal of Advertising, International Journal of Public Opinion Research, Human Communication Research, and Journalism Quarterly. He received his in mass communication from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Al Tims was awarded the Hage/Charnley Award of Excellence by The Minnesota Daily in April 2003.

Jean Worrall Ward - For 25 years, Jean Worrall Ward was a faculty member in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Minnesota. She also served as the SJMC faculty member on the Board in Control of Student Publications, now known as the Daily Board of Directors, from 1980-84. Ward also served as a faculty advisor to the Daily. Wards research about newspapers has been published in the Columbia Journalism Review, Washington Journalism Review, Quill, Editor and Publisher, Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly, Journalism History and other publications. She co-authored a book with Kathleen Hansen, a current J-school professor, called Search Strategies in Mass Communication. Today, Ward operates a small consulting service, consulting for communications, offering research, writing, coaching, editing and speaking services. In 1999, Jean Worrall Ward was awarded the Hage/Charnley Award of Excellence by The Minnesota Daily. This award recognizes those who have worked to enhance the experience of students at the Daily.

Brian Anderson - Brian Anderson is currently the vice-president for Editorial for MSP Communications and serves as editor of the Mpls. St. Paul Magazine. As editorial director of MSPs other publications, Brian oversees the content of Twin Cities Business Monthly, Computer User, and Art. Before joining Mpls. St. Paul as editor in 1977, Brian worked for six years as a reporter for the Minneapolis Tribune, three years in corporate public relations, and two years as a staff writer of a Senate Subcommittee and as legislative assistant and speechwriter for Senator Walter Mondale. In 1999 Brian Anderson won the Harrison Salisbury Annual Achievement Award, presented by The Minnesota Daily.

Phil Carruthers - Phil Carruthers worked at the Daily from 1977-78 and was a beat reporter. He went on to the University of Minnesota Law School. In 1987, he was elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives for District 47B. He was elected House Majority Leader in 1993 and elected Speaker of the House in 1997. Carruthers was awarded the Harrison Salisbury Annual Achievement Award in 1998 by The Minnesota Daily.

Jeff Christensen - Jeff Christensen was awarded the Harrison Salisbury Annual Achievement Awards by the Minnesota Daily in April 2003.

Tom Gjelten - Tom Gjelten worked as associate editor for The Minnesota Daily. Gjelten is now the National Security Correspondent for National Public Radio. He has been with NPR since 1982. In 1995, Gjelten was awarded the Harrison Salisbury Annual Achievement Awards by The Minnesota Daily.

Patricia Hampl - While at the University, Patricia Hampl wrote for the Ivory Tower, which was run at the time by Garrison Keillor. After graduating, Hampl continued to write. Today she is an acclaimed author and a University English professor. Patricia Hampl was awarded the Harrison Salisbury Annual Achievement Award by The Minnesota Daily in 1993.

Deborah Hopp - Deborah Hopp is currently the President of the University of Minnesota Alumni Association. She is also the publisher of Mpls. St. Paul magazine and vice-president of publishing at MSP communications.

Chris Ison - Chris Ison served as editor of The Minnesota Daily from 1982-83. In 1990, Ison and fellow Star Tribune reporter Louis Kilzer received a Pulitzer Prize for their story about alleged links between Steve Conroy, who was St. Paul fire chief, and people who profit from arson. Ison was very involved in the 1979 case involving the Daily suing the University Board of Regents for making student fees optional, in, which the Daily believed was a knee-jerk response to negative feelings towards a finals week parody issue. Ison testified for the Daily in court. After graduation, Ison went on to work for the Duluth News-Tribune, and then the Star Tribune in Minneapolis. Chris Ison was awarded the Harrison Salisbury Annual Achievement Award by The Minnesota Daily in 1990.

James Lileks - James Lileks has been a columnist for the St. Paul Pioneer Press, City Pages, and The Minnesota Daily. Lileks wrote humor columns for the Daily in the early has written several books, including Falling up the Stairs, and Notes of a Nervous Man. He currently writes a column for the Star Tribune. James Lileks was awarded the Harrison Salisbury Annual Achievement Award by The Minnesota Daily in 1992.

Jay Novak - Jay Novak served as editor of The Minnesota Daily in 1975-76. He also worked as a reporter at the Worthington Daily Globe, editor of Corporate Report, and as editor of investor and employee publications at General Mills. He is currently editor for Twin Cities Business Monthly. Jay Novak was awarded the Harrison Salisbury Annual Achievement Award by The Minnesota Daily in 1994.

Victoria Sloan - Victoria served as editor-in-chief, reporter, and editorial page editor from 1979-84. She received the Minnesota Daily Harrison Salisbury Annual Achievement Award.

Victoria Sloan was awarded the Harrison Salisbury Annual Achievement Award in 2000.

Kathy Tingelstad - Kathy Tingelstad worked in advertising production at the Daily from 1978-81. She has served as president of the Association of Women in Communications, and was winner of the Small Business Administrations Women in Business Advocate of the Year award. Tingelstad owned her own public relations firm, KMT Communications, for 11 years. In 1996, Tingelstad was elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives for District 50B. She is currently serving her 4th term. Tingelstad also founded a new small business, called Consulting Excellence. In 1997, Tingelstad was awarded the Harrison Salisbury Annual Achievement award by The Minnesota Daily.

Head over there for his thoughts on the sermon.

Is a straight person s testimony worth more than an gay persons? Does it really carry more weight? Nope. That s just playing into the game. The internalized homophobia game.

You misunderstand me. A straight person s word doesn t carry more weight than a gay person s to me, but it might for another straight person. Sometimes straight skeptics question the veracity of our claims based on the fact that we have something to gain by agreeing with a certain interpretation. A straight person from within their group holding the position that the Bible doesn t condemn homosexuality might have more of an impact than you or I will simply because they have nothing to gain.

Again, I m not saying I care more; just that some fence sitters do. I can t help but think that white people at the March on Washington and white Freedom Riders had a major impact among passive-racist whites.

18 The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of men who suppress the truth by their wickedness,

19 since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them..

24 Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another..

26 Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones.

27 In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion..

32 Although they know God s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them.

9 Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders

10 nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.

Even as swindlers, liars, and drunkards need to come to repentance and be set free by the power of God, so do homosexuals.

No, this pastor did not get it right. Nor do other christians who say homosexuals are accepted or made that way by God. they ve got it wrong, according to God s standards.

Now, I personally have gay friends. They even call themselves christians. I dispute that fact with them, but I love them as people. but I won t let them DECEIVE THEMSELVES into thinking that heaven is their place of living, upon death. 1 Corinthians 6 9-10 tells us otherwise.

And it is my duty, as a friend, to help them be free from sin so they can live eternally in heaven vs hell. Because I love them and care for them, I speak Truth to them. Unlike this pastor has done.

First, did you watch the sermon? I ask because Rev. Hamilton went into great depth about literalism and its downfalls as opposed to other interpretations of the Bible. He kind of answered your point for me, without even getting into the issue of mistranslation.

Second, it s interesting to me that even if we accept your literalistic interpretation of these passages which we don t, but let s pretend for a moment, you stopped just one verse short of getting yourself into a sticky situation both times. Romans 2:1 and 1 Cor. 6:11

Third, I don t know either you or these gay friends you say you have, but I d bet a hundred pesos that they have a very different view of your relationship than you do.

this is wonderful! thanks for posting. my husband a methodist minister is currently teaching an adam hamilton study on wednesday nights. good work!

I m usually wary of mega-church preachers I ve met too many Rick Warren types, but I m impressed with Hamilton for more than the obvious reason.

Amen on the proof-texting issue. I agree with Romans 2, you have no excuse, whoever you are, when you judge others; in passing judgment on another you condemn yourself, because you, the judge are doing the very same things. Do you not realize that God s kindness is meant to lead you to repentance? But by your hard and impenitent heart you are storing up wrath for yourself on the day of wrath when God s RIGHTEOUS JUDGMENT will be revealed. Even better, unless your life is without sin, you have no business judging someone else.

Many things I do not know, but I know that I am not God s proxy when it comes to judgment. I am entirely unqualified for that position. I have the love of Christ to give to anyone that wants it gay, straight, murderer, thief, spouse abuser, child abuser, shellfish eater, beard shaver, blended fabric wearer, name only Christian. God invites them to his house and it is not my place to offer them anything but Christ s love and hospitality. In other words, keep the dirt swept off your own back porch and you won t have time to worry about the dirt on anyone else s but your own. Maybe you ll even find that they have much to teach us about love that we don t yet know. I would hate to miss that opportunity.

I typically ignore most of these types of postings, however, an old friend linked it on her myspace. My friend is straight, married, two beautiful daughters. She s knows I m both a United Methodist and a homosexual.

In response to, I m completely in awe. How someone can be so gloriously misguided within their own standard. Are you saying I can t be a christian, note I didn t parenthesize that, because I m gay? Silly me, I thought by accepting Jesus Christ as my personal savior I d taken a fairly monumental step towards christianity. You claim that you won t let your friends, note that IS parenthesized, deceive themselves. I truly think you re the one deceiving him/herself. It is your DUTY as a friend to accept them. To care, cherish, and love them. Not to Judge them or to put words of hatred and damnation into God s mouth.

It s at times like this where I truly feel you need to worry about your own afterlife, because MY God knows my heart. I have no fear. As Matt pointed out you seem to have skipped a few portions in your recitation. Looks like it s time for you to close your mouth and open your mind. Would you like another interpretation of this issue? It s a little less serious, but in essence as much Truth as you claim to share:

The Bible contains six admonishments to homosexuals and 362 admonishments to heterosexuals. That doesn t mean that God doesn t love heterosexuals. It s just that they need more supervision. Lynn Lavner

It is curious. Curious that physical courage should be so common in the world, and moral courage so rare.

If you re a fan of WABA s Bike Education program, you may have noticed that our calendar has been pretty empty this summer. Well, that s all about to change.

We re excited to announce a new Confident City Cycling class this Saturday, July 28th, at 10:00 AM right in the heart of downtown DC. If you haven t experienced our Confident City Cycling class, this is a fantastic opportunity to learn some skills and practice your riding technique with our team of top-notch bike educators and instructors.

Want to get the latest class schedule by email? Sign up for Event Hub here, the latest calendar is at the end of every email.

Location: The Ellipse, 15th St. Constitution Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20230

You can reserve a spot in the class for just 10, or you can take your chances and show up on Saturday for FREE as a walk-on. Walk-ons are limited to the first 10 people who arrive for a class and are not on the official attendee list.

You are responsible for providing your own bike and helmet, and you might want to consider water, sunscreen, and maybe a snack.

If you have any questions, please email or call 202-518-0524 x212

Confident City Cycling CCC classes have options for riders of any experience or skill level, and are designed to teach the techniques and knowledge critical to riding safely on city streets.

After a short introduction/review of basic concepts, the class will be divided into two groups: a beginner or Trails group, and an intermediate or Traffic group.

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The books are here already!! WOW that is amazing. Thank you so much. My husband said, Seems like at every step they have outperformed expectations sooner than anticipated ! I love it!

This 30-second testimonial was left on Wheatmarks voicemail. Click the play button to hear it.

The unique blend of talent at Wheatmark has enabled me to be serious about reaching the 10, 000 books sold goal. Thank you all

Wheatmark delivered all services promptly. When I next publish, I wouldn t think of looking elsewhere for a publisher. I hope to continue my relationship with Wheatmark through their Authors Academy.

I was referred by one of your authors who was quite satisfied with your service. The service was timely, the info on target and the attitude always positive. Wheatmark took care of all the peripheral items related to the book in a fine manner allowing me to concentrate on writing. My Wheatmark book adviser Lori Leavitt was of great help and very professional.

I wanted my stories to be immediately available to my readers, not sitting on some editor s desk gathering dust. I found Wheatmark to be much easier to deal with. They actually listened to my input and addressed my concerns promptly and good-naturedly. Wheatmark kept me well-informed every step of the way, so I knew at what stage of the process my books were.

Wheatmark was able to take the book I wrote, add their expertise, and bring it to fruition as a professional book. Wheatmark freed me to do what I do best: write. Also, Wheatmark offers strategies and resources for marketing my books that will save me time and frustration.

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We are delighted to inform you that the Committee on Admissions has voted to offer you a place in the Gilford Academy Class of 2016! Nearly fifteen thousand students applied for admission to the entering class, making it the most competitive, qualified, and Anglo-Saxon applicant pool in Gilford history.

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Good morning or afternoon or evening or whatever. Welcome to the April 2012 issue of Defenestration, by far the greatest issue of Defenestration I ve had the pleasure to publish in April 2012!

Since Defenestration isn t a particularly large operation, Eileen and I act as both editors and slush readers. It s an interesting experience. We get to see everything, absolutely everything, that pops into the in-box, without anyone filtering the content. We get to see the great, and the not-so-great, and the downright bizarre.

Well, sirs and madams, when I say bizarre, I mean bizarre. And if you ve ever read slush for a magazine, you know exactly what I mean.

Archived issues for Volumes I, II, and III can now be read in their entirety. Each issue has been added to the site as a file. You can view each issue by clicking the Archives category on the right. Enjoy!

As you can see, we have a new look. We think all the data has come with us its even brought along little jewelry where all the quote marks used to go!, but please bear with us as we work out the kinks. We are the wrong kind of nerds for this sort of thing!

Welcome to Defenestration, a literary magazine dedicated to humor.

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The following types of articles were excluded: letters, editorials/commentaries, reviews, lectures and commentaries.

The standard review methods of the Cochrane Neonatal Review Group CNRG were used to select studies for inclusion, extract data from the studies and assess the methodological quality of the studies.

All published articles identified as potentially relevant by the literature search were assessed for inclusion in the review. Discrepancy regarding inclusion/exclusion of the studies was resolved by consensus.

Each review author extracted data separately using pre-designed data abstraction forms. The review authors compared results and resolved differences. One review author entered data into RevMan 5.1 and the other review author cross-checked the printout against his own data abstraction forms and errors were corrected by consensus.

If relevant articles were identified, the review authors obtained data from the authors where published data provided inadequate information for the review or where relevant data could not be abstracted.

Quality of included trials was evaluated independently by the two authors using risk of bias assessment tool from Cochrane Collaboration Higgins 2011.

There were three potential answers to these questions - yes, cant tell, no

For the update in 2011, the following issues were evaluated and entered into the Risk of Bias Table:

Selection bias random sequence generation and allocation concealment.

For each included study, we categorized the risk of selection bias as:

Low risk - adequate any truly random process random number table; computer random number generator;

High risk - inadequate any non random process odd or even date of birth; hospital or clinic record number;

For each included study, we categorized the risk of bias regarding allocation concealment as:

Low risk - adequate telephone or central randomisation; consecutively numbered sealed opaque envelopes;

High risk - inadequate open random allocation; unsealed or non-opaque envelopes, alternation; date of birth;

For each included study, we categorized the methods used to blind study personnel from knowledge of which intervention a participant received. As our study population consisted of neonates they would all be blinded to the study intervention:

For each included study, we categorized the methods used to blind outcome assessors from knowledge of which intervention a participant received. As our study population consisted of neonates they would all be blinded to the stud intervention. Blinding was assessed separately for different outcomes or classes of outcomes. We categorized the methods used with regards to detection bias as:

For each included study and for each outcome, we described the completeness of data including attrition and exclusions from the analysis. We noted whether attrition and exclusions were reported, the numbers included in the analysis at each stage compared with the total randomised participants, reasons for attrition or exclusion where reported, and whether missing data were balanced across groups or were related to outcomes. Where sufficient information was reported or supplied by the trial authors, we re-included missing data in the analyses. We categorized the methods with respect to the risk attrition bias as:

For each included study, we described how we investigated the risk of selective outcome reporting bias and what we found. We assessed the methods as:

Low risk - adequate where it is clear that all of the studys pre-specified outcomes and all expected outcomes of interest to the review have been reported;

High risk - inadequate where not all the studys pre-specified outcomes have been reported; one or more reported primary outcomes were not pre-specified; outcomes of interest are reported incompletely and so cannot be used; study fails to include results of a key outcome that would have been expected to have been reported;

For each included study, we described any important concerns we had about other possible sources of bias for example, whether there was a potential source of bias related to the specific study design or whether the trial was stopped early due to some data-dependent process. We assessed whether each study was free of other problems that could put it at risk of bias as:

High risk - concerns raised about multiple looks at the data with the results made known to the investigators, difference in number of patients enrolled in abstract and final publications of the paper

If needed, we planned to explore the impact of the level of bias through undertaking sensitivity analyses.

The statistical analyses followed the recommendations of the Cochrane Neonatal Group. A weighted treatment effect was calculated using the RevMan 5.1 package. The treatment effect estimates included typical relative risk RR, typical risk difference RD, number needed to treat to benefit NNTB or number needed to treat to harm NNTH for dichotomous outcomes, and weighted mean difference WMD for continuous outcomes. All estimates of treatment effects were reported with 95% confidence intervals CI.

were performed to assess the appropriateness of pooling the data. The degree of heterogeneity was roughly categorized according to Higgins and co-workers Higgins 2011 as 25% low, 50% moderate, and 75% high.

Planned subgroup analyses were performed according to the criteria listed below.

Meta-analyses were performed using Review Manager software RevMan 5.1 supplied by the Cochrane Collaboration. For estimates of typical RR and RD, we used the Mantel-Haenszel method. For measured quantities, we used the inverse variance method. All meta-analyses were done using the fixed effect model.

Subgroups: A. Sildenafil vs. placebo, B. Sildenafil vs. no treatment

Subgroups: A. Sildenafil vs. inhaled nitric oxide, B. Sildenafil vs. other pulmonary vasodilator

Comparison 3: Sildenafil and other pulmonary vasodilator vs. other pulmonary vasodilator

Subgroups: A. Sildenafil and other pulmonary vasodilator vs. inhaled nitric oxide, B. Sildenafil and nitric oxide vs. other pulmonary vasodilator, C. Sildenafil and nitric oxide vs. placebo/no treatment

If needed, we planned to explore the impact of the level of bias through undertaking sensitivity analyses.

Discovery of new glycoside hydrolases with improved biocatalytic properties for the efficient conversion of lignocellulosic material to biofuels is a critical challenge in the development of economically viable routes from biomass to fuels and chemicals. Results: Twenty-two putative ORFs open reading frames were identified from a switchgrass-adapted compost community based on sequence homology to related gene families. These ORFs were expressed in E. coli and assayed for predicted activities. Seven of the ORFs were demonstrated to encode active enzymes, encompassing five classes of hemicellulases. Four enzymes were over expressed in vivo, purified to homogeneity and subjected to detailed biochemical characterization. Their pH optima ranged between 5.5 - 7.5 and they exhibit moderate thermostability up to 60-70degreesC. Conclusions: Seven active enzymes were identified from this set of ORFs comprising five different hemicellulose activities. These enzymes have been shown to have useful properties, such as moderate thermal stability and broad pH optima, and may serve as the starting points for future protein engineering towards the goal of developing efficient enzyme cocktails for biomass degradation under diverse process conditions.

A randomized phase II trial to elucidate the efficacy of capecitabine plus cisplatin XP and S-1 plus cisplatin SP as a first-line treatment for advanced gastric cancer: XP ascertainment vs. SP randomized PII trial XParTS II 2012-07-23T00:00:00Z

Background: On the basis of international clinical trials, capecitabine plus cisplatin XP as a first-line treatment of advanced gastric cancer is considered a global standard regimen. However, the usefulness of XP as compared with S-1 plus cisplatin SP, which is considered standard therapy in Japan, has not yet been assessed. Methods: This is a multicenter randomized phase II trial to elucidate the efficacy of XP as compared with SP for first-line treatment of advanced gastric cancer. Patients with unresectable metastatic or recurrent gastric cancer, 20-74 years of age and human epidermal growth factor 2 HER2-negative status, will be assigned in a 1:1 ratio to receive either S-1 40mg/m2 bid for 21days plus cisplatin 60 mg/m2 day 8 every 5-week cycle or capecitabine 1000mg/m2 bid for 14days plus cisplatin 80 mg/m2 day 1 every 3-week cycle. Patients will be also asked to the analysis of tumor tissues for translational investigations. The Primary endpoint is progression-free survival and secondary endpoints are overall survival, time to treatment failure, tumor response rate and safety. These comparisons will also be evaluated in terms of biomarkers. Planned sample size is 100 50 in each arm, which is appropriate for this plus cisplatin combination is the standard regimen of the first line treatment for advanced gastric cancer. Both S-1 and capecitabine are the prodrug of 5-FU but differ from their process of metabolism. Result of this trial and translational research will provide the important clues to prepare the individualized therapy for advanced gastric cancer in the near future. Trial Registration: Identifier NCT01406249.

Background: Stereotactic ablative radiotherapy SABR has emerged as a new treatment option for patients with oligometastatic disease. SABR delivers precise, high-dose, hypofractionated radiotherapy, and achieves excellent rates of local control. Survival outcomes for patients with oligometastatic disease treated with SABR appear promising, but conclusions are limited by patient selection, and the lack of adequate controls in most studies. The goal of this multicenter randomized phase II trial is to assess the impact of a comprehensive oligometastatic SABR treatment program on overall survival and quality of life in patients with up to 5 metastatic cancer lesions, compared to patients who receive standard of care treatment alone. Methods: After stratification by the number of metastases 1-3 vs. 4-5, patients will be randomized between Arm 1: current standard of care treatment, and Arm 2: standard of care treatment SABR to all sites of known disease. Patients will be randomized in a 1:2 ratio to Arm 1:Arm 2, respectively. For patients receiving SABR, radiotherapy dose and fractionation depends on the site of metastasis and the proximity to critical normal structures. This study aims to accrue a total of 99 patients within four years. The primary endpoint is overall survival, and secondary endpoints include quality of life, toxicity, progression-free survival, lesion control rate, and number of cycles of further chemotherapy/systemic study will provide an assessment of the impact of SABR on clinical outcomes and quality of life, to determine if long-term survival can be achieved for selected patients with oligometastatic disease, and will inform the design of a possible phase III Registration: identifier: NCT01446744

Myeloid malignancies: mutations, models and management 2012-07-23T00:00:00Z

Myeloid malignant diseases comprise chronic including myelodysplastic syndromes, myeloproliferative neoplasms and chronic myelomonocytic leukemia and acute acute myeloid leukemia stages. They are clonal diseases arising in hematopoietic stem or progenitor cells. Mutations responsible for these diseases occur in several genes whose encoded proteins belong principally to five classes: signaling pathways proteins CBL, FLT3, JAK2, RAS, transcription factors CEBPA, ETV6, RUNX1, epigenetic regulators ASXL1, DNMT3A, EZH2, IDH1, IDH2, SUZ12, TET2 and UTX, tumor suppressors TP53, and components of the spliceosome SF3B1, SRSF2. Large-scale sequencing efforts will soon lead to the establishment of a comprehensive repertoire of these mutations, allowing for a better definition and classification of myeloid malignancies, the identification of new prognostic markers and therapeutic targets, and the development of novel therapies. Given the importance of epigenetic deregulation in myeloid diseases, the use of drugs targeting epigenetic regulators appears as a most promising therapeutic approach.

Background: Soft tissue metastases, in particular intraneural metastasis, from any carcinomas seldom occur. To our knowledge, no case of sciatic nerve palsy due to intraneural metastasis of gastric carcinoma is reported in the presentationA case is reported of a 82-years old woman with sciatic nerve palsy with intraneural metastasis of gastric carcinoma. Although she had undergone partial gastrectomy with T2b, N0, M0 two years ago and primary site was cured, she developed sciatic nerve palsy from the carcinoma metastasis directly to the nerve. Operative resection and Histological examination revealed poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma, the same as her primary site adenocarcinoma. Conclusions: Sciatica is usually caused by a herniated disc or spinal canal stenosis. Sciatic nerve palsy may be caused by nondiscogenic etiologies that may be either intrapelvic or extrapelvic. It is important to image the entire course of the nerve to distinguish these etiologies quickly. The longer the nerve compression the less likely a palsy will recover. Surgery is a good intervention that simultaneously obtains a tissue diagnosis and decompresses the nerve.

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1, 2 Aging and the decline of ovarian hormonal secretion during the menopausal transition may alter libido and sexual response and functioning. 3-5 This decline relates more to decreasing estradiol concentrations than to androgen levels. 6 In addition to hormonal changes, chronic diseases and medications may also negatively affect vascular response of the end genital organs. Potential therapeutic options for some categories of FSD include hormonal and pharmacologic agents. 7-9 Since nitric oxide NO synthase isoforms have been identified in the uterine 10 and clitoral tissues, 11 the NO cyclic guanosine monophosphate cGMP pathway, which is involved in penile erection and enhanced by sildenafil, 12, 13 may also play a role in some components of female sexual arousal response. Sildenafil has been demonstrated to be safe and effective in treatment of male erectile dysfunction. 13, 14 However, there are little data about the influence of sildenafil on vascular hemodynamics of genital tissues in women. A single randomized placebo-controlled trial of sildenafil treatment for female sexual arousal disorder FSAD in postmenopausal women suggests that the agent may be effective for a select population of women ie, without concomitant lack of sexual desire or contributory emotional, relationship, or historical abuse issues. 15 Pfizer, the company that developed the drug, however, decided against seeking regulatory approval for its use in the treatment of FSAD because several large-scale placebo-controlled studies yielded inconclusive results. 16

Measuring penile blood flow by color Doppler sonography has become a first-line test for evaluation of erectile dysfunction, 17 which is considered the male analogue to some components of FSAD. Clitoral blood flow measurements by color Doppler sonography may also be a reliable method to assess female sexual response. 18 The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of sildenafil on the uterine circulation and clitoral artery blood flow in postmenopausal women, by color Doppler ultrasound.

A total of 25 healthy postmenopausal women who had not undergone a hysterectomy, with a mean age of 50.2 3.6 years age range, 43-58 years, enrolled in this study. All participants had been amenorrheic for a minimum of 6 months before entering the study and had a high plasma level of follicle-stimulating hormone FSH 40 mIU/mL. The study population was drawn from patients undergoing routine gynecologic sonographic examination for measurement of endometrial thickness during a 5-month period. Exclusion criteria included significant cardiovascular disease, history of stroke or myocardial infarction, nitrate therapy or use of any cardiovascular medication, hypotension blood pressure 90/50 mm Hg, serious liver disease or renal failure, poorly controlled diabetes mellitus, history of alcohol or substance abuse, gynecologic operative intervention, morbid obesity, and history of using hormone replacement therapy. Informed consent was obtained from each participant after a detailed explanation of the procedure. Approval for the study was obtained from the Ethics Committee of our Faculty of Medicine.

Doppler sonography measurements were performed using a commercially available color Doppler scanner Logic 500 Pro, General Electric, Milwaukee, Wisconsin with a 6.0 to 9.0-MHz linear transducer for the clitoral arteries and a 2.0 to 5.0-MHz transabdominal convex transducer for the uterine arteries. The measurements were performed by the same investigator immediately before and 1 hour after administration of a single oral dose of 50 mg sildenafil citrate Viagra, Pfizer, Inc, New York, NY. The standard dose for men younger than 65 is 50 mg orally 1 hour before sexual activity see

Doppler measurements were taken at the end of the first hour because the peak serum levels of sildenafil after oral intake are achieved within 1 hour. 19

The uterine arteries were studied first. All women were scanned in the supine position with a moderate distended urinary bladder; pelvic sono-anatomy was identified. Color flow mapping was used to visualize the uterine arteries, laterally to the uterine wall. When the proper color signal of uterine artery was located, the pulsed Doppler sample volume was positioned over the vessel of interest and at least 3 similar, sequential Doppler waveforms were obtained. The Doppler angle was maintained at between 30 and 60 degrees during the spectral analyses. After measuring the peak systolic velocity PSV, end diastolic velocity EDV, and the mean velocity of the uterine artery, the resistance index RI PSV-EDV/PSV and pulsatility index PI PSV-EDV/mean were calculated.

Subsequently, the clitoral arteries were studied. All women were scanned in the lithotomy position. The Doppler probe was placed sagittally on the clitoris without exerting any significant pressure on genital tissues. The clitoral artery was quickly identified using color flow mapping. Once a clitoral artery was located, the pulsed Doppler sample volume was positioned over the vessel of interest and at least 3 similar, sequential Doppler waveforms were obtained. A Doppler angle of 20 degrees was ensured during the spectral analyses. After measuring the peak systolic velocity, end diastolic velocity, and the mean velocity of the clitoral artery, the resistance index and pulsatility index were calculated. The total examination time for the clitoral artery was limited to approximately 1 minute for each woman.

The statistical analysis was performed with the Statistical Package for Social Sciences computer program version 9.0 SPSS, Inc., Chicago, Illinois. The results of the study are shown as the mean plus or minus standard deviation. Paired Student t test was performed to investigate whether values of the uterine and clitoral arteries were significantly different between pre- and post-sildenafil studies. P values.05 indicated a statistically significant difference.

Table 1 shows the results of the color Doppler sonography measurements and statistical analysis. At least 1 of the uterine arteries was visualized, and satisfactory recordings of the Doppler signals from the uterine arteries were obtained in all subjects. Before sildenafil administration, the mean resistance and pulsatility indexes of the uterine arteries studied were 0.80 0.07 and 2.08 0.52, respectively. Clitoral artery circulation was easily detectable by color Doppler sonography, and good quality flow velocity waveforms were obtained. The basal mean peak systolic velocity, resistance index, and pulsatility index of the clitoral arteries studied were 12.9 5.8 cm/sec, 0.80 0.11, and 2.44 1.32, respectively.

One hour after the administration of a single oral dose of 50 mg sildenafil citrate, the mean uterine arterial resistance index 0.73 0.08 and pulsatility index 1.66 0.50 were significantly lower and the mean peak systolic velocity of the clitoral arteries 17.9 8.6 cm/sec was significantly higher compared with baseline values P.001. Sildenafil did not cause any significant change in the mean resistance index 0.79 0.10 and pulsatility index 2.51 1.44 of the clitoral artery P.683 and P.714, respectively.

After sildenafil administration, we observed side effects including headache n 4, dizziness n 2, flushing n 2, and tachycardia n 1, none of which were serious.

Blake, Judah, Pete, Solomon and Minxy

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Be sure that any discarded medicine is out of the reach of children.

All medicines may cause side effects, but many people have no, or minor, side effects. Check with your doctor if any of these most common side effects persist or become bothersome:

Diarrhea; dizziness; flushing; headache; heartburn; mild, temporary vision changes eg, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, blue/green color tint to vision; stuffy nose; or upset stomach.

Seek medical attention right away if any of these severe side effects occur: Severe allergic reactions rash; hives; itching; difficulty breathing; tightness in the chest; swelling of the mouth, face, lips, or tongue; chest pain; fainting; fast or irregular heartbeat; painful or prolonged erection; ringing in the ears; seizure; severe or persistent dizziness; severe or persistent vision changes; sudden decrease or loss of vision in one or both eyes; or sudden hearing loss.

This is not a complete list of all side effects that may occur. If you have questions about side effects, contact your health care provider.

lung function of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

capacity and quality-of-life, largely related to shortness of breath. Many of the therapies

currently available for COPD are aimed at improving these factors. Exercise capacity is

limited in part by high blood pressure in the blood vessels in the lungs. Sildenafil, also

known as Viagra, is an FDA-approved therapy for male erectile dysfunction. One of its

effects is to relax or open the lung vessels, thereby lowering the blood pressure in the

lungs. We hypothesize that sildenafil will result in an improvement in exercise capacity,

Enrolled subjects will receive sildenafil or placebo for 4 weeks followed by exercise tests,

breathing tests, and administration of quality-of-life questionnaires. Subjects will then

Allocation: Randomized, Control: Placebo Control, Endpoint Classification: Efficacy Study, Intervention Model: Crossover Assignment, Masking: Double Blind Subject, Caregiver, Investigator, Primary Purpose: Treatment

A disease of chronic diffuse irreversible airflow obstruction. Subcategories of COPD include CHRONIC BRONCHITIS and PULMONARY EMPHYSEMA.

Hypertrophy and dilation of the RIGHT VENTRICLE of the heart that is caused by PULMONARY HYPERTENSION. This condition is often associated with pulmonary parenchymal or vascular diseases, such as CHRONIC OBSTRUCTIVE PULMONARY DISEASE and PULMONARY EMBOLISM.

A subcategory of CHRONIC OBSTRUCTIVE PULMONARY DISEASE. The disease is characterized by hypersecretion of mucus accompanied by a chronic more than 3 months in 2 consecutive years productive cough. Infectious agents are a major cause of chronic bronchitis.

A condition associated with multiple episodes of sleep apnea which are distinguished from obstructive sleep apnea SLEEP APNEA, OBSTRUCTIVE by the complete cessation of efforts to breathe. This disorder is associated with dysfunction of central nervous system centers that regulate respiration. This condition may be idiopathic primary or associated with lower brain stem lesions; chronic obstructive pulmonary disease LUNG DISEASES, OBSTRUCTIVE; HEART FAILURE, CONGESTIVE; medication effect; and other conditions. Sleep maintenance is impaired, resulting in daytime hypersomnolence. Primary central sleep apnea is frequently associated with obstructive sleep apnea. When both forms are present the condition is referred to as mixed sleep apnea see SLEEP APNEA SYNDROMES. Adams et al., Principles of Neurology, 6th ed, p395; Neurol Clin 1996;143:611-28

Measurement of the volume of gas in the lungs, including that which is trapped in poorly communicating air spaces. It is of particular use in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and emphysema. Segen, Dictionary of Modern Medicine, 1992

Sildenafil is a phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitor that has been approved for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension with orphan drug designation. Sildenafil modulates the nitric

Sildenafil is a phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitor that has been approved for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension with orphan drug designation. Sildenafil modulates the nitric

This is a clinical research study designed to evaluate sildenafil for the treatment of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension in children, aged 1 to 17 years. The purpose of the study is to

To demonstrate a dose response for 1 mg, 5 mg and 20 mg TID oral sildenafil for the treatment of subjects with PAH.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPDcan be complicated by an increased pressure in the pulmonary circulation. This worsens the prognosis, but so far it is unknown whether

To develop sildenafil lactate, a salt form of sildenafil with improved solubility and bioavailability of poorly water-soluble sildenafil base, this salt form was prepared using a spray dryer. Its

Objective: To assess the outcomes of a 6-month comprehensive multidisciplinary outpatient pulmonary rehabilitation programme in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease according to age.

Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome is a common disorder in adults associated with several cardiovascular diseases and impaired quality of life. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is also a common

Pulmonary rehabilitation is a nonpharmacologic therapy that has emerged as a standard of care for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary,

To the Editor: Pulmonary hypertension develops in 37 to 59% of patients with end-stage idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.1, 2 Although it is not explicitly stated, the Sildenafil Trial of Exercise

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Patients Ville. com Reporting Your Sildenafil side effect will help others recognize and deal with Sildenafil side effects.

Ask patient community about Sildenafil related health issues.

on Jan 20, 2010 Female patient from JAPAN, was treated with Sildenafil. Sildenafil dosage: Unk. Patient died.

on Jan 14, 2010 Female patient from UNITED STATES, was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension What is pulmonary hypertension?, pulmonary arterial hypertension and was treated with Sildenafil. After Sildenafil was administered, patient had the following side effects: respiratory failure. Sildenafil dosage: Unk. During the same period patient was treated with ILOPROST, TRACLEER. Patient died on 11/21/2009.

on Jan 18, 2010 Male patient from JAPAN,, weighting 5.82 lb, was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension What is pulmonary hypertension?, scimitar syndrome, malnutrition and was treated with Sildenafil. After Sildenafil was administered, patient had the following side effects: cardiac failure, food interaction, restlessness. Sildenafil dosage: 1 Mg, 4x/day. During the same period patient was treated with SILDENAFIL CITRATE, TRIGLYCERIDES, FLOLAN. Patient was hospitalized.

on Jan 12, 2010 Female patient from JAPAN,, 34 years of age, weighting 111.3 lb, was diagnosed with pulmonary arterial hypertension and was treated with Sildenafil. After Sildenafil was administered, patient had the following side effects: anaemia, hypokalaemia, hypotension. Sildenafil dosage: 20 Mg, 3x/day. During the same period patient was treated with FLOLAN, FLUTIDE DISKUS, SEREVENT, MERCAZOLE, SELBEX, GASMOTIN, RABEPRAZOLE, CERCINE. Patient was hospitalized.

on Jan 19, 2010 Male patient from UNITED STATES,, weighting 200.0 lb, was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension What is pulmonary hypertension? and was treated with Sildenafil. After Sildenafil was administered, patient had the following side effects: pulmonary embolism What is pulmonary embolism?. Sildenafil dosage: 20 Mg Tid Po. During the same period patient was treated with VIAGRA, RANITIDINE, COLACE, FINASTERIDE, BISOPROLOL FUMARATE AND HYDROCHLOROTHIAZIDE, ACIPHEX. Patient was hospitalized.

Wyatt was telling us how he had to tell this guy he was planning on doing a sales internship this summer, but that he could no longer do it because he had found a more suitable internship with a state senator. While we were talking, the guy that Wyatt had to break the news to, Kyle Peters, approached our table and introduced himself. After him and Wyatt left and had their discussion, Kyle came back to the table where Mara and I were sitting and asked us what we were doing this summer. Mara went on a brief, but fairly impressive monologue about this internship she had already secured with a lobbying firm in Michigan. When it was my turn, all I was thinking was, Her excuse to not talk to this guy Kyle is so much better than mine. So, sure enough, I responded with my much less-impressive plan for the summer, which was to wait tables at a restaurant in my home town. Even though I was initially resistant to talking to Kyle, what he said about Southwestern Advantage did peak my interest, and given my very weak response to what I had lined up for the summer, I felt obligated to attend one of his informational meetings.

At the meeting, Kyle spoke about the long hours, hard work, and perseverance it takes to do well with Southwestern. He told me that if I worked 80 hours a week and saw 30 people a day then I would definitely make 8, 000. This was very intriguing to me, because I needed some money, but being a political science major, I felt the need to question this, along with everything else Kyle said. I talked to my parents after my second or third meeting with Kyle, and they strongly encouraged me to look into other paid internships, reminding me that there was no guarantee I would make any money. Being the procrastinator I am, I put off the decision of whether or not I would sell books for weeks, before finally telling Kyle that I was in. I figured there was no way to know for sure whether or not this internship would be good for me unless I actually did it. Its a good thing I finally did decide to sell books, because it was without a doubt one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I worked exactly the number of hours, and saw exactly the number of people per day that Kyle told me to, and lo and behold, I made exactly the amount of money that Kyle said I would if I did those things. But that is not the reason you should sell books. Money comes and goes, but the endless amount of skills you learn on the book field last forever. Southwestern will teach you skills that are perfectly relevant to any career path you choose. My communication skills are infinitely better, especially with adults who are the demographic you will be interviewing with when you apply for jobs, but also with little kids which is more difficult than I thought, and may help in the long run. My ability to sell went from non-existent to at least above average, which is a crucial skill in any profession, whether youre selling your case to a jury, you art to a museum, your medical practice to patients, your software design to a superior, or yourself to any interviewer. Southwestern teaches you the ability to stay positive and laugh at yourself, which is a skill that so many people sorely lack. When you are riding an old bike around in the driving rain at 9 pm I rode a bike because I did not have a car, and knocking on doors asking people to let you in their home so you can show them some really cool books, the only thing you can do is laugh even if its to keep yourself from crying. Selling books makes it easier to overcome challenges, and I am a more confident, more persistent, harder worker for doing it.

There is no better internship in the country that will better prepare you for the professional world and life as a whole than Southwestern. If you struggle with confidence, it will help you. If you are struggling to figure out how to separate yourself from your classmates while searching for a job, selling books is a great way to do it. If you want to improve your communication skills, Southwestern will help you. If you think you are someone that is already a hard, diligent, motivated worker, why not prove it to yourself? There are certainly risks involved with selling books; anything can happen. And you will probably lead a happy, fulfilling life if you do not sell books; I do not mean to overstate its importance, and I would certainly never say that someone who has done the Southwestern program is any better than anyone who hasnt. But if you never take any risks, you will never gain any rewards. If you only take small risks, you will only gain small rewards. But if you take great risks, your rewards will be great as well. So, if you are considering selling books, I urge you to stop considering, and just do it. I promise you wont regret it.

Over the past four years working for Southwestern Advantage, I have seen you mature into a fine and responsible man. In order to explain my statement I need to review your time with Southwestern.

I recall it was about mid February of 2008 when you said you were considering working a sales job for the summer. As we talked, I had some doubts as all caring parents, do, but you said you would arrange for me to meet and speak with a Recruiter/Sales Manager of the company. In March of 2008 you and I met with the Recruiter and spoke over an hour regarding the following:

3. Where would you be going, where would you live, would you be safe, etc?

4. How would they train you, who would supervise you, who would be there to help and

I felt my concerns had been answered to a point of me feeling 95% sure the summer opportunity was valid and you would be taken care of while away. No parent is ever 100% sure their child is okay and every caring parent will always worry for their child in someway. I was no different.

During that summer you and I spoke often as to sales and the ups and downs of such a career. After all, I have been in the sales industry for some thirty years and had in my experience, running into many of the same walls as you did and the wonders youhad that summer. I hope you feel having my support was helpful to your success during the tough times which occurred. As any caring parent, I wished for you to be safe and successful at whatever you choose to do in life.

In August when you came home, we talked about the experience of outside sales, your memories good and bad, and the friends you made during the summer. Although, you didnt do as well as you had wished for as to your compensation, I explained you made a better income for three months than did many of your friends who worked at Wal-Mart or other high school jobs and you got to travel andsee North Carolina. During our conversation in the late summer I noticed your communication style had come from a quiet young man into a more self assured and confident adult. It seemed as if you had a stronger belief system in yourself, as well.

Since 2008 and working with Southwestern, you have become more responsible person, more of a take-charge individual, and have a self assured belief system which is both healthy and good for you as you grow into your professional career. I believe you have been given an opportunity for which you took full advantage of in succeeding as an individual, but also as a part of a team and an organization.

Roughly two and a half years ago my roommate, best friend, and current student manager Wes Linette opened the door to an opportunity and reality that Im forever grateful for Southwestern Advantage. No, I wasnt a believer from day one, but a few years later I am and as a result continue to challenge myself each and every day. Southwestern isnt simply a job, Southwestern is a daily decision, a lifestyle.

Following Wess first summer with Southwestern, where he sold in and around Beaumont, Texas for a full summer, he immediately told me that not only would I succeed at the job, but I would love it. Love selling books door-to door? Love sweating, a lot? Love hearing No! over thirty times a day? Love not seeing my family, friends, and golf courses all summer long? To me, the thought of loving this job made absolutely no sense. Thanks to Wess passion, persistence, and the perks of living a short three steps away from him, I gave him some time.

Although it s never been my favorite Beach Boys-era, I can t deny that it was loads of fun to sing along to the simple, catchy pop songs that launched the their career. From there the band hit many of the highlights from their mid-60 s albums including I Get Around, When I Grow Up To Be A Man, their cover of Then I Kissed Her and the gorgeous Don t Worry Baby. The very large, youthful crowd were loving every second of it, dancing, singing and bouncing beach balls around, and the band was clearly energized by their exuberant even the typically stoic Brian cracked a few smiles.

The second half of the band s set is when things really started to get interesting, after performing one of my personal favorites Heroes and Villains and a great rendition of rarity, Sail On, Sailor the band went straight into a Pet Sounds medley of Sloop John B, Wouldn t It Be Nice and God Only Knows. It was a completely transcendent moment which they immediately one-upped when the band played their most iconic song Good Vibrations, it s expansive and gorgeous arrangement really justifying the presence of the orchestral band on stage. For the final stretch, the band looped back around to some older classics, Help Me, Rhonda Surfin USA and Fun, Fun, Fun which concluded their triumphant and sublime performance. After 50 years the Beach Boys songs have become absolutely timeless and I was overjoyed to see them performed.

Follow the jump for more pictures of The Beach Boys. Click here to see the full set.

Honestly, you would think Taylor would have the hang of this by now. But no, instead it once again falls to me to fill in the gaps left by his recent Best Albums of 2012 So Far list. To his credit, my Rest of the Best list is significantly shorter this year, but these omissions are still pretty unforgivable. I don t even know why you guys listen to him anymore. You all need to ask yourselves: How can someone with no interest in music run a music blog?

I Belong in Your Arms made a splash earlier this year, but Something seems to have been lost in the shuffle. Which is a shame, because by any measure its one of the best records of the year. Chairlift have a solid grasp on their style, something that can go under appreciated in our mad rush to find new sounds. Every song on Something is meticulously crafted, and Chairlift know their way around a melody that can really get its hooks in you. It may take a few spins to fully appreciate, but Something is one of the most rewarding albums of 2012.

El-P has been pushing his brand of constellation funk for over a decade now. His is an uncompromising vision, one that can be difficult to stomach since he s rarely willing to meet anyone halfway. You either listen on his terms, or not at all. Cancer 4 Cure is a further refinement of his style, and it s poised to bring El-P to his biggest audience yet. So whats changed? It s not that he s giving in, but that everyone else is finally realizing things are as bad as he s been saying all along. The world has finally caught up with El-P, and Cancer 4 Cure is his warm welcome to the grim reality he calls home.

Obviously, Gentleman Jesse leveraged his everlasting soul to some nefarious being. How else do you explain the abundance of gooey goodness dripping from Leaving Atlanta? Every song has a massive chorus, and the in-the-red production makes sure they leave a lasting impression. But the turn comes when you listen a little closer; on the surface these seem like fine pop songs, but Leaving Atlanta is actually Jesses way of dealing with the loss of close friends and family. That knowledge colors the album a bit darker, and gives the songs weight beyond simple pop perfection.

You wouldn t expect a four-song, 90-minute album to be accessible, let alone something you ll want to put on repeat, but Rachel Evans accomplishes exactly that on her latest as Motion Sickness of Time Travel. Evans has a way with drones, one that lulls you while simultaneously keeping your rapt attention. She weaves sounds and textures together in such a fascinating and enjoyable way that you ll find yourself carving out time to experience her world as a whole.

In a genre that has always been obsessed with wealth, Rick Ross stands out. Not because he bucks the trend, but because his taste is so grandiose that it borders on obscene. While other rappers are content to keep their boasts at street level, Ross has bigger plans. He s past worrying about police, he s flaunting his wealth in prosecutors faces. He s done with cooking, he s more concerned with imports and exports. Of course, Ross vision of luxury is helped by his choice in beats; there isn t a dud here, and they all sound like they cost him a few hundred grand each. Rich Forever proves Ross concept of money is on another level. After all, what flaunts your wealth better than giving a million-dollar project away for free?

A lot of us were ready to write off Sleigh Bells after Treats ; that albums was good, but it was obvious Sleigh Bells wouldn t be able to expand on its overwhelming force of sound. Well, obvious to everyone but Sleigh Bells. Reign of Terror pushes the band forward by scaling back; the songs here are still abrasive, but now they are tempered with a sweetness that adds a new dimension to the music. Attribute the change to the increased involvement of Alexis Krauss, or the personal tragedy of Derek Miller, but it injects the record with a humanity not previously found in the band s music. With Reign of Terror, Sleigh Bells prove there is more to them than the tension between shred guitar and cheerleader chants. Who knew depth is a word we would be using to describe the band responsible for Crown on the Ground?

The final day of Bonnaroo was opened by Austin, TX singer/guitarist Gary Clark Jr and his bluesy, garage-rock. Gary s set featured easily some of the best and dirtiest guitarwork I saw all weekend, sending a jolt to the system for those dozing off after all the late-night shows the night before. As he closed with theelectrifying Bright Lights the vocal hook You gonna know my name by theend of the night rang very true. Definitely a star on the rise.

Follow the jump for more Gary Clark Jr. pictures. Click here to see the full set.

Each month, I post my 5 favorite music videos that we ve featured on our sister blog, Seen Your Video. In June, we added Chris Deline previously of Culture Bully as a writer on the site, and topping our list of videos was whimsical urban dance leagues, hipsters committing increasingly dangerous acts, mysterious boxes and Shia LaBoeuf as a bearded interpretative dancer. Watch the videos below!

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The program, promoted by the World Bank as a pro-poor, pro-transparency initiative, was undertaken to capitalize on the boom in nearby Chennai. The absence of clear land titles made extensive land purchases time consuming and expensive, and this was a bottleneck to large-scale development projects. As part of the program, the Tamil Nadu government declared that the digitized records would be the only evidence admissable in court for land claims, so the older records and less precise data that formed the basis of the Dalit claims lost any legal footing they had, and their claim was sunk.

A new generation of land developers grew up alongside the digitized records: firms with the skills and information to make efficient use of this new resource. These developers lobbied effectively for records and spatial data to be made open, and then used their advantages to displace smaller firms who, as Raman writes, relied on their knowledge of local histories and relationships to assemble land for development. The effects went far beyond the three-acre plot near Marakkanan: newly visible master plans became used as the reference point to label legal and illegal spaces and as a justification for evicting the poor from their economic and residential spaces. The pro-poor initiative turned out to be anything but. Tamil Nadu was not alone in running an open data project that made life harder for the poor; neighbouring Karnatakas Bhoomi or land e-governance program has had similar effects: a 2007 publication concluded that the digitization of land records led to increased corruption, much more bribes and substantially increased time taken for land transactions. At another level, it facilitated very large players in the land markets to capture vast quantities of land at a time when Bangalore experiences a boom in the land market.

The case is discussed by Bhuvaneswari Raman, The Rhetoric and Reality of Transparency, Journal of Community Informatics, 82, 2012, available here.

Bhuvaneswari Raman, Solomon Benjamin and others have done extensive research around the impact of Karnataka states Bhoomi or land e-governance program web site to digitize 20-million land records. See references listed in Ramanfn1 and particularly here PDF.

They seem to be persecuted for their desiness are there other types of Burmese Muslims and how do they fare in modern day Myanmar? and we have covered a fair bit on this weblog about the Rohingya:

A cousin posted this on Facebook. The strange issue here is that the language here is very different from standard Bengali, and in fact, more diverged than most regional Bengali dialects. I have a very difficult time understanding it. It s Sylheti. In case you don t know, most Bangladeshis in the United Kingdom are from Sylhet. When I was in London a few years back I couldn t understand many of the Bangladeshis talking on the street. In contrast, in Bologna or New York I can understand Bangladeshis on the stret.

SIR I, like Shashank Joshi, am concerned about Pakistans human rights record, its discriminatory laws, and its exposure to radical Islamist extremism Army misrule is turning Egypt into Pakistan , Comment, June 20. But Mr Joshi overlooks that Pakistan is an imperfect but functioning democracy, which Egypt has never been.

Pakistan still tolerates religious freedom to a greater extent than Turkey does. It has a free press non-existent in much of the Muslim world, strong civil institutions that can challenge endemic corruption and malpractice, and an independent judiciary that has been able to hold even the prime minister to account.

There is much to criticise about the direction Pakistan has taken in recent years, but Mr Joshi should try to be fair.

It recalls the last time that the Church sought a new Archbishop of Canterbury, in 2002, when the Rt Rev Michael Nazir-Ali, then Bishop of Rochester, was described as a Paki Papist by an unidentified cleric.

Indiana Jones Theme With Amazing Nick McKaig And No Instruments! Jul 23, 2012 Nick McKaig is a popular online vocals-only cover artist with viral hits like his The Simpsons theme cover that stands with over one million views. Now, the one man a cappella master has taken one of John Williams most famous pieces, the theme music for Indiana Jones.

Colorado Shooting Victims: Their Faces, Their Stories Heroes Too! Jul 22, 2012 Watch More News Videos at ABC 2012 Presidential Election Entertainment Celebrity News As the names and faces of the Colorado shooting tragedy emerged Saturday, from a 6 year old girl to a 27 year old man celebrating his birthday to an aspiring sportscaster, their stories are being told too! And among them were some

10 Surprising Facts About Google, So You Don t Have To Google Them: Jul 21, 2012 Google has forever changed the Internet and really the entire world for that matter. Mankinds most popular search engine is famous for its Google Doodles and quirky business practices. For instance, did you know they dont mow their lawn at Google HQ? They use goats! Click on the video for more cool and surprising Google

Survivior Stories A Fateful Tragic End Tale At The Colorado Movie Shootings! Jul 20, 2012 Watch More News Videos at ABC 2012 Presidential Election Entertainment Celebrity News You never know how long your life on this earth will last, and one of the first chilling stories to emerge from this devastating Colorado movie shooting tragedy was that of Jessica Ghawi, a young aspiring sportscaster, who was killed when 24-year-old

Chilling Police Audio As 1st Responders Arrive At Scene Of Colorado Massacre! Jul 20, 2012 Chilling police radio audio released Friday showing the professionalism quick action by first responders of the Aurora, Colorado Police Department makes you appreciate our men women in law enforcement once again, who rush in when everyone else is rushing out, as has often been said! This recording reveals the very calm police dispatcher

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Batman star Christian Bale quietly visited survivors of the Colorado theater shooting Tuesday, thanking medical staff and police officers who responded to the attack that killed 12 people and injured 58 others. Bale visited with little advance warning and also stopped by a makeshift memorial to victims near the movie theater that was showing The Dark Knight Rises when the gunfire erupted. Reports from those who met him said he told them he wanted to come because he has been thinking about this. He knows the whole world has been thinking about this, and he wanted to come and visit with the survivors thank the medical staff personnel who have been caring for the victims their families.

Sherman Hemsley, famous for playing George Jefferson on the classic TV sitcom The Jeffersons, has died. Sources say Hemsley died at his home in El Paso, Texas, of natural causes. He was 74. The Jeffersons was a spinoff of the All In The Family series with Archie Edith Bunker, and it ran on CBS from 1975 to 1985 and when it was canceled it was the longest-running prime-time series on the air. Hemsley later starred as Deacon Ernest Frye on Amen, which aired from 1986 to 1991.

Chad Everett. the star of the 1970s TV series Medical Center who went on to appear in such films and shows as Mulholland Drive and Melrose Place, died Tuesday at his home in Los Angeles after a year-and-a-half-long battle with lung cancer. Everett is survived by his two daughters and six grandchildren. He was married to actress Shelby Grant for 45 years until her death last year.

Most Americans dont know the correct difference between England, The United Kingdom, and Great Britain, but at least theyve heard of those terms. But if you told the average American The City Of London is actually a separate entity that resides in the city of London, they would think you re just punking them. But its true. Thankfully, everyones favorite nerd, CGPGrey explains the whole mess in simple terms in honor of the upcoming London Olympics.

Truman Parkway, Annapolis, MD 21401, or email:, or fax to 410 841-5950. Comments will be accepted through August 13, 2012. Urge adoption of the proposed nutrient management regulations with the 8 ESSENTIAL CHANGES.

The Maryland Department of Agriculture announced the development of weakened proposed regulations that are well short of the positions advocated by the Senior Scientists and Policymakers for the Bay to address the pollution from millions of tons of chicken and other farm animal manure that is poisoning ground and surface waters. Some key elements of the proposals don t even go into effect until 2016, allowing four more years to do just some of what has been required for land application of treated human sludge since 1985!

The reports from the University of Maryland scientists appointed bythe Administration were kept from us and the public until just before the announcement of the proposals for regulations. These scientists recommended much more than was incorporated into the regulations and noted that the EPA s Bay Program found that farm animal manure is responsible for 24 percentof the phosphorus this is more than all the municipal WWTPs and industrial dischargers and 15 percentof the nitrogen flowing to and choking the Bay. This does not include the atmospheric contribution of nitrogen from the volatilization of manure and fertilizer, and subsequent atmospheric deposition of the nitrates estimated at 7% of total bay nitrogen. Septic tanks Baywide are somewhere around 3 percentof the nitrogen, near zero of the phosphorus and for Maryland it s 6percentof the nitrogen and near zero of the phosphorous.

Please see our letter to the Governor s Bay Cabinet urging action on new regulations. The new regulations ignore our science-based recommendations to conform chicken manure and other animal waste and nutrients placed on farm fields with the 1985 requirements for treated human sludge including: prohibition on winter application after November 1, better buffer requirements including a 100 buffer in the Critical Area, and a prohibition on the application of manure and other nutrients with phosphorus when the soils are already super-saturated with phosphorus. Also rejected was a requirement that there be adequate monitoring and enforcement of the Nutrient Management Regulations, which is currently lacking.

Please see The Sun article on the cozy relationship between Governor O Malley and Perdue s General Counsel and the Food and Water watch release on this issue.

Also see the letter from two full-time working farmers on the need for better nutrient management regulations and in support of our positions.

In preparing for the 2012 Maryland Legislative session, the memories of largely unproductive sessions for the environment in 2010 and 2011 were very fresh. The combined environmental community the Clean Water, Healthy Families coalition resolved to be more focused, to pursue a direct request of legislators, and to focus on goals that would have a measurable impact on improving water quality. Those goals were:

Finish upgrading the wastewater treatment plants that Maryland has already committed to upgrade.

Ensure that local governments have resources to reduce polluted stormwater runoff and implement their local clean water plans.

Reduce pollution from poorly planned development including limiting new septic systems.

Require that all wastewater discharges, including septic systems, are treated at the highest levels to protect public health and ensure clean water.

The first two goals were explicitly stated in Marylands Watershed Implementation Plan WIP and comprised the core funding strategies for the states efforts to address pollution from its central urban and suburban corridor. The last two were focused on ensuring that we dont erase any gains we make via the first two by developing in a way that creates a staggering amount of new pollution.

As the clock ran down on the legislative session yesterday, the future of the Chesapeake and Marylands rivers hung in the balance. Early in the day, legislation to double the Bay Restoration Fund or flush fee passed, followed by a bill aimed at limiting sprawling growth by restricting where septic-served subdivisions can be located. The debate on a bill to require the 10 largest jurisdictions in the state to create dedicated stormwater restoration fees carried on late into the evening, with opponents, largely from the eastern shore and western Maryland, attempting to filibuster until the end of session, at midnight.

At one point, the floor leader for the bill, Senator Paul Pinsky, asked the opponents many of whom had invented, and then promulgated, the notion of a war on rural Maryland why, when they opposed additional water quality regulations on farms on the grounds that agriculture wasnt the only source of pollution to the bay, they opposed a bill whose impacts fell most heavily on the densest areas of the state. The opponents fell back to a line of defense that can only be characterized as diversionary. They argued that Marylands overall pollution contribution was insignificant compared to the contribution of other states, that the cost of compliance was too expensive, and that the Chesapeake Bay TMDL pollution diet was in litigation, so there was no need to rush to address it.

Never mind the fact that the bill was aimed at jurisdictions with an MS4 stormwater permit, which has conditions and requirements that exist independent of the TMDL. Eventually though, the filibuster was shut down, those in favor of the bill in the Senate prevailed, and the bill was sent back to House and passed with 10 minutes to spare in the session.

The community still intends to pursue, through regulations, a requirement that all new septic systems be built using the best available technology, but we ended the evening with three of our four goals in hand and a strong commitment to address the fourth. There can be little doubt that the 2012 session will go down in Maryland lore as the Session of the Bay, despite the fact that it was tumultuous in many other respects.

And, with the close of the 2012, Marylands cities, town, and suburban enclaves are well positioned to meet their pollution reduction goals going forward. They have developed their plans and now have been given the tools to implement them in a timely fashion. There still remains important work to be done in other sectors, though, with Marylands nutrient management regulations still under consideration and an agricultural community divided over its willingness to be a full player in the recovery of Marylands most valuable natural resource. The session has ended, but the journey to restoration has just begun.

Maryland s 2012 General Assembly Session is now more than halfway over, and while elected officials are currently focused on the state s budget, several pieces of important Chesapeake Bay legislation that would help clean up our waters await committee votes.

Today the Executive Council of the Senior Scientists and Policymakers for the Bay delivered this letter to key legislators in support of the following legislation that is in line with our 25-step action plan, specifically with respect to science-based recommendations to control agricultural pollution, foster clean development, upgrade septic systems, and improve wastewater treatment plants:

Reduce pollution from the spreading of animal waste on farm fields Senate Bill 594 See my recent Baltimore Sun op-ed and Will Morrow s letter to the editor on the need for this legislation.

Require that all wastewater discharges, including septic systems, are treated at the level of best available technology to protect public health and ensure clean water Through Amendments to Senate Bill 236House Bill 445 or by Regulation

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Unfortunately, I don t have an answer. Hopefully I ll win and then be able to answer in the future.

I m totally hot for nasty Jake and toppy Trucker from the Crash Pad Series, and my femme bottom bondage painslut hero is Madison Young. sigh, porn is nice.

I don t have a favorite porn star or a scene I like to watch from time to time. Two women we were obviously doing it for the camera that found out it was better to just enjoy it for themselves. It s hot watching a woman REALLY cum in porn film and love it.:

I have no favorite porn star, as I generally only watch free porn, but I do enjoy watching party sex porn not sex party porn, but people randomly fucking at parties.

Also, the Firefly reference made my day. Okay, the porn clip made my day, but the Firefly reference backs it pretty quickly.

I don t know about porn stars, but Crash Pad porn is hands down the only thing that really trips my trigger. Its so realistic and raw, really gets me going. I was just explaining to some of my het ro male friends the difference between het ro lesbian porn and lesbian dyke porn. I think the difference is so amazing, for me, and my lady parts. xo

Desire Cousteau. She did porn in the 70s, and though she s not my type nowadays, she was the first porn star I got into when I discovered my dad s videos as a teen! I had SUCH a crush on her.

Hmm I don t have a favourite porn movie or porn star. One of my resolutions for the New Year is to watch some good lesbian porn. So I hope I win!

I would love to watch more of the Crash Pad series that the snips I have for free did I mention I am terribly cheap; Finally the intensity that I experience when being fucked is manifest in the films. Sadly, I should not win because I have dial-up high speed is not offered in my rural area, and any pleasure would be lost to frustrating delays in buffering.

Best wishes to all who have entered, and good luck to each of you. And thanks for the great clip, Sin, it was nice to see one of my favorite positions getting fucked facing her, sitting in her lap on display.

I am finally catching up on reading the blogs of everyone that I met at Femme Collective, so I guess this entry is as good as any to comment and say hi on! So long overdue hi again, it was great meeting you, and I m loving this site!

As for favorite porn stars, does Bettie Page count? Cliche yes, but she died last week and it made me horribly sad.

Ooh, I haven t found a porn or porn star to get into, but this could help me find my way. XD

Due to the lack of good porn, I ve somewhat trained myself to detach from it and to enjoy nameless, faceless, hard fucking. will do. But I suppose particularly those pneumatic blondes, plastic, big tits, too skinny, not my type definately. Plus I m not toppy, but I d sit on their face and laugh.

Unfortunately this is all by the by. Work is so awful that I ve lost my mojo anyhow.

and, embarrassingly enough, hetero blow jobs really get us me and the old lady off. they really don t show what the penis is attached to all that often, so it s easy to imagine a hotdykeyqueerladyboi with a vixskin on the receiving end. and who doesn t love that?!

Okay favorite Pad for sure. Me and three friends pitched the bucks for it and well sharing is nice.

The last porn that I bought and loved was How to Fuck in High Heels. Jackie and Shar are coming out with a new production they had casting calls a few months ago and I m looking forward to that.

I d love to see artist-porn star-activist Annie Sprinkle s wife, Beth in a porn flick, but that is so not going to happen next best would be the production of some porn with 45 to 55 year old hot aggressive butches!

I now have a favorite porn star. I officially have internet again and stumbled across Britney Foster. She is fucking incredible. The minute she opened my mouth I was in lovey lust and wanted that attention directed toward me. So dynamic, forward, aggressive and fuck if she isn t one hell of a talker. If you haven t checked her should. Here s a

s suppose to read opened her mouth. I suppose it was wishful thinking ;

Im Sinclair Sexsmith, the kinky queer butch top behind this site. Im a writer, storyteller, and performer who studies critical feminist gender theory, sexual freedom, social change activism, archetypes, and the tantric and buddhist spiritual systems. I am currently based in New York City. More about me

As I mentioned in previous articles, I have been researching all the ways that fans can connect with the 2010 World Jr Hockey Championships via social media. Through this research, I came across the website which features YouTube star, Steve Dangle providing an insightful, funny, behind the scenes perspective from the tournament. I had

Sport Fan Connect had the pleasure of working with the 2009 Grey Cup Festival in overseeing the social media strategy, online contesting and video production in the weeks leading up to and during the festival weekend. As a side, our project also included collecting video at many of the events throughout the weekend with

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Baltimore City changes tactics in its suit against Wells Fargo, and the attorney general s office looks into Ehrlich s radio show. And O Malley and other area leaders want more oversight of the DC Metro system.

WELLS FARGO: The City of Baltimore is changing its tactics in the legal case against Wells Fargo over subprime home loans, focusing on how foreclosed homes caused damages to the city, Robbie Whelan writes for The Baltimore Sun. But Wells Fargo accused the city of suing them as a way to generate revenue to fill a budget gap.

PROPERTY TAX: Maryland s state property tax rate is likely to hold steady this year at 11.2 cents per 100 of assessed value, the same rate that s been in place since it was cut in 2006, Andy Rosen writes at

ROHRBAUGH: Deputy State Prosecutor Thomas Mike McDonough hopes to take the place of retiring State Prosecutor Robert Rohrbaugh, Brendan Kearney reports for The Daily Record.

BRONROTT: In Part 3 of his series, editor Len Lazarick speaks with Del. William Bronrott about his decision to leave the legislature for a federal appointment.

HEALTH CARE: WYPR s Georgia Samios takes a look at Maryland s all-payer hospital system, where the state sets inpatient prices at all hospitals in the state. He looks at how President Obama s health care reform plan could affect this system.

PREAKNESS: Magna Entertainment Crop., th owner of Pimlico Race Course, affirmed the state s right to keep the Preakness in Maryland during a bankruptcy hearing seeking approval for the sale of Laurel Park and Pimlico to Magna s parent company, MI Developments Inc, Liz Farmer writes in The Daily Record.

METRO: Gov. Martin O Malley, Mayor Adrian Fenty, and Virginia Gov. Robert McDonnell agree that they all want more oversight of the Washington Metro system, Frederick Kunkle reports for The Post. Michael Dresser writes for his Getting There blog for The Sun about what the three leaders plan to do.

COMPETITION: Democrat Joseph Bartenfelder said he will join Democrat Kevin Kamenetz and Republican former delegate Ken Holt as a contender for Baltimore County executive, Bryan Sears writes for Patuxent Publishing Co.

EHRLICH: The state s attorney general s office announced that it will review whether former Gov. Bob Ehrlich s weekly radio show is considered an in kind campaign donation, Annie Linskey writes in The Sun. The Maryland Democratic Party accused Ehrlich of breaking campaign finance rules by continuing to host his program after announcing his gubernatorial candidacy, calling it an illegal infomercial, John Wagner writes for The Washington Post.

UNITY: If challenger Brian Murphy claims any hope of splitting Republican support with former Gov. Bob Ehrlich in this year s gubernatorial primary, he ll have to get his backing from outside of the General Assembly, Andy Rosen reports for

TAX INCREASES: Mark Newgent at Red Maryland writes about five lawmakers who he believes will argue they voted against 2007 special session tax increases. Newgent argues that they all supported the measures by voting to end a GOP filibuster.

MARIJUANA: Baltimore County s former drug czar says he doesn t think medical marijuana is a good idea for Maryland, according to Bryan Sears with Patuxent. This is about baby boomers who want to get high and not get caught, Mike Gimbel tells Sears.

INTERLOCK: House Speaker Michael Busch said the failure of a bill that would require some first-time drunk driving offenders to install ignition-locking devices in their vehicles was one of his biggest regrets this legislative session, the Associated Press reports.

These publications have paywalls, and reading stories may incur charges.

All original content on is available for reuse under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

The state of Arizona could be in for a historical change if four African-Americans get their way. Their dream of changing the color of the

TUCSON In an unprecedented feat, four returning University of Arizona track and field athletes made Olympic teams. Wildcat juniors Brigetta

What began as a late evening stroll to the McDonalds restaurant on 51st Ave. and Baseline ended in tragedy for 18 year old Dwight Westbrook and

In a packed council chamber, the Phoenix City Council voted 6 to 3, July 3rd, to adopt an alternate redistricting map that an overwhelming number

The most dominant and dynamic sister act in the history of the game of tennis have ascended to their rightful thrones. Venus and Serena Williams

Over the course of a decade and across 32 states, photographer, digital artist, and educator Stephen Marc followed the Underground Railroad, the

Former Cub Ferguson Jenkins Recipient of Lifetime Achievement Community Leadership Award Linking Sports and Communities LSC, the Phoenix-based

According statistics, more than 230, 000 African Americans have died of AIDS, nearly 40 percent of total deaths. Though as a racial group, African

ATLANTA NNPA Former United Nations Ambassador Andrew Young and Danny J. Bakewell, Sr., the National Newspaper Publishers Association

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